Dislocation of the clavicle and of the spine: symptoms, treatment

Вывих ключицы и позвоночника: симптомы, лечение

People throughout life may receive a variety of injuries: sprains, fractures, displacements, strains and bruises. One of the most common types of injuries — dislocated joints. Dislocation is a violation of congruence (consistency of form) the articular surfaces of bones with violation or without violation of the integrity of the joint capsule. Ligaments becomes injured, and the patient requires immediate treatment. Distinguish full (articular ends diverge completely) and incomplete (the articular surfaces are partially in contact) dislocations. Often incomplete dislocation is called a subluxation.

In addition, there are congenital and acquired (trauma or illness) dislocations. Congenital is caused by incorrect formation of the baby in the womb (inadequate development of the glenoid fossa and the femoral head). Acquired dislocations are almost always accompanied by rupture of the capsule of the joints. In addition, the so-called complicated dislocations can be injured tendons, muscles, bones, vessels and nerves. If the injury no damage to the skin, dislocation is called closed, if the joint has a wound open. Quite common and injury (dislocation) of the spine. Acquired lesions of the spine can be obtained after the disease of the joints or injury.

If damaged collarbone

The clavicle is a small S-shaped curved bone. At one end it connects to the sternum, and the second end with the acromion process of the scapula. Consists of three parts: the sternum (sternal) end of the diaphysis (middle part) and acromial end.

As a result of injury can occur as the dislocations of the acromial and sternal ends, with the first meet in 5 times more often. Very rare simultaneous dislocation of both ends of the clavicle. As a result of injury there is a rupture ligaments. With an incomplete dislocation torn one ligament, at full — both. The symptoms of such injuries are typical. If the patient has dislocation of the clavicle, the first thing he will experience severe pain in the affected area.

Вывих ключицы и позвоночника: симптомы, лечение

Trauma is accompanied by rupture of ligaments

In addition, the disease is manifested by swelling of the damaged area, reddening of the skin, swelling, deformity of the clavicle. To accurately determine the extent of the dislocation, the doctor will perform palpation, comparing both the clavicle. This will help to determine where the damage occurred.

Complete dislocation of the clavicle is easily palpable, and the affected area will be fixed even when performing manipulation with the hand. If the damage to the patient is incomplete, the connection between the collarbone and the hand remains. Moving will be quite painful, but possible. To determine the degree of damage to the acromial end of the clavicle, need to put pressure on the damaged area.

If the clavicle is easy to snap into place when pressed, but then again it will come out, it indicates the dislocation. It is best in this situation to do x-rays. He will be able to accurately record the presence or absence of deviation.

Dislocation of cervical vertebra

Dislocation cervical vertebra — a kind of joint damage. Such injury is usually accompanied by numerous symptoms:

  • Blurred vision.
  • Severe pain in neck, shoulder blades, shoulders and arms. Headache.
  • Sudden dizziness.
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    All these signs indicate poor circulation in the cervical spine. In addition, dislocation of cervical vertebrae implies a violation of the sensitivity of the hands. In many cases, the patient experiences such severe pain that it is even difficult to move the limbs.

    Вывих ключицы и позвоночника: симптомы, лечение

    As you can seriously injure the cervical spine

    This injury of the spine can cause paralysis. With a strong bias suffer from internal organs. First, the operation of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system.

    In severe cases cervical vertebra the patient is often difficult to keep a level head. There are several degrees of such a symptom:

  • A mild form. The patient has neck pain, headache, but movement is not constrained.
  • The average severity. Movement of the patient is very slow and heavy. It is difficult to raise or turn his head.
  • A severe form. The head of the patient is unstable. To raise it is impossible due to severe pain and partial (or complete) numbness of the cervical.
  • With such symptoms contact a doctor immediately need. Damage to the spine can lead to complete immobilization. The physician should conduct a palpation, assign to x-rays and diagnosis.

    If the injury requires repositioning of the vertebra, it is not worth doing.

    Damage to the coccyx

    Вывих ключицы и позвоночника: симптомы, лечениеDislocation of the coccyx can often be the result of a strong blow or fall. Such injury does not always manifest symptoms, the person may for a long time not to notice it. If the dislocation of the coccyx still manifests itself in an acute form, the patient will torture strong prolonged pain in the pelvic region. Quite often such feelings extend to the entire hips and legs. These painful symptoms last 2-3 weeks and tested without drug treatment.

    In addition to dislocation if the patient has a fracture or a fracture of the coccyx, treatment should be started as quickly as possible. With this injury the pain is pronounced, strong, aching, and often fails, even if the patient is at rest. Such injuries occur more often in children than in adults.

    Pain in the hip parts are associated with destructive processes in tissues and severe injury of the muscles. Sometimes when such damage to the lower part of the spine the pain may be felt even in the blades. Manifested pain syndrome with prolonged stay in one position during sharp turns and getting up. The painful symptoms can disturb a man during slow walking or while sleeping. But it depends on the degree of dislocation.

