Drugs for joints and cartilage: types, selection and admission

Препараты для суставов и хрящей: виды, выбор и прием

Cartilage is a cushioning pad between the bones

Cartilage called one of the types of connective tissue. It consists of chondrocytes and intercellular substance. Cartilage is divided into three types:

  • hyaline;
  • elastic;
  • fibrous.

The main difference between cartilage from other types is the lack of blood vessels and nerve endings inside.

The role of joints and cartilage, the effects of their destruction

Hyaline cartilage plays the major role of the elastic framework of the skeleton. Of metabolic disorders, injuries, high loads, lifting weights, excess weight diminish it. While it is erasing and thinning. This might be the reason for the development of joint diseases. As a rule, if the cartilage has worn off, it often affects the knee joints and also the joints of the neck and lower back.

Slow current joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, inflammation and thinning of the knee joint, usually associated with degenerative disorders in articular, cartilage. To avoid destruction, at which there is a thinning of the cartilage and its structural recovery use chondroprotectors, in which the treatment is carried out in a shorter period of time. This drugs with targeted effects on the production of new cells in the joint and cartilage tissue. They are used for education of a sufficient number of synovial fluid.

If for any reason the cartilage begins to break down, to deteriorate, it triggers the destruction of cartilage. This opens the rough surface of the bone. Located opposite the hyaline cartilage, is constantly in contact with the bone tissue also begins to break down. Consequently, the synovial fluid is partially ceases to be the joint lacks lubrication and insufficient food. End result, the cartilage is slowly dying, and in the joint changes, entailing a loss of its original functions. An example is low back pain.

Препараты для суставов и хрящей: виды, выбор и прием
Chondroprotectors are not allowed to develop this process. These drugs slow the development of diseases and increased pain in the knee joint, improve blood circulation in the area of the patient’s joint. The treatment usually lasts 5-6 months, but noticeable improvements usually occur 2-3 weeks. This is the norm, which is observed in most cases.

In the composition of chondroprotectors are substances produced in the body and is essential for the production of synovial fluid, which serves to maintain the hyaline cartilage in the normal form. The main components of the chondro — it has chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.

How to take chondroprotectors

You must keep in mind the restoration lends itself to not only finally destroyed hyaline cartilage. Therefore, treatment should begin as early as possible, at the first symptoms, e.g. an unpleasant pain at the movement. In the case of the death of the cells of the joints and cartilage, medical treatment is powerless.

Also important quite a long administration of drugs: experts recommend not to stop treatment after 2-3 courses. The restoration of the connective tissue in the joints is a rather long process. Chondroprotectors become an indispensable source of support for the joints, in case of untimely interruption of medication destructive processes will resume.

On average, treatment continues for quite some time, from one year to 1.5 years. This allows to achieve reliable, positive results and fix the result. The exact dosage in each case their own, and assign it to need a specialist.

Препараты для суставов и хрящей: виды, выбор и приемTreatment with medicines this direction, as a rule, easily tolerated by patients. They have virtually no side effects, but must necessarily comply with the standard admission. But keep in mind that they are assigned with caution to people suffering from diabetes, therefore, contained in the composition of drugs glucose. Also they are not recommended for pregnant women and young children.

Selection of drugs

To facilitate the patient’s condition and eliminate the pain in back is often used means for external application, gels, ointments, creams, balms. Also use tableted form preparations for oral administration. At the moment there are plenty of means of dealing with such disease as osteochondrosis, which complicates the choice of medication. Given the relatively high price of drugs and long period of treatment of osteochondrosis and other diseases of the joints and cartilage, it is recommended to consult a specialist and he will help to make the right decision on choice of medication.

In the treatment of diseases such as osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, and others used several types of drugs:

  • restoring the cartilage tissue of the joints;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • muscle relaxants;
  • sedative;
  • a vasodilator.

