Exercise therapy in breast osteochondrosis

Disease of the spine in the thoracic region will help to overcome gymnastics thoracic osteochondrosis. In order for treatment to be effective, it is necessary to conduct a complex of activities, which includes gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the thoracic. If you were able to diagnose in the early stages of the disease, the complex of therapeutic exercises will give the best results.Лфк при грудном остеохондрозе

Why you need physical therapy

Exercise therapy in breast osteochondrosis, relieves spasms in the muscle tissues, improves blood circulation, improves skin tone. In addition, physical therapy reduces pain symptoms and helps strengthen the muscular system. Special exercises can be performed if there is no acute pain and high fever. Contraindications are the following diseases:

  • neurological;
  • hypertension;
  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • severe myopia;
  • heart arrhythmia;
  • different chronic diseases.

All elements of physical therapy are performed at a slow pace, without jerks, with a gradual increase in load. All traffic that contains the complex, should not cause pain and discomfort. Gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the thoracic help in exacerbation of the disease and important stage of rehabilitation the stage of improvement. There are various exercises that you can do depending on what state the patient is located.

What exercises with osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine can be done for the patient, should determine the attending physician taking into account the degree of the disease, age and other related factors.

Is it possible to do in the acute stage

The main purpose of the exercises in this period is the removal of the patient’s pain. In this case, the physician prescribes medications. After pain syndrome is resolved, you can engage in exercise therapy. Physiotherapy in breast osteochondrosis should be performed only after careful individual selection of exercises. In this phase of the disease, you can do the following items.

  • The initial position of the body: lying on an inclined plane, on the back, head up, under the tibia enclose a small roller. In this position, breathe slowly and deeply, using the diaphragm. After reducing pain, you can perform other exercises from degenerative disc disease of the thoracic.
  • Lie on your stomach with your arms out to the sides. Lift your head and hands. Softservices for 4-6 seconds. Take the initial position of the body and completely relax your muscles. Repeat 5-6 times.
  • From the same position, tightening the muscles of the thoracic connecting the scapula. Then relax, take a few measured breaths. Repeat item 5-6 times.
  • Lie on your back, placing hands above head. Stretch hand, lightly taking his shoulders back and tensing all the muscles. Run 6-7 times.
  • Initial position: lying on his right side, slightly bending his knees. At a slow pace start to lift, straighten the left leg. Not relaxing the muscles units, lock onto 4-5 seconds. Go back to the original position. Make the item 5-6 times on each side.
  • Get on your knees, relax the hands. Breathing in, slowly arms out to sides, then move them back. These movements accompany the torso forward. On the exhale slowly return to its original position. Perform 5-6 reps.
  • Exercises should be done several times a day. Over time, the number of visits can be increased. If you do elements regularly and correctly, it will accelerate the withdrawal of the patient from the acute stage of the disease.

    Elements in a period of improvement

    In the process of improvement recommended following complex of therapeutic exercises.

    Original position

    Performance of elements

    Lying on the back. Bending feet, clasp their hands and pull up to upper body, while lifting your lower back and straining the muscles. Softservices for 4-5 seconds, then relax your muscles.
    The same original position. Raise your right arm and left leg, try to reach the fingers to the toes. Follow this element, changing an arm and a leg.
    Lying on the back with the clutch on the back of his head with his hands, elbows at sides, knees bent. Do slow motion right elbow to the left knee and Vice versa. Follow item 6-7 times.
    Kneel, bend forward and lean your hands on the floor. Raise your head, at the same time rotting the back. Smoothly lower your head arching your back.

    Лфк при грудном остеохондрозе

    To carry these items regularly, since only in this regime can delay the degenerative changes in the spine.

    Vis on the bar

    One of the important questions asked by patients with the disease of degenerative disc disease of the thoracic, is this: is it possible to hang on the bar. If the disease is accompanied by the presence of vascular diseases, a herniated disc, overweight, such exercises are contraindicated.

    Vis on the bar, experts recommend to stretch the spine in the early stages of the disease. This exercise helps to eliminate the displacement of vertebral discs, muscle spasms, correct a deformity of the vertebrae. Stretching of the spine on the bar will occur from srednesrochnoi to the lumbar region. Important: stretching of the spine should be performed with the permission of a qualified professional who must determine the intensity and duration of visa.

    There are two types of visa for stretching of the spine on the bar:

    • full vis – legs don’t reach the floor;
    • palovic – the legs half-bent position touch the floor.

    Before performing the items on the bar make sure to do some stretching to warm up muscles. In the process of visa monitor your health, in case of pain finished item. At the end of vis lie on your back, sit back and relax for a few minutes.

    Massage and its variants

    One of the effective methods of complex treatment and prevention is massage for thoracic degenerative disc disease, which helps to improve blood circulation, strengthening of muscles and prevents their fatigue. This procedure should be repeated at least every six months after acute illness. Basic rule: no pain during the massage. There is a classical form of massage that consists of stroking; kneading; vibration and ends with rubbing.

    For best results the classic varieties, you must add a point and segmental massage. The first option is to massage the pressure points. To do this, perform a circular motion with your fingers first clockwise and then back, gradually increasing force. The second kind of massage is a thorough area study of the thoracic. This procedure helps get rid of stagnant processes in the muscles of the back.

    Great therapeutic massage with cupping, which creates a vacuum which increases blood circulation. The use of cans contributes to increasing the elasticity of muscles, accelerate blood circulation, interstitial fluid. These procedures are contraindicated to do after the operation, when increased body temperature, hypertension, tumors, and other serious diseases. It is impossible to establish banks in the area of the spine, heart, birthmarks.

    Manual immediate impact on the problem areas of the back as one of the most important stages of treatment should trust only a professional masseur.

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