Dislocation of the knee joint: how to treat the disease

Not necessary to be actively engaged in the physical activities and sports to dislocation of the knee joint. This injury can occur in everyday life. Who at least once faced with such a phenomenon, knows what it brings pain. If there is patellar luxation, or any other part of the knee, the pain becomes just unbearable, and the victim believes every second to obtain qualified medical assistance.

Вывих коленного сустава: чем лечить недуг

Visible popping out of the joint bone

How to help in the first place

When dislocation of the knee joint often begins immediately panic, because many do not know exactly what to do in such a situation. You need to know: no self-medication in such cases is unacceptable. To apply correctly measures first aid — can and should be. Be sure to provide the injured leg at rest and immediately contact the medical facility.

The symptoms will be of great assistance in the correct diagnosis. Remember: self-treatment can lead to very sad consequences. Need medical examination of the victim in order to ascertain: he received a fracture or dislocation of the knee joint, the condition of the articular tissue and what part of the kneecap (i.e. patella) were injured.

Dislocation of the knee — the concept is very common. And it will not indicate that the injury occurred. Pain symptoms of various shifts are the same, but the clinical picture is different.

Often the cause of such injuries is the condition of the patella. It is, as a rule, unstable, in violation of the functioning of the knee joint. Treatment of trauma in the knee region necessarily begins with the specification of a condition of the calyx before he injured his knee.

The only tool that you can use in the injury situation — a cold compress to the affected area. The ideal option to compress is not considered to be cold water and ice.

Prevention of dislocation

Вывих коленного сустава: чем лечить недугTwo connected to a joint that schematically represents the knee. One of the joints located between the femur and the patella, the other on the opposite side between the Shin and thigh bones. What can lead to dislocation of the knee? And on that, and on the other site. It depends on the cause of the injury. This shift appears due to the fact that in a certain area of joint tissue there was an overload.

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Prevention of knee injuries starts with strengthening of joints. Healthy joints are impossible without improving the functioning of the respective tissues. Such prevention is done through the application of drugs and methods of treatment.

It is also necessary to avoid mishaps. This is the best way to prevent problems with the knee area and the prevention of injuries. To prevent dislocation of the knee, during sports and during strenuous exercises using special orthopedic devices.

Modern medicine considers the dislocation of the knee joint is very rare. For it often take various defects caused in the legs. For this area the symptoms of each of the violations of joint tissue have their own specifics.

You must know that the present dislocation of the knee joint is extremely rare. This term refers to different types of injury this area of the foot. However, this damage to the knee joint can occur if the knee received a strong mechanical damage.

The types of injuries of the knee joint

Dislocation of the knee joint is divided into several types, depending on what part of the leg and knee was injured. These include:

  • dislocation of the Cup;
  • dislocation of the patella;
  • subluxation of the patella;
  • damage to the articular capsule.

Вывих коленного сустава: чем лечить недуг

Different the position of the injured joint trauma

Dislocation of the knee region is often called patellar luxation. This type of injury occurs most often as a result of suffering a blow in the region of the knee. The second type of habitual dislocation of patella is a disease and usually occurs in women and children. Third — patellar subluxation — it is not formed in the knee joint, and in the Cup, and cause it is capable of a variety of factors. Patellar dislocation is significantly different from the subluxation.

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Patellar dislocation may in some cases be congenital disease. Inherited it is not transmitted, but the newborn may occur such a violation of the patella as a result of improper location of the fetus in the womb. Torn cruciate ligament and dislocated knee areas are interconnected. There is one symptom that clearly indicate the presence of such an injury. If the state change of the patella accompanied by a specific sound, that says a lot. A sharp click will indicate that the patella dislocated. This injury affects not only the joints. Patellar dislocation and damage to the joint capsule are closely interrelated.

Which components of the body such threat trauma, which is often mistaken for dislocation of the knee joint? The first to suffer the peroneal nerve. However, there is an important caveat: all of these consequences can occur without a traumatic cause. Patellar dislocation has a negative effect on the functioning of the blood vessels. A situation when there is a dislocation in itself, not uncommon. In this case the person is usually diagnosed habitual dislocation of the patella. The etiology of the injuries not all cases can be clearly defined, and therefore habitual subluxation of the patella is not always possible to accurately diagnose.

Subluxation of joint, not less frequently occurring knee injury. He has its own clinical picture, although often non-specialists claim that any subluxation — this is a habitual dislocation. Subluxation in humans can occur for a variety of reasons. One of the possible — a big strain on the ligaments. Their strong stretch or break always leads to injury of the knee.

Habitual dislocation can also cause these causes. No less dangerous to the condition of the joints and weakness of muscles of the thigh. According to statistics, every second subluxation occurs for this reason.

Wrong the anatomical structure of the lower extremities provokes a variety of problems with joints, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, periarticular tissues. Specifics of anatomical structure stimulates and subluxation.

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How to treat the disease

When dislocation of the knee joint treatment is carried out in a medical facility or home. It all depends on the severity of the knee damage. If the subluxation, for example, is complex and strongly marked pain symptom, the patient may urgently be hospitalized. When the patient with subluxation, no serious complications, it is possible to stay at home and use for rehabilitation exercise therapy.

Habitual dislocation is also treated effectively with the use of exercise therapy. But before the patient had for quite a long time to wear side of the knee splint. If a patellar dislocation has occurred because severe injury, to help people can only surgery.

Вывих коленного сустава: чем лечить недуг

In order to quickly restore functioning of the damaged knee, the human diet must include vitamins of group B. Foods containing gelatin, a protein should also be included in the diet of the patient, if they are no contraindications. Wearing fixation dressing or bandage can be used not only during treatment, but in a purely prophylactic purposes.

The load on the joint should be increased gradually. Optimal and simple non-drug methods for the recovery of the affected knee region is considered to be Hiking.