In order to get rid of pain, especially if it hurts the neck, the patient is assigned antiphlogistics and anesthetics to help eliminate pain, swelling and inflammation. As a rule, when treating the knee, they are assigned in the form of ointments, gels, rubbing and internal use in the form of tablets and injections. These drugs are divided into several groups.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Diclofenac is the major constituent of many common drugs used to treat diseases of the knee joint and intervertebral discs. Medicines of this group have anti-inflammatory effect, enhance the effect of analgesics. The drug has contraindications, it should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers, children and people suffering from peptic ulcer. Daily dose of drug indicated on the package. Препараты для суставов и хрящей: виды, выбор и приемIn a group of such funds consists of diklak, voltaren, and others. These drugs are prescribed not only in the treatment of the knee joint. They are effective when the treatment of any diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Osteochondrosis is no exception.

Ibuprofen. Drugs, which include ibuprofen, have similar properties. They are similar to the drug based on diclofenac, with the difference that the ibuprofen prescribed to pregnant women and young children are being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. This is due to the fact that the substance is better tolerated by the body. The group consists of Nurofen, reumafen and others.

Indomethacin. Medications with this active ingredient have a specific antiphlogistically and anesthetic properties. They treat osteochondrosis, inflammation of the knee joint. In large doses can have side effects such as digestive disorders, irritation of the intestinal mucosa, should therefore be observed norm of reception, which should not be exceeded. Contraindications similar drugs diclofenac. The group includes indomethacin, Esteban and others.

Ketoprofen. Medications, which include Ketoprofen, relieve inflammation and pain much sooner than medicines that contain ibuprofen, but they have quite unpleasant side effects and many contraindications. The group includes have Ketonal, Fastum gel and others. They are used for pain in the knee joint, they treat osteochondrosis and many other diseases.

Nimesulide. This is a group of anti-inflammatory drugs of new generation. Has strong side effects. Prescribed to patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system as a means of external use. Well helps with pain in the knee joint. During long-term use may be irritation and itching at the site of drug application. In osteochondrosis of such drugs recommend that all pharmacists. The group consists of Nise, NIMULID and others.

Preparations vasodilating action and muscle relaxants

Препараты для суставов и хрящей: виды, выбор и прием

Ksantinola nicotine is an effective vasodilator from the pain of stress

Because of muscle tension constricts blood vessels, preventing normal blood flow, and often suffers from this knee joint. This leads to functional disturbances in organs and oxygen deficiency. In order to eliminate these effects prescribe these drugs. To improve blood circulation in the joint most often recommended ksantinola nicotinate. To improve nutrition and accelerate recovery processes prescribed products containing lipoic acid.

Therapy pain syndrome that can cause low back pain, often complemented with intake of muscle relaxers. They relax, soothe muscles, promote blood circulation and reduce pain in the knee joint. Under the influence of these funds is the restoration of joint mobility. Thus the diseased tissue regenerate faster.

Such drugs as cyclobenzaprine, mydocalm and others, treat the following diseases: osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis of the knee. They are very effective for cramps, but have side effects. In this regard, they should be supervised by the attending physician. Mydocalm does not have a sedative effect in contrast to the similar and goes well with concurrent use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Medicines that restore the cartilage, and sedatives

One of the main directions in the treatment of the joints is considered to be the rehabilitation process of cartilage. To do this, assign the above chondroprotectors and vitamins. Vitamin supplements contribute to the normalization of metabolism. In particular, the improvement of exchange of calcium promotes the prompt restoration of hyaline cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Such assets include calcium, Centrum, and other, which includes vitamins of groups such as b, D, E, A, C, and calcium and phosphorus.

Препараты для суставов и хрящей: виды, выбор и приемIf you have problems with the musculoskeletal system is used not only by those means which act directly on the disease itself, but and sedative drugs. This is necessary due to the fact that prolonged pain syndrome causes a feeling of depression. And this can significantly hinder treatment of the underlying disease.

In such situations it is advised to take tinctures of medicinal plants such as motherwort and Valerian. For more severe disorders prescribe anti-anxiety meds: gidazepam, donormyl and other. Sometimes the use of antidepressants reduce the rate of reception of anesthetic drugs and drugs with anti-inflammatory action.

The quality and productivity of treatment depends on the correct methods, accurate diagnosis and qualification of attending staff. Therefore it is not recommended to practice self-medication because it can cause complications and exacerbation of the disease, to aggravate the situation. Often the consequences are irreversible.

Selection of drugs and rate of dosing should be left to an experienced doctor. Based on the results of research and analysis, he will make the right decision. The healing process will require much less time and money.

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