Doctors TLF successfully treated unusual trigeminal neuralgia

Doctors TLF successfully treated unusual trigeminal neuralgia


Doctors Federal neurosurgery centre of Tyumen was successfully cured a 24-year-old girl from Khanty-Mansiysk, which was faced with neurovascular conflict of trigeminal nerve type, of which girl within a year on almost a daily basis suffered from strong pain order.

«In the beginning of the year started to hurt a tooth. The doctor said it was inflammation of the dental nerve, treatment performed tooth, but the pain never really went away. The dentist gave the direction to the neurologist where I had a new diagnosis of neuralgia of trigeminal nerve type, was prescribed medications. Pills made the pain less acute. However, in may, resting, I caught a cold, got sick badly, could not even speak. Then I had an MRI, where it was clarified the diagnosis,» says Lily Shayhutdinova.

Despite receiving the results of MRI scan data, doctors were not immediately ready to work with such a diagnosis, since in most cases it is people after forty. However, a detailed examination led to the direction of the operation in the TLF in Tyumen.

According to the Professor, neurosurgeon Vladimir Shabalov, at this point in the Tyumen TLFs on an ongoing basis the development, such as in the field of neuromodulation. We are talking about technology with a minimum invasiveness, which can not only improve the patient’s quality of life, but to save his life. Today Tyumen TLF is the second in the Russian territory center, which has a rich experience of such work.

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