Effective salt therapy joints: tips, recipes, pros and cons

Treatment of joint sea and table salt — recipes and precautions

The main medicinal property in the treatment of salt has on the hearth sodium chloride, which is the main part of it.

In the affected joints in the most part salt is used for failures of metabolic processes in bone tissue and in disorders of the joints themselves related to age.

Carrying out salt treatment of the joints in a standard way, apply the solution with a high content of sodium chlorine.

Realizing the same effect people’s recipes, effective wiping, baths and lotions with salt.

What you need to keep in mind when salt therapy

Like any therapeutic method, salt for treatment of joints can be used not always and some reservations:

  1. The intake of sodium chloride and is manufactured on the basis of his compositions to be small. Before treatment with salt it is necessary to consult a doctor. When there is a specific chronic disease or individual characteristics of the organism it is better to choose other means.
  2. With caution should use saline solutions in hypertension, certain types of heart failure, violations of the kidneys and other organs of the excretory system, problems with metabolism.
  3. Saline compresses can be used when certain skin lesions of infectious and noninfectious nature.
  4. To prevent side effects, clearly maintain the concentration proposed in the selected recipe.
  5. Increasing the amount of salt in the composition will not increase the utility of its actions, but on the contrary, will cause a glut of cells and tissues with sodium and chlorine, leading to an imbalance of salts in the body.

Indications for treatment:

  • diseases of the skin;
  • lesions of joints, spine;
  • diseases of the pulmonary system;
  • ENT-diseases;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • endocrine abnormalities;
  • diseases of the genital organs.
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The use of salt tied to contained in its composition components:

  • iodine for synthesis of thyroid hormones;
  • potassium is involved in heart function, maintains the rhythm;
  • magnesium – essential for the nervous system;
  • iron party the production of hemoglobin;
  • calcium – prevents infection, stimulates the immune system;
  • magnesium has anti-allergic properties;
  • bromine is a soothing ingredient;
  • silicon affects the skin.

In what diseases salt is a good helper

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Salt treatment of the knee and other joints, perhaps, one of the main applications of the salt in medicine.

When suddenly appeared pain in the joint is necessary coarse salt heat well in a frying pan, put in a bag, and salt until warm, apply to the sore place.

The concentrated salt is used as a lotion for treatment of joints, muscle pain, festering wounds.

Joints treatment sea salt will help eliminate the pain. You need to take 4 kg of sea salt with no additives. To put it in a warm bath stir and lay in the water.

We offer the best, in our opinion, the recipes:

  1. Hot salt in bags. Treating joints so that you have a sturdy fabric bag and heated salt (up to 70°C). Then a sack of hot salt applied to the affected joint. If you are able to tolerate intense heat, under the pouch, you can put a thick towel. To ensure that the treatment was most effective, on top of the pouch is covered with oilcloth. Thus, around the affected area formed a therapeutic mini-sauna.
  2. Salt bandage — overlay method compress. Here the treatment is this: it is superimposed on the sore spot or near it. Suitable sterile cotton cloth. The fabric must be folded several times. Sterilized. You can use a very hot iron or by boiling. Then finished the bandage is impregnated with a salt solution of 10:1, and before applying squeezing slightly. The obligatory caveat is a rubbing cloth for the application of lotions to contact with the body was stronger. Secure the lotion should be very tight.
  3. Light weight method of impact on the joints – wiping water with sea salt. The salt content in the water should be approximately 0.5 kg per 1 liter of water. To painful joints is placed soaked and wrung in the salt composition of the sheet. Then by hand wipe the sore spot on top of the sheets before the appearance of heat. After the fabric is removed, the body is rinsed with water and pounded with hard material. In the form of compresses the mixture was applied on a linen cloth and apply to the affected area at night, wrapping warm. Connect 25 g honey 25 g of salt.
  4. Treatment with honey and salt. Effective is the consumption of honey inside, because in dissolved form, he quickly enters the cells and tissues. To combine 1 tbsp. of honey, 0.5 tbsp radish juice, 0.5 glass of vodka, 25 grams of salt. To eat at night for 50 ml of the composition to RUB the sore spots.
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Treatment knee sea salt

To connect 75 g of baking soda and sea salt. The mixture is put in a container with hot water and dip the foot.

The liquid should close the knee completely and so that it was possible to massage 15 minutes.

Feet dry, wear warm socks and go to bed.

Recommended to be treated similarly during the last 3 months.

Treatment of the shoulder joint

Connect the 2 egg yolk, 2 tsp of honey and 0.5 tsp salt. Apply this mixture on the affected area, cover with cotton wool and wrap presentwise. In the morning rinse with warm water.

Sea salt for leg joints

In a bowl pour 3 tablespoons of salt and baking soda, pour hot water, and right in the water to massage her toes and soles for 20 minutes. Without wiping, put on warm socks and go to bed.


In any case, before treating any disease salt, particularly complex, you should consult with your doctor.

But warm salt baths for the feet will not hurt. They help to release the harmful substances from the body, because it is in the feet to be their greatest concentration.