Fracture and dislocation after coccyx injury: symptoms, treatment and consequences

What to do in case of Pereloma-dislocation of the coccyx: first aid and treatment

Everyone knows that the coccyx is a vestigial part of the spine, and however fantastic it may sound — an undeveloped tail, which is in the embryo, but subsequently ceases to develop.

But if simple, it the lower part of the spine, consisting of 4-5 vertebrae. Their size decreases downward, so the shape of the coccyx resembles a triangle.

A broad upper base has a connection with the sacrum, the tip of the same is facing down.

Often a case of ankylosis of the vertebrae, which does not affect the whole body.

Of course, the coccyx in the process of evolution has lost its intended purpose, but still part of the important functions it performs.

Apart from the location of attachment of muscles and ligaments, the tailbone is the pivot point when tilting the body back and is actively involved in the proper distribution of the load on the body. Thanks to him we can sit down and not fall.

Fracture and contusion of the coccyx, here are the main injuries that affect this part of the spine.

There is such a common thing as a dislocation, but it’s more colloquial name, as dislocations of the coccyx are fractures with offsets or other, Pereloma-dislocations.

The cause of trauma

The reason for this damage may be direct trauma, most often occurring in the fall on the buttocks area. The shock may provoke a dislocation of the coccyx.

Sometimes the rheumatic disease of etymology lead to such unpleasant consequences.

Often, a dislocation of the coccyx occurs in women during childbirth, in the process of intensive attempts, or in the case of birth of a large fetus.

Any surgical intervention, traumatic sports, Cycling on uneven terrain, weak muscles, lack of calcium, and as a consequence the fragility of the bone tissue can also cause Pereloma-dislocation.

Risk group are the elderly and children.

That indicates the possibility of injury

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The first symptom that indicates Pereloma the dislocation is severe pain in the coccyx. Especially pronounced pain attacks while driving, sitting, and even lying down becomes very difficult.

The pain appears in the process of bowel movement during sex, and even coughing.

In most cases, the tissue in the area of the coccyx will swell and possibly, but not necessarily, the appearance of hematoma.

What to do immediately after injury

As soon as the injury has occurred, there should be some measures to alleviate the condition of the victim and to prevent its deterioration:

  1. To reduce hemorrhage must be applied to the affected area cold object, whether it be ice or pot of cold water. If not, then for this purpose you can use a cloth soaked in very cold water.
  2. The optimal position for a person with a sprain or a fracture of the coccyx is to lie on your stomach. If you turn yourself it can not, you need to carefully to help him, but no sudden movements.
  3. To spare the victim from severe pain, you can give him pain killers, but only following the user manual and learn about possible allergic reactions.
  4. In any case, you must timely appeal to the specialist or to the emergency room.
  5. If delivery is independent, without recourse to the services of an ambulance, you should know that to transport the patient should be lying on its side.

Subject to the foregoing conditions the victim has a much better chance of recovering quickly and not getting any additional injuries during assistance and transportation.

Diagnosis and subsequent therapy

Before you start treatment, Pereloma-luxation of the coccyx, the specialist should conduct a thorough examination to identify the nature of the injury.

Traditionally used very unpleasant, but required a rectal examination and x-rays.

Much less frequently, in more complicated cases, you may need computer and magnetic resonance tomography (MRI).

The most common diagnosis is fracture of the coccyx with displacement, that is the dislocation from the area of the sacrum.

The process of treatment for fracture of the coccyx is not very complicated, it can go in at home, but quite long and laborious, without the help of loved ones not to do:

  • for a speedy recovery and mitigate the pain affected recommend 5 days to lie only on the abdomen;
  • because of the difficulty of movement the first time will have to be emptied with an enema;
  • the patient must continually adjust bed linen, eliminating the friction of the folds, and it is desirable to sprinkle the place of contact of the body with a berth talcum powder, these procedures will help to avoid bedsores;
  • you need to monitor the condition of the skin tissues, to spot the formation of bedsores and to start timely treatment;
  • with increasing pain can give the victim painkillers, but only on the recommendation of a physician;
  • mandatory vitamin-mineral complex;
  • diet.
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Traditional methods of treatment

You can simultaneously turn to alternative medicine and to use some tools, such as:

  • to apply magnetic devices;
  • applying compresses of gruel of sage, grated raw potatoes;
  • lotions from alcohol with the addition of camphor will help to eliminate the appearance of pus.

You can prepare the ointment from crushed leaves of comfrey (is taken half Cup) and vegetable oil (70-80 ml).

The mixture is heated on a water bath for about half an hour, then passed through a filter and add a bottle of vitamin E and one third Cup of beeswax. Then all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The ointment should be applied 1-2 times daily and cover with bandage.

Rehabilitation activities

After 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the injury, you need to undergo rehabilitation, that is restorative, procedures.

For this fit physiotherapy, exercise therapy, hirudotherapy.

At home you can use the applicators Lyapko, Kuznetsova, handmade cards and a variety of massagers.

An excellent remedy is a massage that can strengthen not only the place of dislocation, but the whole body weakened after a long period of inactivity.

Today is gaining popularity stone therapy, that is, the effect on the body with the stones and electroanalgesia — effects on the nerve endings of electric pulses.

It is best to conduct complex recovery procedures recommended by the attending physician, taking into account characteristics of the organism and chronic diseases.

After rehabilitation measures is to keep yourself and at least temporarily to abandon active sports, driving motorcycle, Bicycle, heavy lifting. And in any case to prevent hypothermia.

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Beneficial effects will have a bath with sea salts, essential oils and decoctions of herbs.

Often there are situations when a dislocation of the coccyx becomes a very dangerous injury that threatens the normal functioning of the body.

If there has been a significant shift in the damaged part of the coccyx, and may subsequently occur to improper fusion, and this is will lead to entrapment and compression of nerves, organs or blood vessels.

In this case, the pain becomes unbearable and permanent without surgical intervention in such a situation is not enough.

The consequences can be very severe

Rarely, Pereloma-dislocation of the coccyx pass without consequences.

These include periodic pain not only at the site of injury, but in the area of the brain. Already scientifically proven that fractures of the coccyx can provoke migraine attacks.

Possible nerve damage can also deliver to the victim a lot of trouble and develop into a chronic disease.

And considering that the coccyx is part of the spine may damage the spinal cord, which may be irreversible.

Of course, from such injuries no one is immune, but if a fracture has occurred, it is not necessary to treat it with disdain, it is imperative to consult a doctor and strictly follow his recommendations.

Because your health and well-being is primarily in your hands. Take care of your body, take care of yourself and be healthy!