Exercises for scoliosis of 2 degrees, swimming and massage

Упражнения при сколиозе 2 степени, плавание и массаж

Scoliosis of 2 degrees is a disease, which involves curvature of the spine and deviation left or right from the vertical axis at 10-27°. Such deformation of the back is very visible and immediately catches the eye, so the treatment should be taken as soon as possible. This will help special exercises in case of scoliosis of 2 degrees. There are basic and advanced methods of dealing with the disease. Key imply certain methods of influence on the back.

  • Gymnastics Lana Paley. This set of exercises will strengthen the back muscles and adjust the spine. The complex includes also breathing exercises Lana Paley, which is designed to correct the position of the ribs and chest. Because often enough they become an underlying cause of scoliosis.
  • The method of Katharina Schroth — exercises for breathing.
  • Corset Abbott-chenault, which corrects posture.
  • Auxiliary methods of treatment are not mandatory but they can help the patient in dealing with scoliosis of 2 degrees. These include swimming, massage, manual therapy, use of special insoles.

    Permissible and beneficial physical activity

    Упражнения при сколиозе 2 степени, плавание и массаж

    Exercise «Swallow» helps to strengthen the back muscles

    Gymnastics in scoliosis of 2 degrees just need. Perhaps its effect is not as impressive as in case of scoliosis of 1 degree. No one can give you guarantee that your back will be perfectly smooth. However, a course of therapeutic exercises for scoliosis useful and gives visible results.

    Exercises are collected in a complex Lana Paley, committed first and foremost to stop the progression of the disease. If a person is studying hard and spared no effort, the back can significantly lining. When progressive scoliosis is very important to stop the disease. This is the main objective of this complex exercise.

    Lana Paley gymnastics requires a large amount of time and effort. To devote to training should be about 4 hours a week for the past 2 years. One exercise therapy takes about an hour. After the main course is usually 5-10 minutes in order to perform breathing exercises. To do it right, you must first deal with the coach. After the man all became clear, he can continue the treatment at home.

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    To make a quite simple and effective exercises that will help to correct a scoliosis of 2 degrees, you do not need any devices. The only thing you may need is a Mat that is comfortable to do. Some patients prefer the classes to wear a corset. They say that so you feel more confident and they are able to quickly obtain the desired result.

    The main thing in exercises — not to throw it up. If to spare himself, to give physical therapy a little time to do the exercises poorly, the effect will be. About scoliosis we must not forget, because he can start to progress quickly. In the end, your inaction will lead to unpleasant consequences.

    Breathing exercises Katarina Meal

    For the treatment of scoliosis is necessary to use not only exercise, but also breathing exercises. Such exercises are quite affect the chest, that allows you to align it. One of the most interesting complexes are the exercises according to the method of Katharina Schroth.

    The essence of the method lies in the fact, to affect the ribs, which may be depressed on one side and convex on the other. Quite often, such damage is observed in patients suffering from scoliosis of 2 degrees. If nothing is done, the resulting curvature may form a hump.

    Упражнения при сколиозе 2 степени, плавание и массаж

    When you create your methodology Catarina Meal, paid attention to very important fact. All people suffering from scoliosis, without realizing it, when you inhale use the part of the chest, which has a convex shape. While the other side remains virtually untapped. It means that the person is breathing, using only one side of the chest than exacerbates their situation. It turns out interconnected, looped process. In order to break the circle, you need to do breathing treatments.

    The course, offered by Katarina Meal, lasts about a month, repeated several times a year and is designed for 2 hours of fruitful lessons per week. Exercises will be involved in the breathing process goes up in the chest. This means that the deformation of the ribs will stop and they will gradually level off. When you exercise do not want to use a corset.

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    Corethrogyne as an effective means

    Abbott-chenault once made a big step forward in the fight against scoliosis. He developed a special corset that gives the disease to progress and align the patient’s back. To achieve the effect of the corset must be worn every day for 10-16 hours. The patient may remove it during sleep or gymnastic routines.

    Упражнения при сколиозе 2 степени, плавание и массаж

    Medical corset for posture correction

    The principle of operation of this invention is very simple. Such corset is created individually for each patient. It is modeled from a cast made by the human body, taking into account all the features of the body and disorders of the spine. This corset constantly compresses the spine in the Vice, straightening it, and forcing to remain in a straight position. This not only gives the disease to progress, but very well lines the back of the patient.

    A corset is usually used when curvature of the spine from 20° and more. This treatment method has one big disadvantage. This method is applicable mainly to children and adolescents because of the corset can adjust only the young organism. Application correction for adults will bring equally impressive results. Moreover, it will create a lot of inconvenience, which are not worth the resulting effect.

    The effectiveness of massage

    Massage for scoliosis of 2 degrees just need. It can bring significant benefits in the fight against the disease. Of course, you cannot use it as the sole method of treatment. But after physiotherapy and breathing exercises are very good to visit masseur.

    The main purpose of the treatment is to help the patient relax muscles. This massage scoliosis will greatly enhance the effect, which gives the gym. After a few sessions you will feel a lot better, because now you have the same, normal muscle tone back. Besides massage, performed correctly, significantly improves the circulation spine.

    Упражнения при сколиозе 2 степени, плавание и массажSuch a massage for scoliosis of 2 degrees is usually prescribed for a 3 month perform therapeutic exercises. This is not surprising because previous 2 months, your muscles will work, tired, tense. Massage will help to relieve the accumulated fatigue and greatly relaxes the body. It is worth remembering that this procedure should be fun, relax, but not become a source of pain and bruising. The standard course lasts 3 weeks (10 treatments in a day). To repeat massage therapy required 2-3 times per year.

    Contraindications for massage are not. Importantly, the procedure did not arise pain. Women should also remember that during the critical days massage is not recommended.

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    Additional ways of treatment of the disease

    Physical therapy in scoliosis, breathing exercises, massage, corsets — this is not a complete list of assignments, which can be obtained from a doctor. Often, additional treatment in scoliosis of 2 degrees is chiropractic. It goes well with gymnastics and massage, but without regular sessions of physical therapy may not bring results.

    Manual therapy helps those patients who have broken not only the balance of the back muscles, but also a violation of the provisions of the pelvis. In this case, it is usually assigned a short course of manual therapy, which quickly affects the body. Such a course should be taken no more than 3 times a year.

    Quite well manifest himself in the struggle with scoliosis electrical stimulation of muscles. This method gives a certain effect, but can cause discomfort in the chest and even heart problems. If you do decide that such a course of treatment is right for you, don’t forget to pass it 2 times a year for 10 sessions.

    Swimming is a rather inefficient way of dealing with scoliosis of 2 degrees. This is because the spine is strongly curved and displaced. Man it will be very difficult to move in water, so swimming is unlikely to yield any result.