Exercises for osteoarthritis of the hip: basic requirements

Упражнения при артрозе тазобедренного сустава: основные требования

In the diseased joint cartilage is worn out bone spikes appear

Every tenth person on the planet diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip joint, as evidenced by statistics from the world health organization. For a number of reasons musculoskeletal system begin to suffer from degenerative-dystrophic pathology in the severe form. The disease is characterized by the fact that is constantly progressing. Therefore, patients are strongly advised to perform regular exercises for osteoarthritis of the hip joint, along with medication.

You should pick up a complex exercise. Such physiotherapy is the simplest way to get rid of joint disease. But despite the simplicity of these exercises, you need to understand that we are talking about the method of treatment. Curative gymnastics should be recommended and chosen by a physician and performed under his control. Self-medication will lead to the fact that the exercises are chosen incorrectly or handled incorrectly, as a result, the disease will only grow worse.

Physical therapy tasks and its features

What tasks performs physiotherapy? Doctors, selecting treatments for patients suffering from coxarthrosis, aim to reduce pain, strengthen muscles and ligaments to suspend the destructive process in the articular cartilage. It is important to regularly engage in exercise therapy. If the exercises are performed correctly, it helps to improve the stability of the joint. In addition, they contribute to the stretching and relaxation of the muscles responsible for flexion and extension of the hips.

Упражнения при артрозе тазобедренного сустава: основные требованияPhysical therapy for osteoarthritis includes both movable dynamic and static exercises isometric muscle tension without the implementation of the movements of the body. However, the amplitude of the committed hip joint movements should be limited.

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As soon as there is pain, you need to stop doing the exercises. Studies have shown that even in the presence of a serious pathological changes in the hip joint begin to act compensatory mechanisms, if the patient has a well-developed musculature. But in order to develop such mechanisms require regular exercise, each of which should last for the allotted time.

Requirements to perform gymnastics with osteoarthritis

When performing the physical therapy movements of the patient diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip joint, should not adversely affect the articular cartilage. Exercises should be done every day. It is recommended that from the very beginning to incorporate classes into the daily routine and treat the gym like brushing your teeth and eating. Thus is produced a good habit, the process of treatment and prevention is unobtrusive, which allows to increase blood flow to the affected joint and improve its mobility.

Упражнения при артрозе тазобедренного сустава: основные требованияThe original position of the patient before exercise, should not increase the burden on the hip joint. During the class load increases, only when to perform a greater number of exercises and repetitions for each of them. If the weight of the patient is insufficient to achieve the desired effect when performing physical therapy, doctors may recommend the use of a reasonable additional weights. It may be rubber tubing or cuff. When performing gymnastics with such weighting is necessary to monitor the amplitude of each movement, in any case its not increase and do everything slowly.

During execution of exercises for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip joint, as with other physical activities, you need to watch your breath. At the end of each exercises to restore breathing. When lifting the hands up breathe in, then slowly bring them out.

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Exercises will help to fight the disease

Physiotherapy for osteoarthritis of the hip joint due to impact on the pathological area requires the participation of qualified professionals. There are physical exercises that are designed to perform at the initial stage of the disease, and those that are indicated in severe form of the disease. If the disease was diagnosed at an early stage, you can use the following set of 7 exercises, the implementation of which will take 15-20 minutes.

Starting position for the first exercise lying on your back. Then one foot needs as much as possible to bend at the knee, and then fully extend. The action will be performed 8-12 times for each leg. Bend your knees alternately you can.

After completing the first exercise, proceed to the next. The original situation remains the same. Both hands should clasp behind the knee right or left leg, then bring it to the stomach and fix this position for 5-20 seconds. Then the leg returns to its original position and the same is done with the other leg. You need to make 7-10 movements of each leg.

Staying in the same starting position, bend the legs placing the foot on the floor. Straining the gluteal muscles, you need to take your pelvis off the floor and raise it up as high as possible. At the highest point you want to linger for 3-5 seconds and return to starting position. Lifts the pelvis to repeat 10-12 times.

Упражнения при артрозе тазобедренного сустава: основные требования

The basic complex of exercises for patients with osteoporosis

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Now turn over on your stomach, bend one leg at the knee at a right angle and lift. Returning the leg to starting position repeat the movement of the second leg. Do 12-15 repetitions for each leg.

Starting position — lying on its side, with emphasis on the elbow, the other hand rests on the floor. From this position, raise the foot 10-12 times, without bending the knee. After the climbs, flips to the other side and repeat the same steps.

Rise from the floor and sit on a chair with my knees to each other and resting his feet on the floor. With your feet together, then without taking your socks start to dissolve heel out, maximally removing them from each other. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then connect the feet. Perform 7-8 repetitions. Finish a set of exercises that you just lie down for a few minutes on the floor or other firm surface with your legs straight.

To execute this complex exercise therapy is possible and in house conditions, for which it is desirable to use sports pad.