Fitness with cervical osteochondrosis

Pilates osteochondrosis – the invention of the famous German doctor. His name is Joseph Pilates, which gave the name to the special complex of exercises for the spine. The technique of Joseph was developed to rehabilitate seriously injured patients who have experienced an accident or emergency with tragic consequences.

Today, the Pilates spine is used for other purposes: for the prevention of diseases of musculoskeletal system and to enhance the therapeutic effect of traditional methods. A significant positive effect but this gym gives for osteoarthritis of the knee joint, lumbar hernia, osteochondrosis, degeneration of tissue in the structure of the joint, scoliosis and other pathologies. To deal with this kind of fitness can be simple with the purpose of formation of a slender and supple figure.Фитнес при шейном остеохондрозе

Pilates in osteochondrosis of the cervical part of changing the posture for the better, prevents the development of degenerative changes, congestive manifestations. A course of gymnastics that are performed over several weeks can regain lost flexibility and mobility, relieve debilitating pain. Therefore, the method has gained active dissemination, it became popular in patients and healthy people.

The principle impact

The basis of his method the author has put the need to increase mobility and strengthen the muscle corset in the absence of a loading dose of loading. Exercises designed for this purpose, significantly improved the health of patients when intervertebral hernia, arthritis of the knee joint, osteochondrosis of a loin. Practical research results have shown that Pilates can be pronounced positive dynamics in the early stages of the disease. During the lessons take place gradually noticeable changes being:

  • the damaged area of the spine find the lost mobility;
  • there is an increase and strengthening of the muscle corset.

Pilates with cervical osteochondrosis promotes stretching of the paravertebral muscles. Without experiencing any aggressive force effects, the muscle tissue gains elasticity. This prevents congestive manifestations in the structure of the joint and tendon ligaments. The mobility of the neck increases, disappears characteristic crunch of the vertebrae.

Muscle atrophy usually accompanies any injury to the joint or tendon. Sometimes this symptom appears when the hernia or osteoarthritis. This occurs most often with okulomotornyi muscles. Their function in pathological state is broken completely or partially. Anatomically the muscles represent a restraint of the corset, providing a constant correct position for healthy spine. A sick person muscular corset structure is weak. Gymnastics helps strengthen and increase the muscle corset.

Training on the methodology of John. Pilates should be held on individual programs for each patient. Experienced trainer-instructor after the first test loads for the patient develops a valid intensity and duration of exercise. Selection of the complex depends on the General condition of the organism and the stage of the disease, if any.

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The characteristics of the disease

Фитнес при шейном остеохондрозеA sedentary lifestyle leads to dreadful health effects. But they do not always manifest themselves clearly. People engaged in constant sedentary work, trying to fix the situation, visiting the gym. Choosing complexes for the development of the knee joint and exercises, effective hernia and osteoarthritis, most do not attach importance to cervical pathologies. Meanwhile, this is a very dangerous area of the spine.

Cervical osteochondrosis is associated with injury of the 5th, 6th and 7th vertebrae, which provide the mobility of the neck. Herniated characteristic of the distribution on lateral and posterolateral areas. The focus of osteophytes (bone outgrowths protective) to the vertebral artery provoke local overlap duct. Form of cervical spine changes in extension due to the deformation of the cartilage plates. All this brings a person pain different in nature and intensity.

There are three type of pain.

  • Caused by excessive load on the cervical pain.
  • Pain at rest, dying in a certain position of the neck.
  • Aching pain, not passing even in the neck position without any movements.
  • Accompanying symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease: a disorder of the vestibular apparatus, visual dysfunction, migraine, numbness of the scalp and soft tissues. Most of the symptoms associated with lesions of the arteries supplying the cerebral hemispheres. Visual disturbances accompanied by a sensation of sand in eyes, flying flies, darkening of the eyes for a short time, sparks. A change in the pattern of the fundus.