    Injuries of the scapula

    Вывих ключицы и позвоночника: симптомы, лечение

    Trauma may be accompanied by fracture of the scapula

    Damage to the shoulder joints usually occur as a result of a fall or a strong collision. Dislocation of the scapula involves the partial or total displacement of the shoulder joint and shoulder blades towards each other. There are three types of such injuries, depending on where you moved the damaged joint: forward, backward, or down. Symptoms of damage are immediately noticeable. Man can with difficulty to move his damaged arm, shoulder girdle unnaturally omitted. The patient’s head is always reaching to the side of the injured shoulder.

    The shoulder joint of the patient is fully or partially immobilized. Any manipulation in the upper body causing severe bouts of pain. The child trauma will be more pronounced physical defects. Injured limb seems to be longer the least inconvenience it causes if taken aside. The patient constantly holds the injured arm.

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    Palpation becomes evident that not only the blade change its location. The humerus is also in an unnatural position. During diagnosis the physician should check for a pulse on the affected arm of the child and to ensure that nerves and vessels are not suffered as a result of injury.

    In case of serious damage to the scapula, the patient is required to send to the x-ray. After receiving the results of the study it will be possible to make an accurate diagnosis. For a child that kind of trauma can be fraught with not only dislocated, but the bone fracture, and therefore prior to the passage of x-rays to reduce a dislocation is impossible. As soon as an accurate diagnosis, right shoulder and shoulder blade. This procedure is done under anesthesia.

    Damage to the joints in the upper part of the body may occur irreducible dislocation. Such cases arise in result of displacement of the soft tissues. In order to eliminate such damage to the blades, it is necessary to resort to surgical methods of treatment. The doctor opens the joint and removes the obstacle. After that, the shoulder reduce.

    Regardless of how it was removed in the blade failure, the patient is placed in a cast and prescribed a course of physiotherapy.

    First aid

    Вывих ключицы и позвоночника: симптомы, лечениеNo matter, had a dislocation in a child or an adult, assistance must be provided very quickly. First of all, fix the damaged part of the body in that position, which had a dislocation. Apply to the affected area the ice and wait for the arrival of the doctor. When injury of the acromial end of the clavicle is necessary to immobilize the patient. To do this, apply on the damaged part of the body of the tire. If no special tools, use a dense material. Push the tire to the sprain and bandage.

    Avoid sudden movements of the patient after injury. This may lead to clamping muscle tissue between the damaged parts of the joint, then you have to resort to surgery. In the case of a victim of open wounds need as soon as possible to handle (suitable hydrogen peroxide). Apply to the injured area bandage. Such actions will help to prevent infection in the wound. The ice will help to remove strong edema from the damaged area of the body. If the patient has severe attacks of pain, it is possible to give pain medication.

    With a cracked clavicle treatment should begin with local anesthesia. It will remove pain and allow the doctor to force the joint back into place.

    Once the primary problem is resolved, it is necessary to immobilize the injured limb. It should be completely immobilized and be at rest. Patients of all ages after reposition of the dislocation wear a cast. For child period of wearing it will be 1-1. 5 months. Adult enough 3 weeks. It is now possible to restore the normal functioning of the joint. For this a doctor will prescribe the patient medical gymnastics and physiotherapy. If the patient’s condition permits massage therapy, the doctor will prescribe.

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    Traditional treatments

    Traditional medicine is very good for any joint injury. Injury blades can be cured using the means at hand. Healing herbal teas can help relieve swelling, pain and return the ability to move normally. Take 3 tsp of cornflower and pour 0.5 liters of hot boiled water. Allow broth to infuse for 1 hour and strain the drink through cheesecloth. Drink 1.5 cups of infusion per day.

    Boil an onion and mash it to form a slurry. Add 10 g of sugar and mix the ingredients. Pour the mixture on a cloth and apply the poultice to the affected area. Leave the medication on for 7 hours. Then do the compress again. Any damage to the joints well to help warm up. To make a hot compress, heat the milk and soak in it a piece of cloth. Then apply a bandage to the dislocation and wrap with cling film. As soon as the lotion will cool down, you need to change it.

    For injuries the child has a good ointment. Take 50 grams of lavender flowers and pour 250 g of olive oil. Close well the container and set for 50 days in a warm dry place. The extracted oil is use for grinding of dislocations and damaged joints. Well removes swelling and swelling of the cuff. Take 150 grams of the plants and pour 1 liter of hot water. Allow broth to infuse for 5 hours. Then medication needs to drain. Use the infusion for compresses. Keep lotion with this drug can be no more than 1 hour.

    If the dislocation the patient has muscle damage, be sure to make him a poultice from the root of elecampane. Pour 4 tbsp. l. crushed roots of plants 300 ml of boiling water and let it brew broth for half an hour. Apply a compress to the affected area of the body for 30 minutes. Good analgesic and antibacterial action has a black poplar. Take 1 Cup of dried buds of this plant pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Let the remedy to stand for 30-50 minutes. Apply a lot of the application on affected areas of the body.

    From sprains to take a good milk, and not only as a compressor, but inside.

    Take 500 ml of milk and 1 tsp. dried roots and bark of barberry. It is advisable to initially grind the product. Put the mixture on fire and simmer for 40 minutes. Then give the medicine to cool down and take it to 1 tablespoon 1 time a day.