Distortion of the cervical spine and its treatment

Дисторсия шейного отдела позвоночника и ее лечениеDistortion of the cervical spine develops as a result of injury to the cervical column. It does not disrupts the function of the spine, there is no displacement of the vertebrae. Sometimes the damage is complicated by a tear or complete rupture of the ligaments.

The reasons for the development of such diseases:

  • injuries of the cervical spine;
  • heavy physical exertion;
  • the wrong body position when lifting weights;
  • the monotonous, sedentary lifestyle that leads to weakening of muscles, and the neck is vulnerable to injury;
  • too soft mattress to sleep, contributing to the subsidence of the spine and prevent a good rest;
  • poorly matched pillow, which greatly raises the head during sleep;
  • sharp turns of the head.

Trauma that resulted in distortion of the cervical spine, may be caused by contact, direct impact directly to the cervical.

The symptoms and first aid

Symptom of distortion of the cervical spine is a sharp pain when bending and turning the head. When such sign of the disease should immediately consult a doctor. Besides pain in the cervical spine, the symptoms of distortion are swelling and redness, swelling in the neck, increasing pain with pressure on the sore spot, violation of the movements of the head.

Дисторсия шейного отдела позвоночника и ее лечение

The brace will lock and immobilize the damaged neck before the medical examination

When injury to the patient first aid in the form of immobilization, i.e. immobilization of the head. Need to bring a person into a horizontal position beneath the neck a pillow or cushion. The surface on which the patient is placed must be firm to provide maximum immobilization. The victim should immediately be taken to the hospital.

Final diagnosis is made after carrying out radiography. Sometimes and MRI is assigned. On the basis of these data excluded the suspected dislocations and fractures.

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Treatment usually includes:

  • bed rest;
  • wearing collar Trench;
  • physiotherapy;
  • medication.

The doctor will give the necessary advice after examination and additional research. Treatment is assigned depending on the severity of the injury. In such a situation it is very important that the correct and timely first aid.

Treatments distortion

In this disease usually bed rest is recommended. It is administered for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Effective is a set of procedures, which includes:

  • massage;
  • Exercise;
  • acupuncture;
  • magnetotherapy treatment;
  • electrotherapy;
  • thermotherapy.

Massage just need. As a result of this procedure relaxes muscles, improves tissue regeneration, the healing process is much faster. Magnetotherapy, electrotherapy and thermotherapy is an effective methods of restoration after traumas and diseases. They are based on the application of a magnetic field, electric field and local heat. Promote relaxation, increase immunity and improve the General condition of the patient.

Дисторсия шейного отдела позвоночника и ее лечениеWhen severe damage is shown wearing a collar Schantz. This orthopedic device securely, but not tightly locking the neck muscles, prevents their contractions. The neck is thus protected from bending, spins and other movements. Such fixation should be reliable and tough to the patient could not tilt your head forward or tilt it back. The collar is placed so that the lower part of it rested on the clavicle, and the top propped up the lower jaw. The height of the tyre must correspond to the height of the neck. This collar is worn for 8-10 weeks.

If the patient suffers from strong pain, used injections of novocaine. The injection is done directly in the focus of injury.

With timely and proper treatment of distortion of the spine complications do not arise. The exception may be headaches and recurrent pain in the neck. But these unpleasant phenomena are in most cases associated with an incorrect treatment of distortion.

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Distortion of the knee joint occurs when falling on the knee or a direct blow to the kneecap. Damaged cartilage of the patella. Appear knee pain, swelling knee joint. The disease may be complicated by hemorrhage into the joint. What should be the treatment? Put a plaster splint for 7 days. When hemorrhage into the joint, hold the puncture of the joint and impose a plaster splint.

Prevention of the disease

You need to keep track of your movements in everyday life. It must be remembered that the curves of the head and neck movement should be precise and not sharp. Attention to your health will help you to protect yourself from injury.

Doctors-physiotherapists have developed a number of regulations for prevention of illness for those working with heavy loads. These recommendations need to adhere to in order to avoid injury of the spine. The observance of these rules of movement of goods will protect you from excessive load on the spine.

  • When lifting heavy loads, your back should keep straight, look ahead.
  • In no case do not bend over, you first need to sit down.
  • Distribute the load on the center of my torso.
  • When lifting do not make sudden movements, jerks and don’t look to the side.
  • To put cargo you need moved in the reverse sequence of movements that was when it picked up.
  • After the cargo found the point of support, do not make sudden movements and twists, slowly stand up and take a vertical position.
  • Note the softness of the mattress and position pillows designed for your sleep. The mattress should not be very soft, and better hard. The pillow also should not be too soft and hard to rise above the level of the bed. From these indicators depends on the health of your spine, including his cervical. Try to arrange your bed so that it was not only soft and comfortable, but not harm.

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    Дисторсия шейного отдела позвоночника и ее лечениеAlso necessary easy exercises in the morning with the obligatory inclusion of exercises for the muscles of the neck. Approximate set of exercises will help you to choose the doctor. Repeat all the exercises 3-5 times.

    Exercises for the neck:

    • tilt your chin forward and then slowly bend your head back;
    • tilt your head to the right and to the left;
    • do smooth circular movements of the head clockwise and counterclockwise.

    During monotonous or sedentary prolonged sedentary work take breaks. Short warm up will help relax the muscles of the neck. And remember that prevention is always better than cure.

    Prevention of distortion of the cervical spine is in compliance with the safety measures in physical activities and sports.