Folk remedies and exercise with a herniated spine

Treatment of herniated spinal folk remedies: exercise and medication

Spinal disk herniation is the most common and very severe manifestation of osteochondrosis. The disease manifests itself in the displacement of the deformed intervertebral disc.

Usually, hernia appears in individuals 20-50 years of age and leads to loss of earning capacity (temporary), and in some cases to the subsequent disability.

Therefore, proper treatment is extremely important. To provide treatment of a herniated disc can be not only therapeutic and other medical methods, but also folk remedies.

The optimal set of health and exercise with a herniated spine

  1. Starting position: lying on your back, with hands freely lie along the body and legs bent. Action: lift the body and hold it for a while. Note that all movements should be performed quietly and smoothly.
  2. Starting position: lying on stomach, legs extended, hands in front of you. Action: lower torso is left on the floor, the top – raise, and to do it as high up as possible. When performing exercises need to bend as much as possible in the lumbar region. It is best to simultaneously lift arms and legs, caving in the boat.
  3. Initial position: down on all fours. Action: necessary to alternately raise opposing leg and arm in a similar position should stay 3-4 seconds.
  4. Starting position: lying on your back. Action: you must gently pull up the socks legs, while trying to touch the chin to the chest.

All exercises for the spine, hernia should be applied only after consultation with your doctor!

Folk remedies to combat the disease: tinctures, medicinal poultices, and baths

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Folk medicine offers a wide variety of drugs from a herniated disc.

Popular and effective tincture:

  1. Recipe No. 1. For the reception inside. The main ingredient of this medication from a herniated disc is the root of cinquefoil – 300 grams. It should be crushed, but not too much. The root is poured vodka: it should be sufficient to completely cover the cinquefoil. The mixture should be placed in a dark place, leave it for 3-3,5 weeks. After the allotted time strain the mixture with cheesecloth and take the spoon (dining room) three times a day. Tincture is recommended to drink water: enough to make a small SIP. After the mixture is over, you will need to take a break: one month not to drink the infusion. Then the therapeutic course can be repeated.
  2. Recipe № 2. For grinding. Prerequisites:St John’s wort – 100 gr.;cut horse chestnut – 15;the pods of hot pepper – 10 pieces;the root of the white Lily – 50 oz. All the ingredients should be carefully mix and pour the vodka (bottle) and 10% ammonia (50 ml). The mixture needs to move to reach sunlight, and leave for 2 weeks. Time has passed – you can go for the friction. Massage movements should be repeated twice or three times a day for 1 week. Then, you should take a break.
  3. Recipe No. 3. For use in combination with anti-inflammatory ointment with a herniated spine the best option. What you will need: root cinquefoil – 100 gr.;the root of elecampane – 150 gr.; the grass clover 150 gr.; seeds of steppe Hemlock 150 gr. All components need to connect and pour the vodka (liter). Mixture to insist in a dark place for 21 days. Cooked means rubbing the back one, and preferably two times a day. After treatment, the back is advised to wrap a warm cloth to some time to keep warm. Repeat procedure every day for the week after a break.
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To reduce pain and as a component of complex therapy can be used compresses.

Therapeutic compresses

  1. Recipe No. 1. Garlic + alcohol. For example, you can take garlic (300 gr.), pass it through a garlic press or a meat grinder, and then pour vodka (1 Cup). The mixture of garlic and alcohol have to leave for 9-10 days, placing in a sealable container. How to make a compress? Garlic-alcohol combination should be placed on the fabric, and to attach to the sore spot for 1 hour. To tincture is evaporated, cover the cloth with plastic wrap. After the compress, RUB the affected area with a soft, dry cloth and any fabric suitable for this purpose. On the sore spot, to which you have applied the poultice, should not be exposed to the liquid for some time. Preferably this procedure to do before going to sleep. Garlic-alcohol compress to do throughout the week once a day.
  2. Recipe № 2. Kalanchoe. You will need the leaves of this medicinal plant. On the one hand you need to remove the thin film covering the paper. The party should attach the flower to the affected area. Secure the plant at the back using adhesive tape or plastic film. Make a compress recommended daily before bedtime. How often can I repeat the procedure? Daily until the disappearance of the characteristic symptoms.
  3. Recipe No. 3. Horse fat. Based on feedback, it can be argued that it is not less effective and a compress with horse fat. It is distributed in a thin layer on a plastic film which is applied to the spine. The back also need to wrap with a towel, a woolen scarf, or other warm cloth. To secure the compress, you can use a band-aid. Exposure time – from 12 hours to 48. But after one and a half hours you will feel relief, the pain will recede. To use the healing properties of horse fat should not compress do 1-2 per week during the month.
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Healing baths, which help to cure the disease

Here we offer the following options: bath linen tincture and bath with mustard.

To make tinctures should a pound of flax seeds pour boiling water (3 liters) and leave to infuse for about 3 hours. Prepared infusion is poured into a water bath where you can lie down about half an hour.

The next day in the bath dissolve a pack of mustard powder. In the solution also need to lie down for 30 minutes.

These baths should be alternated with each other about 10 days, ie get 5 tubs of linseed tincture and 5 baths with mustard. Repeated courses of such therapy can be started in a month.

A few words about massage

Massage herniation of the spine is one of the components of rehabilitation treatment. It allows you to stimulate blood circulation, relax the spasm of the affected muscles, reduce the excitability of the nerve roots.

A specific kind of massage is determined by a physician: this may be the usual classical massage, and there may be a point, for example. The latter, incidentally, is used quite often.

Treatment usually consists of 20 sessions. After that you need a break of up to three months.

Thus, in the treatment of hernias of a backbone play a significant role in folk remedies that are time tested. Most of them have plant-based: grass, seeds, etc. Also, hernia of the spine is very important to choose the right physical exercises.

But, of course, for best results it is necessary to provide comprehensive treatment.

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