Dislocation of the elbow: how to identify and give first aid

Subluxation of the elbow joint quite often. Today it is one of the most common injuries. Dislocation can be both rear and front. Often this problem occurs in children. Therefore parents should carefully monitor their child.

Вывих локтевого сустава: как определить и оказать первую помощь

Options injury of the elbow joint

Symptoms and causes of dislocated elbow

Dislocation of the elbow joint occurs as a result of specific damage. It may be a fracture of one of the limbs or other bones. To occur this phenomenon is capable of due to rupture of blood vessels and nerve endings that are located at a particular site. Impaired touch sensitivity also refers to the frequent causes of dislocation.

Main symptoms:

  • the complete absence of motion of the joint;
  • swelling;
  • the limb becomes insensitive, and possible partial loss of the pulse;
  • the pain in the elbow;
  • almost always occurs the rupture of the joint capsule, damage to nerve fibres and tendons;
  • change the appearance of the elbow joint.

Вывих локтевого сустава: как определить и оказать первую помощь

X — ray optimal method of diagnostics of injuries of the joint

To determine subluxation in fact, is not so simple. To make it possible for the doctor during a visual inspection. Based on these data and selected a comprehensive treatment.

The main causes of subluxation:

  • indirect trauma, which received its distribution in the place of application of force, but far from the damaged joint;
  • direct trauma, the cause of which is a strong blow;
  • dislocation on the background of an ordinary drawing.

Physical activity should be moderate and not to contribute to the overexertion of joints. Otherwise not excluded dislocation of the elbow joint.

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Diagnosis and treatment of trauma to the joint

The first thing you need to seek help from a doctor. It must be done immediately, before the deterioration. Specialist will conduct a survey and prescribe treatment.

As the diagnosis is carried out:

  • x-rays, which ruled out the possibility of a fracture;
  • arteriogram, which is a study of the blood vessels using x-rays;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis;
  • neurological examination, which determines the degree of mobility of the hands;
  • the pulsometrija.

Based on these data, the doctor decides to remove the subluxation or dislocation.

Main ways to correct the problem.

  • Reduction. Thanks to this procedure, the joint returns to its place. Before you do this «work» give the man painkillers. Reduction is a method of bending. Applied and pereshagivaete.
  • Immobilization. The procedure is a complete fixation of the affected joint. This is done to prevent movement and deformation.
  • Repair of a ligament. This stage is one of the most difficult. In some cases it requires surgery.
  • Recovery gives way to a long rehabilitation. This period must be accompanied by physical therapy. It includes massage, specific exercises and the use of vitamins. If for any reason there are complications, surgery is performed. In this case, the recovery is more lengthy.

    First aid for dislocation

    Вывих локтевого сустава: как определить и оказать первую помощьIn some cases, immediately contact the doctor does not work. In order not to lose time, it is necessary to resort to some procedures that will ease the condition and give the problem to develop further. If there is a subluxation to the affected area should immediately apply ice or something cold.

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    It is necessary to check for a pulse. Then made alternating pressure on the injured arm. Runs this action on nail plates. Under normal condition they are lighter and after 3 seconds return to starting position. If not, you most likely have a subluxation. Then checked the work of the nerves. The first thing you need to bend your wrist. This is done in a certain way, they should just show a stop sign with his hand. To check ulnar nerve fingers parted to the side.

    If at least one of these procedures fails, this may indicate that the person has a subluxation. In this case you should seek help from a qualified technician. To fix the problem on their own is impossible. Often an operation is needed.

    Dislocation of the elbow in children — a common phenomenon. If this happens, parents should immediately request help from the doctor. The main symptoms of elbow dislocation in a child:

    • the presence of severe pain;
    • the kid always supports the injured arm;
    • the limb a little bent; if the child tries to straighten, there is a lot of pain.

    In this case, you must start helping before you come to the doctor. Everything is conducted in a certain sequence. It is important to follow the process carefully, so as not to aggravate the situation.

    First aid in case of injury of the elbow joint is in compliance with the following regulations.

  • The person is obliged to inform the doctor about the problem. Reduce a subluxation by yourself is possible, but only in the presence of certain knowledge and experience. Therefore, the work is left to a specialist.
  • The affected limb should be fixed. This is done by using scarves or imposed by the bus. To change the position of the joint in any case impossible.
  • To the place of dislocation is applied to the ice.
  • Hot compressors can not be used.
  • If the damage of the elbow treatment should be started within the first day. Otherwise it will lead to the development of adverse effects. If the dislocation was received a month ago and even earlier, eliminated the problem through the operation.