Exercises for stretching the spine: how to radiate energy and health

Упражнения для растяжки позвоночника: как излучать энергию и здоровье

You want to increase the duration of his life, and in her declining years to radiate energy and health? Many people on this question will be answered in the affirmative. What will be your surprise when you learn that it does not need to exert much effort, spend a lot of money on «magic» drugs. All that is required is regularly to take 10-30 minutes a day to perform exercises aimed at stretching the spine.

What is the secret of this practice? The fact that the spine plays the role of the main rod, the base to which nature was assigned to the whole body. In ancient times healers were convinced that the ridge accumulates the entire human energy. And it wasn’t a mistake. The spinal cord in the spine that can compare with a great many cables and wires, through which nerve signals spread in all parts of the human body.

The spine is the protective housing for such important components of the nervous system as the spinal cord.

Why you need exercises for the spine

The spine is a very complex structure, which consists of the bones in the vertebrae. Between the vertebrae are embedded absorber in the form of cartilage that allows the vertebrae to interact with each other. But no cartilage, no vertebrae will not cause the spine to move.

Motion ligaments and muscles by which an individual can perform bending, twisting and sagging. But like any complex structure, the vertebral column requires careful treatment. The ridge is adversely affected by various processes, such as disease, aging, erasing the intervertebral cartilage, and finally injury. Problem is that the man himself is a wrong way of life, exposing your back constant tension throughout the day.

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Упражнения для растяжки позвоночника: как излучать энергию и здоровье

The components of the vertebral column, particularly the intervertebral discs are subjected to tremendous pressure whenever we are in motion, walk, run or jump, lift something heavy. When a person is sitting or standing, the spine in this case is under load. The effect of gravity has not been canceled, it all day puts pressure on each person, including during sleep, giving the vertebral column a single second to be in a relaxed state.

With age, the distance between the vertebrae decreases, causing the muscles to be stretched. Increasing the load on the muscles, redistributes them, and from injuries of the spine begin to come to the painful impulses sent to the muscles. Further, the vertebrae exert a compressive effect on the intervertebral discs.

Thus the nerves and vessels are compressed, causing the person to feel pain not only in the spine, but in the hands or feet. But only pain in the limbs, the whole process is not limited. It is a violation of skin sensitivity, the patient may feel the limitation of the spine mobility and, as a consequence, over time there is complete immobility in the place in which segment of the spine affected.

Regular relaxation of the back, relieve tension from the spine and its muscles is not a whim but a vital necessity.

Stretching of the spine at home

Упражнения для растяжки позвоночника: как излучать энергию и здоровье

Home trainer for flexibility of the spine

The main principle of exercises for back — how can you more effective traction of vertebral column. Under the influence of the stretching clamps are removed, causing the vertebrae to normal position and restoring their original shape. The first thing recommended by specialists in the pathology of the spine, especially in osteochondrosis, is to use the equipment for stretching the spine. If you do it daily, it is possible very quickly to relieve pain in the back. In non-running conditions of the spine of acute pain disappear after the first session. Continued use of the simulator allows to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. It takes just 10 minutes a day and contraindications to the use of no.

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Lack of equipment is not a reason for discouragement. It is possible to conduct stretching of the spine and at home. Enough to learn simple complex, regular performance of which will allow to effectively influence the termination of pathological processes in the back.

To begin sit on a chair, hands lower along the trunk. Make smooth rotation of the head in the direction with the maximum amplitude. Finishing the movement, hold the end position for 1-2 seconds. Then do the same in the other direction. Turns head to both sides should be carried out 7-10 times.

To perform this exercise you need a horizontal bar, and if he’s not at home or on the street, fit a strong door. Grasp the edge and bending them at the knees, you need to hang on for 30-50 seconds. Throughout the day you need to make several approaches to this exercise.

In the standing position, without bending your knees, slowly lean forwards, trying to get his hands floor, and if it is easy for you, then try to get the forehead, knees, 5-7 slopes in one approach. Do this exercise morning and evening. Similarly perform bending from a sitting position.

Practice simple exercises for stretching the spine every day.