Eight-shaped bandage: overlay on the ankle, collar bone and other joints

When using eight-shaped bandage: application technique

The eight-shaped bandage is applied at traumas, wounds, sprains, various inflammatory processes in the areas of the ankle and wrist joints, providing fixing necessary parts of the body.

It provides a fast and effective recovery in the period of comprehensive treatment.

In what cases is it used?

This patch is necessary when a patient has trauma to the joint, regardless of seat location. The first strips overlap slightly below the damaged area, and only after that fully bandaged bandages.

Elastic bandage is used in inflammatory processes in the area of the wrist and ankle joints.

It is essential when you damage ligaments or effusion. Bandaged the eight, is fixed firmly and safely, the circulatory system functioning smoothly.

With the appropriate resolution specialist small bandage can be applied to the small wound at home, but the severe pain and bleeding should consult a professional.

The overlay may vosmibratov bandage on the ankle, at the chest part of the patient’s body, the collarbone, hand, finger, foot, and eyes and crotch.

This is one of the efficient methods for a speedy recovery of the patient.

Looks like vosmibratov bandaging?

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The bandage is fixed in a circular rounds, and then criss-cross to form a figure 8.

This patch still has another name — cross.

Overlay vosmibratov bandage completely restrict the movement of the damaged joint, allowing you to avoid the negative consequences when re-injury of the site.

Superimposed eight-shaped bandage cross pattern application technique on all parts of the body are the same.

And there are other variations of this dressing, kulasooriya, when using the bandage criss-cross in several places like the ear. It overlaps with the first finger, shoulder and hip joints.

General rules for imposition

To perform brace you need to be kidney basin with sterile towel, tweezers, scissors, and take a standard ACE bandage with a width of 7 cm


  • to face the patient;
  • put the napkin on the wound area;
  • give limbs a middle position, in which a person can move and perform necessary physiological needs;
  • first make two circular fixing straps of the bandage;
  • next, in a circular motion to conduct subsequent tours around the damaged joint;
  • to finish the first round of bandage around the lower leg, to fix the fastening clip or pin do not run one end over the other, in order to avoid violations of the action BYTOVOGO layer on the joint of the patient.
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The bandage should not be tightly applied onto a damaged area of the body and shut it down and disrupt the normal blood circulation, can be uncomfortable and unsightly.

As a bandage is applied on the ankle joint?

In injuries of a different nature, the imposition vosmibratov bandage on the ankle is considered a mandatory measure.

Such a fixation is necessary to prevent the degenerative processes of displacement and deformation of the joint.

A bandage in the following way: performing a circular motion on the lower leg, a bandage is wrapped to the outer edge of the foot via the lift from the inner ankle.

Next, you create a twist around the bottom part of the leg, and a bandage is given to the outer side of the ankle. Steps are repeated until the complete bandaging of the affected area. To form the bandage should be tight enough, but without squeezing the ankle.

In the case of circulatory disorders, if you experience tingling or numbness of the leg urgently need to remove the bind and retry the apply the bandage again.

You can wear it all day, performing the necessary everyday things.

It should be noted that there are several types of bandages on the ankle:

  • protective (in open fractures);
  • drugs (to accelerate the healing of wounds);
  • pressing (when hemarthrosis);
  • immobilizing (used in sports medicine);
  • corehouse (with mandatory long-term fixation of the ankle).

In every cases, proper fixation of the bandage will be secure protection and support in the recovery period of the patient.

The video shows how the superimposed eight-shaped bandage on the ankle:

Application technique for the clavicle

Fracture of the clavicle occurs at any age and the easiest and most reliable method after the bones are reduced and the joint in the correct position a cross – shaped bandage.

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It creates a certain tension in the shoulder girdle and carefully records the desired skeletal part.

The algorithm of the bandage includes the following steps:

  • the patient seated on a stool;
  • the surgeon sets the desired position of the body, placing the foot on a chair and resting his knee between the shoulder blades of the patient;
  • armpits invested large cotton swab;
  • the bandage is on the front of the shoulder joint under his arm, crossing over the weave between the shoulder blades embodying the main stage is not required here;
  • separate passes of the bandage is sewn up for his reliability and strength.

Now better vosmibratov bandage for the clavicle had not been invented. Method is highly efficient and relevant for any kind of damage to this body part.

Thanks to precise the technique of bandaging a patient’s recovery is faster and better.

As a bandage is applied on the brush?

Eight-shaped bandage on a brush allows you to stop bleeding in trauma and locked in a fixed position the injured limb.

Application technique on the brush starts with a few circular motions near the wrist joint, then the bandage is directed spirally at the rear of the bone.

Performed the twist on the Palmar surface and again on the back side of the damaged brush. Criss-cross single speed, the movements are repeated from the beginning.

To tie the finger, we need to strengthen the bandage in a circular course on the wrist and withdraw it through the rear of the top hand. Then the finger spirally twisted, rising to the base of the headband is attached to the wrist.

Eye patch

Superimposed in the same way, begins with the fixing of movements in the area of the superciliary stripe. Next, the bandage is taken to the side of the neck, passes under the ear, slowly rises to the top of the head and goes to closed the injured eye.

After that dressing is transferred to the side of the head.

The pros and cons of cross brace

This patch is necessary for bandaging large and complex configuration of body parts. The course of the bandage describes a figure eight, so that’s why she called.

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It is imposed for fixing damaged parts of the body, in order to avoid inflammation and deformation of joints.

Wearing vosmibratov bandage promotes rapid recovery of the patient, prevents the development of unfavorable outcome after traumatic situations.

Using this product can improve the healing process of broken fibers to normalize the disrupted articular muscles.

The retaining bandage provides the opportunity to normalize lymph flow and bleeding. And reduce the level of pain.

If the dressing will be uncontrolled, with no special skills and General rules, it is possible to damage the injured area. Bring to a festering and strain the injured parts of the body.

Only a professional and expedient application of the bandage is able to prevent the pathological action of injuries to the ankle, collarbone, brushes, and other kinds of problems.

Cross dressing is very easy to use, but still requires close monitoring by the physician. On top of the dressing you need to wear a special sleeve so as not to introduce infection into the wound.

To date, this type of bandage is imposed on almost all parts of the body, has many advantages.

Looks aesthetically pleasing and has a beneficial effect on the healing process. Can be applied both in medical institutions and at home, subject to all rules and requirements of the technology overlay wrapping material.

Headband comfortable, neat and efficient!