Features Anastase: causes, symptoms and treatment of bone Islands

Causes and treatment of bone Islands of Anastasov

Anastos (it is also called bone island) is a benign tumor formation, in a kind of knot-like tumors.

Its size can reach 2 to 20 mm, very rarely up to 50 mm.

This knot is associated with bone cortical layer is composed of lamellar tissue and has a fairly well-developed system gaversovyh channels. Its development takes place in the inner part of the bone. Most common in children and young people up to 35 years.

It can be both single and fill the entire intraosseous cavity, for example, at the diagnosis of osteopoikilosis or spotted bone.

The features of pathology

A distinctive feature of anastaza also is the presence of spicules around it is a small kind of «spikes» that resemble a rim in the form of a brush, growing from the outer layer of the bone.

These «spikes» may consist of a fibrous or lamellar bone sometimes a combination of both types.

Anastos may appear in any bone:

  • often found in the spine;
  • thighs;
  • in the Ilium;
  • in the phalanges.

Another name for this tumor – osteoma. It may consist of spongy bone tissue spongy osteoma, or compact, dense bone – compact.

Some sources indicate that enostosis also called focal osteosclerosis. This is a disease in which there is a marked increase in bone density by thickening the substance and bone of the partitions and plates.

The reason for its development can become inflammation of bones, poisoning, arthritis, a number of genetic diseases and as a result skeletal injuries.

Where lies the true cause of the disease?

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The disease develops as a result of a number of diseases associated with abnormalities in bone: syphilis, osteomyelitis in a chronic form marble disease and other.

The cause of anastaza also in half of the cases can be a genetic predisposition, as it is inherited from close relatives.

In addition, the cause of the disease can be poisoning the body with various chemical substances such as phosphorus. This happens when a person works in hazardous work and neglects the means of individual protection.

Can also develop in injuries and increased mechanical load.

Anastos is the first symptom of irregularities in the patient of various diseases of the bones. The appearance of this bone knot, you can determine what is the nature of the existing disease.

For example, if anastos limited and has no structure, with blurred contours is a sign of the osteoplastic form of osteosarcoma; in the development of the disease marble has been a sharp narrowing in the cavity of the bone or intramedullary canal completely disappears.

If spongy substance has multiple sealing structure, it shows the development of osteopenia.

During the examination of a specialist is determined not only by the presence of bone Islands, but also on its appearance and structure the conclusion is the disease that triggered its appearance.

The complexity of the symptoms

Anastos usually asymptomatic, it is found accidentally when an x-ray, radionuclide and other types of surveys. Often the doctor prescribes, without knowing about the existence of a tumor of the bone.

And when it detects a specialist should study the picture and identify the characteristics of the bone nodule.

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This will help in the subsequent diagnosis and clarify the true causes of tumor formation.

When you need treatment

Treatment upon detection of Anastasov not assigned, as this symptom is not dangerous. If it grows, very slowly.

Anastos is considered a benign disease and does not cause discomfort to the patient. Moreover, it itself does not develop.

You must apply a treatment for the underlying disease.

Education is not clinically a threat, he is not agitated, does not cause pain and discomfort.

However, its presence is a symptom of more serious problems and diseases of the bones, which should be evaluated and treated.

Pathology develops over a long period, so the disease about which he testifies, can be in the progressive state.

Modern research centers continue to conduct research and further study the disease, its clinical characteristics and features development.

Also conducted a survey of patients with focal anastaza to find out its causes.