Dizziness, osteochondrosis of the

Головокружение при остеохондрозе: методы борьбыLow back pain is one of the main reasons for strong vertigo in humans. It usually occurs in the morning, in the first minutes after waking up. Especially often suffer from morning dizziness patients with low back pain, accustomed to sleep on a high pillow.

In addition, at any time of the day, the head can begin to spin, if it turn sharply, especially when such actions are accompanied by a crunch in the neck. In severe forms of cervical degenerative disc disease to dizziness often come to a person familiar condition. However, do not despair, fight this unpleasant phenomenon. But first you need to understand how to manifest dizziness, why it occurs and what methods should be treated.

Why osteochondrosis dizzy

The joints of the cervical spine are quite small in size, and the load they bear considerable. They are responsible for the retention of the head and numerous bends and turns, committed by it daily. The cervical portion of the spine more than others exposed to such a severe and dangerous disease such as osteoarthritis, and dizziness is one of its attendant symptoms.

Even the slightest tension of the neck muscles or displacement of the vertebral joints can cause the compression of nerve endings and blood vessels of the circulatory system in the cervical spine. All this leads to the fact that people suffering from low back pain, often complain of severe dizziness and loss of orientation. Such manifestations are the result of the pressure exerted on the vertebral artery acute bony outgrowths — osteophytes. They are formed on the affected by osteochondrosis of the vertebrae. In medicine this condition is called stenosis.

Головокружение при остеохондрозе: методы борьбы

MRI showed the presence of stenosis in the cervical spine of the patient

As a result of stenosis of the circulation occurs in the spinal cord and cerebellum, resulting in severe oxygen deprivation to some parts of the Central nervous system. In addition, significantly reduced blood flow in the occipital part of the brain. And after all, it is the nerve center responsible for the normal functioning of the vestibular apparatus.

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Additional symptoms

An episode of extreme dizziness from degenerative disc disease can occur at any time of the day, both morning and evening. In this disease of the spine, the patient not only complains that he’s dizzy. Sometimes the patient may feel that he is unable to keep his balance, that the floor was slipping from under his feet, the walls of the room revolve, and all the surrounding objects move to the right.

Dizziness is quite often accompanied by unpleasant ringing or loud noise in the ears, acute headaches and pain in the face. Also felt the swing and unsteadiness in the quiescent state or during movement. Osteochondrosis dizziness often leads to loss of balance and impaired sweating. Sometimes it becomes the cause of severe pallor, or, conversely, redness of the face, and sometimes nausea or even vomiting.

Головокружение при остеохондрозе: методы борьбыDuring vertigo, patients often note this symptom is severe pain in the neck. It can have different intensity and duration. In addition, during the attack the patients quite often complain of a significant deterioration of vision, floating before the eyes of flies and the feel of sand in his eyes. Another symptom is typical for osteochondrosis vertigo, feeling of numbness in the hands. It usually occurs at night during sleep. In addition, patients experience significant palpitations, nagging pain, and many other extremely unpleasant sensations in the heart.

Symptoms of dizziness, which is accompanied by low back pain usually lasts for no longer than a few hours, and sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes. But some effects, for example, significant hearing loss or ringing in the ears can be stored for quite a long time.

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What if dizzy

You need to understand that addressing only the strong and painful vertigo is fighting a symptom, not the disease. To get rid of this unpleasant condition, you will need to start the treatment of degenerative disc disease. It is the reason that you feel dizzy. What should I do in this situation?

  • First and foremost — to seek the assistance of a specialist who will assess your condition and make a treatment plan.
  • It is very important that the patient was willing to comply strictly with all the requirements of the doctor otherwise to achieve a positive result will not succeed.
  • Patients with osteochondrosis, which has a constantly sore neck and dizzy, will have to seriously reconsider their habits and radically change the way of life.
  • Moderate exercise and a strict diet are the mainstay of treatment of osteochondrosis.
  • If the patient is not ready to make significant changes in your routine lifestyle, then the treatment will only slightly reduce the symptoms. However, this does not mean that you should not try in some way to reduce the dizziness. This is especially true in periods of exacerbations, when the headaches and dizziness manifest themselves particularly strongly.

    Methods to combat dizziness

    Treatment dizziness osteochondrosis provides for the mandatory medications that help improve blood flow to the brain, dilate blood vessels and reduce the risk of further pathological changes in the joints of the spine. Patients should also pay attention to drugs, tonics vessels. It is important to take the medicines, allowing to remove the excessive excitability of brain areas that are responsible for the vestibular apparatus.

    Головокружение при остеохондрозе: методы борьбы

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    We should not forget about proper nutrition, and especially about moderation in food. Excess weight contributes to increased symptoms of osteoarthritis, including dizziness. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, give preference to products with a high content of vitamins b and C. Try to sleep only on a low flat pillow not to stress during sleep the cervical spine.

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    If you have a sore neck and dizzy, you should use folk remedies. To improve the condition you can apply an ointment made as follows. Take one tablespoon of fat (e.g., pork) and mix it with extract of hops. Ready ointment gently treat the most painful areas of the neck.

    The following recipe will not only help those who suffer from vertigo and pain in the neck, but patients who have a sore lower back. Mix in one container of crushed aloe Vera and black radish, then add 2 tbsp. high-quality vodka and half a Cup of honey. Stir well and take in the morning on an empty stomach immediately after sleep.

    Once a week to do on the neck of the honey-potato compress. To make it, grate the potatoes and mix with a little honey. Then apply the prepared mixture to the neck, cover with a clean cotton cloth and tie a warm scarf.

    Very effective methods to combat the dizziness osteochondrosis are various water procedures, massage and medical gymnastics. A significant improvement in the condition of the patient contribute to the traction of the cervical spine and its reliable fixation.