Forbidden foods for gout: what you need to know

Treatment of any disease is closely associated with the correct human diet. Gout usually catches people when they are elderly. By this time, the metabolism is already changing not for the better, the immune system weakens and illnesses are gaining their strength. The cause of gout — metabolic. Because proper nutrition is an effective drug-free treatment for «the disease of the aristocracy.»

Запрещенные продукты при подагре: что нужно знать

Manifestations in different stages of the disease

As the disease manifests itself

As soon as there is a disorder of purine metabolism in the body, the person starts gout. The amount of uric acid in the blood becomes much higher than normal. In articular, periarticular tissues are beginning to be deposited urate. This process is not limited to the joints: uric acid deposition is and in the internal organs, including the kidneys.

There are different types of gout. They differ in the clinical picture of the disease, but there are common symptoms that indicate gout. If a person starts her attack, he feels pain in areas of joint inflammation. A basic understanding of the disease has developed on the basis of signs of gouty arthritis when the joint becomes inflamed, swollen and red.

If you put a hand to the swollen joint, you can feel coming from him is heat. The temperature of the area of the body where there is inflammation, is significantly higher. Painful attacks of gout last from a few days to weeks. Day the feeling of pain in the affected joints is reduced, on the contrary, increases. Gout is especially dangerous because, hitting one area begins to spread throughout the body, capturing all the new joints, if no action is taken.

To preserve destructive arthritic processes at their initial phase much easier. Therefore, in addition to medical methods of treatment, doctors have advised to review the food, adding products that will facilitate the patient’s condition. Cereals, vegetables, fruits for gout should be used exactly those that can reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood and will facilitate the excretion of urea and decay products from the body.

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Simple and clear rules of nutrition

A list of products that will help the individual in combating the gout is extensive. But before you start to actively use them, he needs to understand that for effective treatment it is necessary to revise the very foundations of the meal. You need to find out what this prohibited products. In the first place will have to limit the consumption of large quantities of proteins, because they contribute to imbalances in the joints and periarticular tissues.

Products for gout, the use of which should be kept to a minimum:

Запрещенные продукты при подагре: что нужно знать

  • meat of young animals;
  • by-products;
  • various soups (fish, meat, mushroom);
  • smoked meat;
  • animal fats;
  • sauces;
  • canned fish;
  • bean;
  • spices;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • pickles;
  • alcohol.

From foods rich in oxalic acid, have to give mandatory. This rule also applies to foods rich in purines. However without meat and fish is weakened by an illness the body to keep you should not just they should be consumed in small quantities. Eat them only boiled. But strong meat and fish broths have to wean, as they are rich in purines.

Proper urination is a special issue, because the body must get rid of uric acid and decomposition products. Because drink plenty of liquids for people suffering from gout, sure. They should drink about 2 liters of fluid in the form of juices, herbal teas, weak teas. If a person has disorders in the kidneys, this rule did not apply to it.

There is a belief that once the nobles have been taken to treat gout red wine, and this tool helped. This statement is false: any alcoholic beverages for the patient is absolutely contraindicated. Taking red wine can cause increase the amount of uric acid in the body. Moreover, if you drink wine and fatty foods, will start a painful attack of gout is provoked by them.

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Right are struggling with excess weight

Запрещенные продукты при подагре: что нужно знать

Times a week people suffering from gout, doctors recommend to arrange fasting day, eat nothing, and drink only citrus juices, milk drinks, alkaline mineral water. But you must remember with kidney diseases such fasting days, the official medicine denies. If the patient is obese, he will have to do everything possible to get rid of extra pounds. How? The scheme of distribution of the products is very simple: a small amount of meat and fish further reduced, and the volume of dairy products, on the contrary, increase.

In addition to the fat of the meat, forbidden in gout patients products include various meats. Often situations: knowing about the ban, the man indulged himself smoked sausage, and as a result he begins an attack of illness. But it is gout? Few people know that it is forbidden to eat mushrooms. On the one hand, these products are rich in beneficial to human trace elements. On the other hand, mushrooms are very high in protein, which causes increased production of uric acid in the blood.

You can’t eat with gout beans and different legumes, since they are also rich in protein. If a person does decide to treat yourself pea soup, the departure is fraught with sharp deterioration of health and «early» attack of gout. That fat fat product and it is suffering from a «disease of the aristocrats», it seems to be clear. But every day the doctors treat thousands of patients who violated the prohibition, and the disease immediately manifested itself.

Special issue — spices. Without them, many cannot imagine their lives. You must know that any spices in gout is strictly prohibited. This prohibition applies to the medicinal extracts, and spices. The use of such salves inside instead of improving the overall condition of the body, support its vitality attack will cause disease.

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What can replace sugar and what vegetables to give

Vegetables for gout can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but none of them should be cabbage and sorrel. Radish and horseradish, too, should be excluded from the diet. Exotic fruit for gout you need to drink, preferring various types of citrus. Among dairy products the main thing should take the place of yogurt and cottage cheese with reduced fat content. Can I eat eggs with gout? Yes, but in small strictly limited quantity: exactly one egg a day.

Various cereals, obtained by processing and cooking of cereals, particularly useful in gout. But from most of the sweets will have to give. Have a sweet tooth, this fact always causes grief. But there is light at the perfect natural substitute to all the cakes, pastries and chocolates — all natural, healthy honey.

The body cannot do without fat, they need it for normal functioning. The focus is better to make vegetable and butter oils. Here there is an important caveat: they should not be subjected to heat treatment.

The regularity, balance of power — a precondition to treat gout. The man himself has the right to decide whether or not those or other products. But the revision of the power system will benefit the body.