    If you suffer from vertigo often appears in the ears noise, hearing becomes reduced. The headache is of a throbbing, aching, burning or dull character. The main pain area is located in the occipital region, the direction of propagation of the pain to the forehead, front to back.

    Patients mistakenly believe that the negative symptoms will be eliminated after the usual gymnastics in the gym, but the complexes are effective in osteoarthritis of the knee or hernia, will not help in the pathology of the cervical. You can do useful exercises of a General nature, but it does not improve and worsen health. You need a special fitness in osteochondrosis of the neck to under the supervision of an instructor.

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    How to prepare for classes

    If you have any pathology of the joint or problems with the spine if you have suffered an injury, you can improve your health by regular exercise. But only subject to the individual rules. They are determined by the doctor and sports instructor.

    The main task is to choose the right fitness club, preferably with a narrow specialization. To visit such institution and as a preventive measure. If you are planning regular sessions, it is advisable to purchase the annual subscription. We advise to find out the conditions. If hourly rate convenient terms of repayment for missing classes or extend the subscription.

    Forced passes quite probable because to do fitness with cervical osteochondrosis only in periods of remission. The worsening of the disease often occurs after the first few sessions under the influence of unusual load. You can sign up for a free trial lesson to check the condition of the body. Some clubs provided for a monthly payment with the return of the money if a few classes missed due to temporary disability.Фитнес при шейном остеохондрозе

    Developing a personalized program, the coach takes into account the presence of chronic diseases of the internal organs, nervous system, pathology of the joint or spine.

    Requirements to the place of training

    The instructor must be documents qualifications, permits certificates and licenses. For confidence in the professionalism of the staff of the fitness club you can read the customer reviews. You must pre-detail chat with the instructor, to tell him about all the existing health problems, at his request, to submit medical records, x-rays, medical advice.

    Requirements for the arrangement and content of the sports hall for patients of customers is particularly high. Need a shower room in perfect sanitary condition, regularly clean and ventilated room, a mirror wall to control movement. Patients with cervical osteochondrosis should do the exercises in accordance with the rules of biomechanics in order to avoid deterioration.

    In the hall you need quality music equipment. To issue the commands the coach should be radiomicrophone system. The number of simultaneously dealing with the people must be strictly correlated with the size of the square.

    Arriving for the first time to the gym, pay attention to a few things that are mandatory for gym. The normal level of training possible in those areas where there is a boiler with drinking water, air conditioning, regular cleaning, always clean lying mats.

    Фитнес при шейном остеохондрозе

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    The recommended types of loads

    People who have problems with the cervical spine require special selection of motor activities. To perform exercises should not to aggressively load the spine. The trainer assigns a client of the fitness club workout schedule and the amount of load for each session.

    Types of training

    The impact and effectiveness of

    Exercises focused on keeping the tone of paravertebral muscles. There are extensive program of specialized classes. To choose the optimal variant will help your personal trainer-fitness instructor.
    The positive effect of yoga. Help strengthen the muscles in the neck, stretching the ligaments and discs. A separate set of exercises aimed at addressing the symptom of the vertebral artery. Special moves gradually derive the brain from a state of hypoxia. The main attention is focused on the correct system of breathing that allows to saturate the vessel with oxygen.
    As special as the cervical vertebrae dances. Specially selected dance movements are not associated with rapid head movements and jumps. When cervical abnormalities fit dance-Latino, lady dance, aerobics, go-go. When choosing Zumba should be limited to prescribed motion of the upper section of body, to implement them smoothly and seamlessly. After a series of occupations of the neck muscles strengthened, low back pain will weaken, and will be allowed more free movement.
    Weight training. To correct posture and strengthen the muscle corset applied exercises to develop strength. Particularly effective are workouts when the curvature of the back.

    Novice clients are sports clubs, recreational areas alternately try different base options and see which one has the maximum effect on the cervical. The instructor adjusts the selected complex, and complements, the individual indices.