Dislocation of the hand: the main causes, symptoms and treatment of an injury

Dislocation of the hands in the wrist is a fairly common injury. It is possible to allocate 2 main reasons for this phenomenon: a strong blow to the wrist-and-drop. In these situations, the entire body weight acts on the brush. It should be noted that the dislocation has no specific symptoms, so it is necessary to distinguish this type of injury from, for example, injury of soft tissues or fracture.

Вывих руки: основные причины, симптомы и лечение травмы

Peculiarities of damage with dislocation of brush

Sprains of the wrist can occur as a child and an adult. In adults, these injuries are usually rare due to the significant decline in activity with age. In children dislocations of the hand in the wrist joint are more common and not always the case in increased activity of the child, although it plays a role.

Often in children it is possible to observe the abnormality of the joint at which articular depressions are smaller in size and depth. Is a genetic disorder which causes a predisposition to dislocation. This requires constant monitoring of the activities of the child, so that he was not injured. Over time with proper growth and bone formation of the skeleton of the defect can be compensated, and further the frequency of occurrence of dislocation of the wrist is minimized.

In medical terminology under the dislocation refers to pathological changes in the structure of the joint, caused by trauma in which there is displacement of the ends of the bones facing the joint. Because of this, there is an evident change of the location of individual elements in relation to nearby organs and tissues. Often dislocation may be accompanied by sprain or rupture of ligaments.

Вывих руки: основные причины, симптомы и лечение травмы

First aid for the injury — fix the brush

The main feature of the dislocation of the wrist joint of the hand is that the brush is displaced in the direction of the force. Thus, if a child or adult falls on the hand, the brush with its back shifted to the radius, while when exposed to the surface of the hand, a shift in the structures down.

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Allocate 2 main types of carpal tunnel.

  • A true dislocation. This option injuries occur only in 10% of cases and is characterized by complete displacement of the surfaces of the component parts of the hand bones against the radius. In this case, can be observed both the Palmar and back sprain. This type of injury is often accompanied by fracture of the radius.
  • Perilously dislocation. Is the most common, as found in 90% of cases. In such cases, contact between the radius and the lunate bones is maintained, and the other bones of the wrist — no. Damage is typically characterized by a displacement to the rear or the center.
  • In rare cases, dislocation of the wrist may occur in newborns. This trauma is commonly described as separate species. If you suspect the presence of dislocation of the hands of kids parents need to urgently seek medical care to prevent worsening of the problem.

    The main symptoms of wrist injury

    Вывих руки: основные причины, симптомы и лечение травмы

    There are many signs of change in the location of bone structures in dislocation of the brush. However, a person who never dealt with the trauma are often quite difficult to distinguish it from a fracture or severe injury. If possible, is to take the victim to the hospital, where he will be able to provide expert assistance.

    In the presence of a hand trauma symptoms may indicate the severity of the damage. It is possible to allocate a number of the most characteristic signs of dislocation of the brush:

    • a relatively small swelling;
    • minor hematoma;
    • wrong position of the brush;
    • severe pain;
    • swelling on the back of the hand with dislocation of the back of the hand;
    • the limited or complete immobility of the arms;
    • resistance to the muscles to move the brush;
    • slow or rapid pulse.
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    The majority of patients note the inability to rotate the arm or move my fingers. Attempts at movement cause extremely intense pain. On palpation the pain is exacerbated.

    Hematoma and edema in some cases may appear only after some time. As a rule, much hematoma is formed only when a tear or stretching of ligaments or the joint capsule.

    What to do when joint dislocation

    First aid for dislocation should be very carefully. In any case you should not try to self-straighten the arm or change its position. In the presence of a suspected dislocation of the victim should be taken to the emergency room where the doctor can assess the condition of the person and to provide the necessary assistance.

    First aid for dislocation involves fixing hand, and without changing pathological States of the limb. For this it is best to splint it and bandage the arm to the chest. In addition, this position will decrease the chance of edema. If a patient will be a long trip to the hospital, it is best to apply to affected joint cold compress.

    Вывих руки: основные причины, симптомы и лечение травмы

    Retainer brush immobilize the joint

    Treatment of dislocations is not for modern medicine particularly difficult. And still requires long-term rehabilitation in order to restore the elasticity of the structures of the joint. In the absence of full rehabilitation of the structure joints can be weakened, which will eventually lead to frequent sprains.

    To confirm the diagnosis in the hospital conducted x-rays with 2 or 3 positions, which allows us to fully assess the damage. Reposition the joint to its normal position is under General anesthesia or local anesthesia, if it is only that the resulting dislocations. The operation conducted by the surgeon and his assistant. After restoring the position of the component parts of the joint it is necessary to conduct the control radiography, which will allow you to see how correct is the position of the bones. Next, the damaged joint of the wrist is fixed with plaster for 2 weeks.

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    If the victim did not immediately seek medical help, believing that he had a normal bruise or sprain, the treatment will require a staged surgery. As a rule, chronic dislocations are considered to be the condition of the hands after 2-3 weeks after injury.

    If there is a long-standing dislocation of the wrist, the treatment is carried out in 2 stages. In the first stage, relieve swelling, and the second carried out reconstruction of the hip and its fixation in the correct position. Next, the doctor prescribes a set of exercises and physiotherapy, which are necessary for restoring the health of the joints.