Elbow arthroscopy: indications, reviews, rehabilitation, and cost

Shoulder arthroscopy — an innovative minimally invasive procedure

The procedure of arthroscopy allowed to bring the treatment of pathologies in the joints to a completely innovative level.

Shoulder arthroscopy allows treatment in such a way that damage in the procedure are significantly reduced, and the rehabilitation after the procedure is much faster and easier.

Modern achievements and great success in implantology has allowed to carry out the operation on the most movable joint of the human body — in the shoulder.

The main indications for surgery are injuries of various kinds, which are accompanied by pain of varying severity and a significant limitation of shoulder and arm.

What types of procedure, that medicine

Nowadays the operation is performed in the following joints:

  • knee;
  • hip;
  • ankle;
  • elbow;
  • shoulder.

In addition, there is the procedure of locating the character.

The indications for the procedure

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Usually, arthroscopic surgery is assigned in case of:

  • if there is instability in the joint, is characterized by recurrent prolapse and displacement of the joint in the articular capsule, the so-called boleti Bankart;
    syndrome impedimenta, that is pathologically incorrect fusion of the joint;
  • mechanical damage to the cuff, which softens the movement in the joint.

What reasons can cause tendinosis of the knee joint — treatment of the disease. Details of prevention, you can learn about here.

Causes of shoulder pain

To the loss of functioning of the hands and significant pain can result in different injuries and damage to the joint and shoulder girdle in General. As well pain in the shoulder may be characterized by lesions of the biliary tract, circulatory disorders and low back pain.

The main methods of diagnosis include MRI and x-rays of the shoulder and hinge joint.

The main prerequisites for the emergence pain syndrome include the following:

  • the compartment syndrome of the shoulder joint synovial Bursa — Bursa;
  • breaks or cracks in the rotator cuff;
  • arthrosis of the clavicle and coracoid joints;
  • damage to the tendons in the muscle tissue of the arms (biceps, triceps);
  • the behavior of an unstable joint in the chronic form;
  • the incidence of arthritis or arthrosis of the hinge joint in the shoulder.
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If the physician properly characterize pain syndrome, collectively, the listed prerequisites, it will be the key to proper diagnosis and timely, effective treatment.

Surgery on the shoulder joint

The main tool that is required for the carrying out of arthroscopy, the arthroscope is a device that contains a miniature camera for visualization of the joint and all processes in it on a monitor with multiple magnification.

When an unstable behavior of the joint, it was loss — this procedure is the only method that allows to identify the processes that occur in the joint.

In contrast to the method «open» joint, a method of visualization allows you to see not only the tissues in the junction with the cut, and almost the entire internal area.

Due to this, the surgeon can with absolute accuracy to diagnose injuries cartilage pads, damage to tendons and ligaments, as well as to detect fluid in joint loose body, etc.

Arthroscopy is not only a method of diagnosis and detection of dislocations, but also an effective tool for recovery. Method is one of the most effective and safe for the patient, has virtually no side effects.

Usually, anesthesia is chosen depending on the severity of the manifestations of the pain syndrome, but in most cases, local anesthesia is used injection.

After a steady anesthesia the surgeon proceeds with the procedure.

The whole process boils down to the following steps: the surgeon makes a small longitudinal incision in which to insert the arthroscope, which is visualization. Removal of diseased tissue, if necessary, is performed through the same incision near.

The following operations can be performed using the arthroscope:

  • in case of damage and displacements of the ligaments (glenoid lip) can be produced by re-fixation apparatus;
  • when salicath damage and displacement may be produced by re-fixation and cutting of the cartilage strips with the subsequent polishing;
  • if there is a pinching of tendons or of ligaments between bone formation is truncation of chords, their fixation and subsequent splicing together;
  • if there is damage to the rotator cuff, the first is arthroscopy and visualization of the affected areas after the cuff can be reconstructed (again truncated and spliced with articular tissue);
  • when internal displacement of composite joints is a compression recovery and docking of bone formation in a common articular capsule;
  • if the fracture of the cartilage in the cavity of the joint capsule were pieces of cartilage, that is their removal and polishing of sharpened fragments;
  • if tendon rupture can be made by excision and splicing, some instances — fixing;
  • if diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, arthroscopy can be removed the film from intra-articular synovitis bags;
  • if you have pathology or deformity of the cartilage pads, it is polished and appears in the form;
  • in bursitis, the bag can be opened, bulges removed, and the cavity washed with an antiseptic solution. The same can be made replacing the synovial fluid.
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The advantages of arthroscopy

The main advantages that distinguish arthroscopy from open procedures on the shoulder joint are the following criteria:

  • preserves the integrity of the joint, as it is made only a small incision of the soft tissues and articular joint;
  • scars treatments inconspicuous;
  • the recovery procedure does not last more than three days;
  • pain syndrome after operation is characterized by low intensity and weakness;
  • the patient can leave the health facility on the day of the procedure;
  • the rate of complications with all the rules (disinfection, proper manipulation of the arthroscope, etc.) tends to zero;
  • the initial hip movement returns much quicker than with open surgery.

Specialists and patients

Almost all professionals of osteopathy characterize the operation as one of the most effective and safe. Effective implementation depends largely on the experience of the technician and his skill, so the procedure is entrusted only to the most experienced doctors.

Reviews of patients who underwent the procedure point out that almost all pleased with the result.

As a rule, it is designated as an alternative, but those patients who underwent a procedure after ineffective operations of the open type, talking about the arthroscopic treatment and diagnosis, as the only tool that has really helped.

The rehabilitation period

The procedure is characterized by rapid rehabilitation. This distinguishes it from even bespereboynik procedures such as the ordinary reduction of the dislocation.

But there are certain rules that should be observed.

Even if the patient was discharged from the hospital, the bandage should be removed only under the supervision of a physician.

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Failure to do so may cause damage to the incision and aseptic infection.

In the first week after surgery is advisable to wear a bandage, which will allow the joint to remain alone. Enhancing the process of recovery can be achieved by the use of physiotherapy interventions (warming, electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, etc.).

Physical therapy after arthroscopy of the shoulder joint is assigned only to the specialist.

The cost of arthroscopy and clinics with the possibility of

As the procedure can be carried out only in a hospital, the cost includes: stay at the medical center, the procedure, anesthesia, physiotherapy activities, medications, meals, etc.).

So in total the cost includes the use of disposable consumables (applies to individual welding sleeve or hose, when replacing parts of the joint or prosthetic joint implants and fluid-prosthesis).

Thus, the price starts from 24 thousand.

The cost of consumables kit 20 thousand.

To conduct arthroscopy is enough to apply the observation of the clinic by place of residence, there will be diagnosis and the referral to the procedure (bargain category).

In addition to Russia proved themselves such private hospitals as «Your doctor» and EuroMed «Clinic Yakovlev», the Department which work in almost all big cities of Russia.

Arthroscopy is the least invasive method of performing operations on the shoulder and other joints. However, a visit to the doctor should not delay, hoping for the versatility of the method. Timely treatment greatly increases the chances of success and reduces the period of rehabilitation.