Flexibility of the spine and the and that its saves

Что обеспечивает гибкость позвоночника и и что ее сохраняет

Healthy back is the key to a long fulfilling life

Every person sooner or later faces the problem of feeling stiffness in his back. Especially strongly it is expressed in the elderly. They often find it difficult to remove their shoes, to pick something up and just bend over. This is due to the fact that the spine has lost its flexibility.

Similar back problems do not arise in one day, and not just because a person is aging. The flexibility of the back may remain at the proper level at any age, only need to follow some simple rules.

Few people pays in everyday life, special attention to the spine. Lifting weights, sometimes we do not expect his physical strength, so the spinal discs shifted a little, besides eventually they lose their elasticity and durability. Heavy physical work, and sedentary lifestyle that over time lead to a reduction in flexibility.

Loss of flexibility means that the degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs has gone too far. If the spine is functioning normally, the whole musculoskeletal system is working well, so it is very important to monitor the condition of the intervertebral discs. The performance of the back includes all of the limbs and muscles, as all interconnected. The design of the spine connects the hip system, thorax and lower limbs, so it is very important that he was flexible.

What is the spine? It is a system of vertebrae, between which are the intervertebral discs, consisting of are located in the centre of the gelatinous nucleus that gives disc elasticity, and its strong fibrous ring. During human movement the discs serve as shock absorbers providing flexibility to the spine. When poor nutrition of the intervertebral discs decreases the moisture content of the gelatinous core and it becomes more fragile. In this condition the load can lead to displacement and rupture of the disc resulting in a protrusion or hernia.

The more liquid it contains the spine, the more there is flexibility.

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What to do in order to ensure the flexibility of the back

You need to properly equip your bed. I can’t sleep in a sagging or too soft mattress. The bed should be rather hard, because it is comfortable, flexible spine. So your back doesn’t «stagnate», to every morning, do at least the simple exercise. Enough to produce bending of the trunk in different directions (right, left, backward, forward) and make circular movements. If you just now decided to exercise, don’t be too zealous with the first lesson. Let your spine becomes accustomed to the workout gradually.

A flexible spine can become during the voyage. If you can afford it, then go to the pool a couple times a week (minimum). After lunch, let the back stay, arranging lying on an inclined plane. The perfect solution is exercises on the horizontal bar. It is possible just to hang to all vertebrae «Procrustes», which is a good indicator. An active lifestyle will help to quickly restore the flexibility of the spine.

Lifting weights from the floor not to make sudden movements. Better sit down and thus lift the bag.

Distribute weight evenly on both sides.

The majority of women carry a handbag exclusively on one shoulder. It would seem that here such, because the bag is easy. In fact it plays a huge role. Even when wearing light things on one side of the vertebrae are quite tense and can be offset at any sudden movement.
Что обеспечивает гибкость позвоночника и и что ее сохраняет
In sedentary work, always take small breaks. Enough to make the following motion:

  • the slopes of the left and right.
  • extension of arms and legs;
  • self-massage of the cervical spine.
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Doing these manipulations only 2-3 times a day, you will support the flexibility of your spine.

The recommendations of experts

Experts advise:

  • walking down the stairs, put the foot on the sock, and not, as used on the heel;
  • don’t jump over steps, and rise slowly;
  • in transport, take a comfortable position, holding tightly to the railing;
  • don’t get your shoes on, standing on one leg, sit better, but the back and hold right;
  • do not jump abruptly from a sitting or lying position;
  • cleaning produce only with a MOP with a long handle below the waist is not bent;
  • eliminate wearing things too tight that can limit movement;
  • heavy outerwear is bad for the General spinal system, discard it.

If you suffer from scoliosis, wear over the shoulder, which is higher than the other, this way you will be able to straighten the arc. Physical exercise is useful to perform with light dumbbells because they help to make movements more focused. Helps exercise in the posture of lying on his stomach. You can raise arms and legs as high as possible, without lowering the head.

If you have serious problems with flexibility of the spine, be sure to consult a doctor who will give appropriate advice for you.