Epicondylitis of the elbow: the main symptoms and causes

Эпикондилит локтевого сустава: основные признаки и причины

What bone is the elbow of a man

Elbow system has a rather complex structure. In the elbow, where the muscles are attached to bones an elbow rest, sometimes there is inflammation. This process is called epicondylitis of the elbow, which can be divided into internal and external.

The most common form of epicondylitis is considered to be the outer, growing on the outside of the joint with inflammation of the tendon. When internal inflammation occurs the muscles that are responsible for motor function.

No inflammation does not appear by itself. Needed for this reason. The disease occurs on the background of constant and repetitive flexion and extension of the elbow joint, especially if it is load.

The disease develops due to overloading of the tendons and microtrauma of the tissues. As a rule, epicondylitis of the elbow occurs in athletes, workers and village workers in the construction industry. The disease affects people of all ages.

Main causes and symptoms

The main symptoms when pain epicondylitis manifest in the outer surface of the shoulder and forearm. It is enough to shake someone’s hand or glass. Any small action is accompanied by unbearable pain. But unlike the injured hand, in this case, when extension of elbow pain are virtually absent. Manifest symptoms for many months, right up until people do not start treatment.

The most susceptible is the group of persons after the age of 40 years and those who from birth have weakened ligaments. The reason may be not only professional activities, but also often carrying heavy loads. To provoke the disease can and repetitive motion in the summer period is the sealing of the home preservation, long monotonous housework.

Эпикондилит локтевого сустава: основные признаки и причины

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Blood vessels nourish the bones and tendons of the elbow

In order to avoid disease, one should not overtax the muscles. During a trip to the store try to distribute wear on two hands, don’t wear too heavy bags. It is better to go shopping twice, rather than to experience pain. Homemakers or repair, take often breaks. Let your muscles, not accustomed to constant stress, rest. Do not lift backbreaking weights and do not move the furniture yourself.

Varieties of the disease

Epicondylitis of the elbow joint is of several types. The first thing to be noted of the lateral type in which the inflamed place where the lateral epicondyle bone is attached to muscles. Some people this kind is called tennis elbow, occurs because of lateral epicondylitis in tennis players and those who perform the work, such as, for example, sawing of firewood. This disease can be treated misoperation, and you can do it at home.

First, it should be possible to eliminate any movement, and secondly, it is necessary to accept funds, relieving inflammation. It is very helpful to apply ice to the area of the elbow for 4 days. After this you should apply heat, which will finally remove the pain. When the pain disappears, you need to stretch the muscles with exercise.

The second kind is the medial the disease the elbow joint, the cause of which occur against the backdrop of activities such sports activities as Golf, discus throw, throws ball. In addition, when using the manual music and building tools, as well as after injuries. Therefore, medial epicondylitis appears in any action, which actively use the muscles of the forearm. This disease is considered to be more complex, so the doctor can prescribe even x-rayed, after which it turns out, in sufficient quantities contains calcium, and if it was earlier in the joint injury.

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When epicondylitis, especially untreated, may develop the chronic form. The fact that the treatment is elbow can last for several weeks (depending on the degree of neglect). At the end of the treatment, it is necessary to give the hand a rest and not to strain it for 1-2 months.

As a rule, many people, especially athletes, to resume their usual activities immediately after the first stage of treatment and improving, therefore, the disease starts to progress again, and then develops into a chronic form. To avoid this, a second round of rehabilitation, in which it is possible to achieve final recovery.

Prevention and treatment of disease

Эпикондилит локтевого сустава: основные признаки и причиныEpicondylitis of the elbow joint should be treated only as a whole. Of course, depending on the duration of the disease, the level of violations of function and changes in the tendons. The main tasks of the doctor are as follows:

  • to eliminate the pain;
  • to restore blood flow;
  • to return to a healthy state of motion in the joint of the elbow;
  • to prevent the development of more serious diseases.

This disease involves treatment of the traditional ways and with the help of surgical intervention. In some cases, doctors recommend to bandage the damaged areas with an elastic bandage, in others — carried anesthesia ultrasound, currents and paraffin applications. Often a doctor prescribes the blockade of the joint using lidocaine and similar pain medication. In many cases the patient is prescribed medication and prescribed massage, dry air baths or mud.

Treatment of lateral epicondylitis of the elbow joint, like the knee joint, is directed primarily to the muscles as to relieve and eliminate the pain. For these purposes, the patient wearing the orthosis, orthopedic clamp, which should be worn in the daytime. The application of all kinds (the choice pharmacies is huge) gels and ointments, application of compresses, physical therapy and galvanization beneficial effect on pain processes. Treatment of medial epicondylitis of the elbow joint is carried out similarly.

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If conservative treatments have not yielded a positive result, then the doctor prescribes a surgical treatment. A great solution in this case is the notorious operation Homan, in which excised a small portion of the tendon. The recovery process is long, but worth it. Another surgical method involves, on the contrary, the elongation of the tendon.

Sometimes remove it with a small part of the muscles, but is produced in the most hopeless cases. But the most popular is the arthroscopic surgery, which did not need to cut the skin. And time to adapt after this procedure doesn’t take much.

Disease epicondylitis of the knee joint does not differ from the elbow, the treatment is carried out similarly.