Dorsalgia sacral lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine

Dorsalgia is pain in the spine

Consensus, which would determine the dorsalgia, as a single disease in medicine.

Most of the doctors dorsalgia is any manifestation of pain syndrome in the spine, but at the same time, many scientists oppose this position.

But if to be honest, it is the opinion of scholars reflects the reality more clearly, as in the last edition of classification of diseases of the spine, dorsalgia is considered a separate disease which is associated with orthopedics.

Also, the classifier identifies specific symptoms which have the disease.

But the term is applicable in a very narrow circles.

A common definition found in most dictionaries and medical literature is considered to be the following: dorsalgia any back pain without regular and systematic, character, associated symptoms, and a specific locus of occurrence of pain.


There are several types of this group of diseases.


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Depending on the lesion pain usually distinguished three types of dorsalgia pain – cervicalgia, lumbalgia and thoracalgia.

In the first case it dorsalgia cervical spine, the second thoracic and third lumbar sacral.

The number of cases indicates the possibility of combining several manifestations.


The type of pain symptoms the dorsalgia is divided into vertebral, which is characterized by pains in the spinal column or surrounding tissues, excrete nevertebralnah, which is not directly related to the spine, such a manifestation can be caused by stress, metabolic disorders, etc.

Pain vertebrogenic nature are the most common and fraught with problems in the spine.

They are discussed in the next section.

Vertebrogenic dorsalgia

The main reason for the occurrence of pain, which can be called dorsalgia is osteochondrosis. But the basic premise is isolated degenerative, neoplastic, traumatic or inflammatory lesions in the spine structure.

Osteochondrosis refers to a group, which is called degenerative changes, but in addition to degenerative disc disease causes pain can be spondylitis, spondylosis, ankylosing spondylitis or a reflection of the pain of the lumbosacral, vertebral fractures, which often go undiagnosed.

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In a separate group highlighted neoplastic changes such as tumors and cancer, infectious and inflammatory effects (tuberculosis, brucellosis, etc.), as well as deforming scoliosis.

Forms of dorsalgia

The vertebrology there are two types:

  • the acute form, the pain attacks localised in the back, lumbago that manifest very acute form in the background of the normal state when fail the rotation of the body or spine snap;
  • the chronic form occurs when different pathologies of the spine (tumors, osteomyelitis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis) and has a constant dull pain middle and light weight.

Causes and related diseases

Syndrome dorsalgia can be caused by pathological changes in the structure of the spine and disease of the internal organs. Causes are identified in a detailed and patient examination.

All diseases of the spine are divided into six large groups:

  • degenerative diseases (degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, spondylosis, etc.);
  • deforming changes (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis);
  • the trauma (fractures, sprains, dislocations);
  • rheumatoid manifestations (ankylosing spondylitis);
  • pathology Oncology (osteoma, osteoblastoma, osteosarcoma);
  • Infection and inflammation (osteomyelitis, tuberculosis).

The clinical picture

The main clinical symptom is back pain, dorsalgia from Latin and translates.

In addition to the symptoms of dorsalgia include damage to nerve roots, pinched nerve or a limitation in the damaged segments, visceral syndrome in lesions of the nerve endings that start from the affected segments.

Itself pain syndrome has a number of characteristics and features:

  1. The pain is caused by pressure, occurs after sudden or awkward movements (bending of the body, head turns). The pain may be caused by hypothermia.
  2. The intensity of the pain can be moderate or strong, able to attract the patient to the bed.
  3. When you sneeze or deep breaths increases the pain in the thoracic spine.

Diagnosis of the syndrome

Reasons that can cause back pain and vertebral departments, have a huge range, so only on the basis of pain symptoms to make a specific diagnosis is impossible.

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In order to deliver the most effective diagnosis and identify the processes that occur in the spine, it is necessary to use innovative imaging techniques such as MRI or tomography, and conventional x-rays in several projections.

The use of MRI is justified by the fact that imaging using x-rays are able to detect the presence of malignant and other tumors and neoplasia, which are detected with magnetic resonance or ultrasound surveillance.

To identify and treat disease in the clinic, it is necessary to address to the neuropathologist, but turning to a more specialized targeted institutions it is best to be diagnosed and treated by a vertebrologist.

Correct and timely diagnosis is a prerequisite for effective treatment of the disease.

What you need to know about treatment

During acute symptoms the main goal of treatment is pain, this seem drugs against inflammation, hormonal ointments and corticosteroid pharmacological agents.

Also in the collection of primary treatment include algorithms for joint application of pharmacology with physical therapy, manual therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy and traditional medicine.

The treatment uses the following effective directions.

Medication methods

Use these tools:

  • ointment a warming action, gels and heating applications (Comarum palustre, Finalgon, the patch «pepper vodka»);
  • creams and gels anti-inflammatory properties (Voltaren emulgel cream for the treatment of scars, hydrocortisone ointment);
  • anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal composition are applied to tablets or injections;
  • anesthetic blockade novocaine, etc.

Unconventional ways

Similar methods with greater efficiency to the weakening of the pain syndrome include hot massage, acupuncture, acupuncture manipulation, chiropractic and osteopathic effects, the effects of ultrasound, magnetic fields and high frequency, but low voltage.


To methods surgery is resorted to only when all possible treatments are exhausted.

Such treatment of dorsalgia justified in infectious lesions of the vertebrae, tumors, and intervertebral hernias of large size.

The manifestation of osteomyelitis is obligatory to make the opening of the vertebra and related tissue in order to remove the abscess and anesthetized tissues that neytralizuya truncation.

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Microdiscectomy procedure performed in the surgical treatment of a herniated disc, partial excision of the fragment of the spine that is susceptible to disease. Usually performed techniques of microsurgery.

Preventive measures

Specialized methods of prevention does not exist. Considering the number of conditions that can cause pain in the spine, can only give a very General and joint recommendations to prevent painful conditions and injuries of the spine.

The main thing that can have a positive impact, so this careful attitude, the use of normal and proportional loads. Gymnastics, exercises in the morning.

Balanced nutrition and timely access to doctors — the key to what dorsalgia will never manifest itself.

It is very important to prevent recurrent manifestations of those diseases that already have a place to be. For this it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations given by the doctor.

As it was found out, dorsalgia is the cumulative manifestation of pain syndrome, which is caused by different causes and lends itself to effective treatment by various methods.

The main thing you need to remember everyone who has read this article is the fact that the body is a very smart creature that loves pain for various failures in work of internal organs or systems.

Therefore, when you encounter any signals, should immediately apply for survey to the specialist, also encouraged good health periodic independent visits to the clinic for physicals.