Epicondylitis of the elbow: treatment and rehabilitation

Epicondylitis of the elbow is a disease of degenerative nature, accompanied by severe inflammatory process that affects the musculoskeletal system elbow area. Epicondylitis of the elbow, which treatment was not carried out adequately, becomes chronic, which is unfortunate as get rid of the chronic forms of the disease completely is quite difficult.

Эпикондилит локтевого сустава: лечение и реабилитация

The spread of pain to the elbow

If you are diagnosed with this disease, the important criteria are both factors preceding the development of the disease, that is, the thinning and degeneration of bone and cartilage structures, and also inflammation which is a consequence of the initial changes in density and stability of the structures of the joint.

The etiology of the development of epicondylitis of the elbow

Founded by a group of risk of development of lesions of the elbow joint is made up of professional athletes who exhibit excessive stress and minor injury in elbow joint area. The most frequently epicondylitis of the elbow common in tennis players but can occur in a number of other athletes.

There are cases of developing this disease of the elbow joint in humans building trades and longshoremen, whose activities are prone to getting small injuries of the joints. This disease can develop in people who are in the process of his professional activities have a long time to make monotonous flexor-extensor movements. Epicondylitis most commonly occurs in people aged 35 to 50 years.

Эпикондилит локтевого сустава: лечение и реабилитация

Pain in epicondylitis of the elbow

Professional activity will not by itself cause the development of epicondylitis. But against the backdrop of the degenerative process constant microtrauma may be the cause of the inflammation. By the predisposing factors of epicondylitis can be attributed to a number of diseases and processes that marks the beginning of aging.

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  • the slowing of the metabolism;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • osteoporosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • the impaired production of liver enzymes.

Often the development of epicondylitis of the elbow joint accompanied by a bursitis, that is a cyst filled with synovial fluid, and inflammation of the Bursa.

The clinical picture of the disease

Clinical manifestation of epicondylitis of the elbow can vary depending on the specific characteristics of the development of the disease. There are two main forms of the disease.

  • Lateral epicondylitis. In this variant of the disease there is the appearance of the inflammatory process at the site of attachment of muscle fibers to the lateral, i.e. outer namesake bones of the shoulder. External epicondylitis usually develops on the background of muscle tension in the area of attachment and the emergence of many micro traumas. Lateral epicondylitis is a sharp pain and limitation of joint mobility. This disease is notable for the fact that occurs exclusively on the background of degenerative and inflammatory diseases, that is secondary.
  • Medial epicondylitis. This type of epicondylitis develops on the background of lesions within the medial muscles responsible for the direct flexion-extension movement. Generally, medial epicondylitis is present in the case of a man often makes strenuous movements similar to those produced by the golfer during the impact. This form is also characterized by the appearance of calcium deposits in the area of attachment of the tendon to namesake, there is usually severe pain when trying to bend the arm at the elbow. Internal epicondylitis most often occurs in those who constantly holds the arm in a bent position. Most often disease occurs in women engaged in sewing business, or habitually carry heavy bags slung over the elbow part of the arm. Severe pain can occur when trying to straighten the arm and rotational movements.
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    Эпикондилит локтевого сустава: лечение и реабилитация

    Depending on the specificity of lesions of the elbow joint provide 2 major forms of the disease

    It should be noted that depending on the intensity of pain epicondylitis is divided into acute and subacute. Subacute variant of this disease is characterized by moderate pain, which is observed exclusively during the movement. In subacute variant of epicondylitis pain can occur with pressure on the inner or outer padmashali under light load. In addition, in this type of the disease the pain is localized in one point.

    Acute epicondylitis is accompanied by severe pain not only while attempting movement of the elbow joint, but also at rest. Man is hard to bend the arm at the elbow, even without load, while its presence makes the bending of the arms almost impossible task.

    Treatment and rehabilitation for epicondylitis

    With the appearance of alarming symptoms, the patient should not self-medicate. Procrastination can lead to chronic forms of the disease and the difficulty of further rehabilitation. As a rule, for diagnosis doctors perform a medical history, examination of the elbow may designate an x-ray examination. Depending on the shape and complexity of the disease may be designated as the surgical and conservative treatment.

    Conservative treatment, assignable in most cases, has several directions:

    • elimination of pain;
    • the recovery of the full movement ability of the joint;
    • stimulation of the blood supply of the elbow joint;
    • mild inflammation;
    • measures aimed at preventing atrophy of the muscles located in the forearm.

    Эпикондилит локтевого сустава: лечение и реабилитация

    Treatment of medial epicondylitis of the elbow

    Treatment of epicondylitis of the elbow joint may be performed only under the supervision of a physician. He must prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate inflammation and pain. In addition, with significant pain intensity can be assigned not only ointment for local impact, but a number of drugs for internal use, and in some cases injection of drugs.

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    Injections are frequently given in the presence of concomitant bursitis, because in this variant of the disease, conservative methods, it is impossible to remove accumulating in the Bursa fluid. Therefore, after the puncture is required the introduction of drugs to resolve the inflammatory process and prevent re-inflammation of Bursa. In the absence of complications ointments give excellent results in the treatment of epicondylitis.

    Treatment of folk remedies of epicondylitis justified, since in order to resolve the problem, it is necessary not only to remove the inflammatory process, but also to restore blood flow to restore the elasticity of the tissues of the elbow joint.

    For the restoration of joint mobility most of the doctors prescribes a course of massage with the use of ointments and physiotherapy. In order to fully cure epicondylitis and to avoid complications, experts recommend wearing the orthosis in the absence of medical training to immobilize the joint and the dosed physical load. In compliance with the treatment regimen prescribed by your doctor, you can see improvements in 2 weeks.