Fluid in the knee accurate diagnosis and proper treatment

Жидкость в колене: точная диагностика и правильное лечениеThe knee joint experiences a lot of stress, so it is with him most often occur various problems: minor injuries, injuries, injuries. Sometimes there are more severe damage causing pain and limiting mobility.

These include synovitis. Fluid in the knee causes inflammation, to cure completely which is possible only in a medical facility. If timely measures mobility is fully restored.

Why fluid accumulates in the joint

The cause of fluid in the knee may be injured: fracture of the articular bones, ligament damage, breakage or pinching of the meniscus. Usually this injury is a result of failed jumps, bumps, or drops. Symptoms appear a few hours after the injury and require immediate medical attention.

Жидкость в колене: точная диагностика и правильное лечение

What is the knee joint

Sometimes the cause of fluid in knee joint be congenital diseases, such as hemophilia. And possible allergic reactions. In the hospital the patient is assigned to the examination, allowing more accurately determine the causes of fluid under the knee, to understand the pattern of the disease and prescribe the correct treatment.

For injuries or damage of the knee joint possible inflammation of the synovial membrane covering the cavity. During the inflammatory process it is formed the fluid (effusion), gradually increasing in number. Possible more serious consequences, if you get an infection effusion in the knee joint is replaced by pus, knee swells, changing the shape.

When walking there is a sharp pain, joints lose mobility, and fever. This disease is called synovitis. Doctors distinguish chronic or acute nature of the disease, it can be infectious or non-infectious.

Treatment of surgical and conservative

Жидкость в колене: точная диагностика и правильное лечение

The fluid accumulated as a result of trauma to the joint

Treatment of synovitis is happening in the hospital. Patient complaining of pain and fluid accumulation in the knee joint, conduct a number of tests needed for accurate diagnosis. Often taken puncture: using a thin needle from the joint is drawn the liquid that goes to research.

The cause of ailments will help to identify and x-rays of the affected joint. Accurate diagnosis is necessary to determine the most appropriate treatment. To defer access to a doctor is impossible. Infected fluid in the knee joint is a frequent cause of sepsis and the subsequent destruction of the joint. Correct diagnosis ensures a complete cure and recovery of motor activity.

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After the diagnosis is established, the synovial fluid in the knee is removed using a thin needle. This procedure can take place without anesthesia. Then in the vacant cavity of antibiotics are preventing suppuration. After that, the applied compressive knee retentive bandage. Pain symptoms removed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of tablets or candles.

The latter option is particularly recommended for patients who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. After removal of fluid is provided to the patient at rest to restore the functions of the joint. The duration of bed rest depends on the condition of the patient.

Жидкость в колене: точная диагностика и правильное лечениеFor a speedy recovery are recommended to take the doctor recommended vitamin-mineral complexes and stimulating supplements.

In the case of severe damage of the knee joint with infection of the effusion need urgent surgical intervention. In the process, the doctor reveals the joint cavity, removing the accumulated fluid in the knee, and foreign bodies. The synovectomy is performed under local anesthesia, after surgery the patient will have a long recovery period. Is assigned to a set of antibiotics to suppress the inflammation, pain symptoms removed by tablets, injections or suppositories. The joint is fixed with a tight bandage or knee brace for a few days.

After healing the patient is assigned to a rejuvenating therapeutic exercises. Development of the joint will help restore mobility and prevent further formation of fluid behind the knee.

The symptom of pain can be remove by using anti-inflammatory gels and ointments to be applied on the joint. If there is a tendency to edema, it is recommended to impose on the knee bandage of elastic bandage.

Water in the knee: treatment folk methods

Жидкость в колене: точная диагностика и правильное лечениеIn chronic synovitis it is possible treatment of folk remedies. Before applying best to consult with your doctor. It is worth noting that all the home remedies only relieve the symptoms of pain and reduce inflammation, complete removal of fluid in the knee joint to facilitate they can’t. During exacerbation of the disease, it is recommended immediately consult a doctor for treatment in hospital.

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If swollen knee, will help the broth from the collection of herbs: yarrow, Echinacea, tansy, marjoram, mistletoe, birch leaves and thyme. Dried or fresh chopped raw materials pour boiling water (1 tablespoon of herbs per Cup), insist in a sealed container for 1 hour, strain and drink during the day. It is advisable to drink the infusion in between meals. The course of treatment is 5 to 7 days. The infusion relieves pain symptoms, prevents the accumulation of fluid behind the knee and strengthens the immune system.

For healing wounds, reducing swelling and inflammation of the recommended lotions of infusion of comfrey. 2 tbsp. minced raw pour a glass of boiled water, cooled. Then you need to moisten a linen or cotton cloth in the infusion, gently squeeze it and wrap the injured joint. Then wrap elastic bandage. On the basis of comfrey you can prepare a healing salve by mixing crushed dry grass with melted lard. Ointment should be stored in the fridge for 4-5 days. Then she rubbed my knee twice a day, on top of putting on an elastic bandage. Ointment relieves pain symptoms, returns mobility to the kneecap.

Effective home remedy for the formation fluid below the knee — an oil infusion of Laurel leaves. Pre-shredded dry leaves pour refined and deodorized vegetable oil (1 Cup 2 tbsp. spoons of raw materials). Will suit olive, Flaxseed or sunflower oil. Let the mix steep in a cool dark place for weeks, and then rubbed her knee twice a day. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to wear wool stockings or put on a knee warm dressing and secure it with an elastic bandage.

Fluid under the knee will help fight the honey-rye mixture. A handful of rye grains pour 1.5 cups of boiling water, insist hour and strain. The cooled infusion is mixed with 500 ml of liquid honey, add 2 tbsp. chopped fresh or dried berries of barberry, and then pour 200 ml of vodka. Let the mix steep in a cool dark place for 5-7 days. Then it is taken three times a day before meals for 1-2 tablespoons.

The course is 1-2 weeks, then it is recommended to take a break. Those who suffer from allergies to bee products, this homemade drug is contraindicated.

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Anyone who has problems with joints, especially need to pay attention to health, avoid injury and eliminate the causes of accumulation of fluid in the knee. Podiatrists and rheumatologists recommend not to gain weight, to be excluded from the menu fatty and high-calorie foods, making the choice in favor of fiber.

Жидкость в колене: точная диагностика и правильное лечениеYou should avoid Smoking, negatively affecting tissue. Food should include more foods containing the natural gelling ingredients: jelly, jelly, jelly, marmalade. As a preventive measure you can take medication that contains calcium, collagen, and vitamin D.

Some experts find link between chronic synovitis and helminthic infestation. To eliminate the causes of formation of fluid under the knee need timely deworming. You can use gentle medicines, folk remedies effective tincture of black walnut.

If the formation fluid under the knee affected by hereditary diseases, it is necessary to exclude the causes of their aggravation. Allergies it is important to monitor the diet suffering from pathologies of the joints need to regularly do medical gymnastics and massage. Useful Nordic walking, callanetics, swimming, Cycling, playing on special simulators.