Dislocation of the foot: symptoms and treatment, how to give first aid

Вывих ноги: симптомы и лечение, как оказать первую помощьHow to treat a dislocated leg? What are the symptoms? Most often, the dislocation of the lower limb occurs as a result of injury, that is, is acquired. Are there any congenital problems that appear even before birth, during fetal development. Congenital usually damage the hip joint in a child. They are often found only when children begin to walk. Congenital dislocation must be treated.

The types of dislocations of the lower limb

Acquired traumatic dislocation is an injury of the feet, which are usually accompanied by deformity of the joint of the lower limb, soft tissue swelling at the injury site, severe pain. Thus disrupts the function of the lower extremity. The damage occurs at the time of injury. When this injury occurs the displacement of the joint surfaces relative to each other.

If after the injury, the joints can’t touch each other, the dislocation is called complete. A subluxation occurs when preserved partial contact of the articular surfaces. The dislocated leg is sometimes accompanied by stretching and tearing of ligaments. Symptoms of torn ligaments are distinct bleeding in the soft tissues that surround the injury.

These leg injuries are classified as follows. Happen dislocation:

  • hip joint;
  • podkolonnik;
  • of the thigh;
  • ankle joint;
  • joints of the toes.

Вывих ноги: симптомы и лечение, как оказать первую помощьThe victim might be bothered by the following symptoms: sharp pain, changing the shape of the joint, the limitation or the failure of mobility in the joint. If the victim tries to move my leg, the pain becomes stronger. Sometimes there is loss of sensation in the damaged nerve fibers.

How to give first aid

The victim urgently needs first aid. First of all, regardless of the location of the damage, the surrounding should help immobilize the damaged joint. To do this, using bandages or a clean cloth to bandage the leg to the medical bus, or use improvised means: it could be any Board.

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On the injury it is necessary to put a cold compress, for example, an ice pack or very cold water. The man with the leg injury must quickly transported to a hospital. Remember: by right dislocation in any case it is impossible, it can only be done by an experienced surgeon.

Traumatologist examines the patient, directs an x-ray establishes the diagnosis and prescribes treatment. The patient is doing local anesthesia or General anesthesia. A doctor with a special technique reduce the bones, prescribes treatment. Then a plaster bandage for 8-10 weeks. During this time, should recover the damaged capsule.

The patient must not step on the injured limb, or you may be knee replacement. At a strong pain syndrome the patient is prescribed painkillers. Appointed as an anti-inflammatory treatment.

Вывих ноги: симптомы и лечение, как оказать первую помощь

Physiotherapy will help to regain mobility in damaged joints

After removing the plaster carry out physiotherapy treatment, which includes UHF, ionophoresis, electrophoresis, massage, remedial gymnastics.

Dislocations of the joints of the foot

This kind of damage quite often. It has a large number of varieties. Injuries of the foot include dislocated:

  • the talus bone;
  • the metatarsal bones;
  • Podlesniy bones;
  • ankle joint;
  • fingers.

As already mentioned, trauma to the patient it is necessary to provide emergency assistance. Important: you need to fix the stop in a fixed position and deliver the patient to the trauma surgeon. If severe pain can be given pain medicine.

Вывих ноги: симптомы и лечение, как оказать первую помощь

Different degrees of injury of the joint and its ligaments

The types of dislocations of the foot:

  • Injury of the ankle joint rarely occurs. It is damaged the joint capsule, torn tendons, damaged ankle. The remaining connections are damaged less. Such damage may be internal or external.
  • Subtalar dislocation is accompanied by damage of the talus-scaphoid and talus-calcaneal joints. This injury occurs as a result of a sharp turn of foot. As you move away from the talus bone and tearing the tendons.
  • Podlesniy deformation of bone occurs as a result of sudden movements of the foot to the side. Damage to the metatarsal bones is less common. It can be complete or incomplete depending on offset whether all the bones or just some of them.
  • The displacement of the toe occurs due to application of strong vertical load on the toes or the metatarsal. Damage occurs between the metatarsals and phalanges.
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    What are the signs of dislocation of the foot? They vary depending on which part of the foot is damaged. So, symptoms of damage to the ankle are foot deformity, a sharp pain, the patient can not step on the damaged leg. When subtalar damage the shape of the foot and causes severe pain.

    If the damage of the tarsal bones felt a sharp pain in the foot. It increases even with a slight movement. Rapidly spreading soft tissue swelling at the site of injury. In case of injury of the metatarsal bones occurs bone deformation, sharp pain. The foot swells and expands in the anterior. Injury the toes the deformation of the joint and sharp pain.

    Due to the anatomical features of the dislocations of the foot occur more often than fractures. Reasons may be playing sports, falls from height, car accidents.

    Treatment of dislocation of the foot

    Вывих ноги: симптомы и лечение, как оказать первую помощь

    The brace fixes the damaged joint and provides him the necessary rest for complete healing

    First, the surgeon makes inspection of damaged legs, sends the patient for x-rays. After that, the doctor sets foot in the correct position. Then do another x-ray to make sure that the capsule is in the correct position.

    In violation of the ankle the patient is put into a cast from the toes to the thigh 1/3. After 3 weeks the plaster is removed and begin to develop a limb. Apply massage, physiotherapy, exercise therapy. Rehabilitation continues for 8 weeks. The patient is recommended to wear special orthopedic shoes.

    In the treatment of displacement of the metatarsal bones sometimes prescribe a surgical operation, after which put into a cast for 2 months. After the plaster is removed the patient must wear orthopedic shoes. During rehabilitation the patient is prescribed a special ointment to eliminate residual pain symptoms. Damage to the foot is a complex deformity. When properly conducted treatment and rehabilitation of the patient making a full recovery and it restored all the functions of the damaged foot.

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    Dislocated toes usually occur in people who lead an active lifestyle, athletes. Dislocated pinky toe is common, as it is located on the edge of the foot and are especially vulnerable to injury. The finger injury is characterized by certain features. Dislocation of the big toe has the following symptoms:

    • the damaged finger is shifted;
    • immediately there is swelling of soft tissues;
    • there is a strong pain syndrome;
    • the patient has stiffness during movement.

    If a person has a dislocated toe or finger phalanges, the victim must be urgently delivered to the traumatology, which will reduce the capsule before swelling. Pain medications are assigned. Imposed durable bandage from band-aid. Change the bandage after a few days. This patch allows an early start on the rehabilitation and restoration of function of the fingers.