Fracture of the hip: symptoms, treatment

Перелом тазобедренного сустава: симптомы, лечение

The structure of the hip joint

Fracture of the hip joint is considered to be one of the most painful and complex injuries of the limbs. Most often this injury occurs in people in the elderly, which greatly complicates its treatment. By this time, the joint tissues become weakened and are recovering much more slowly.

Similar processes occur in bone, muscle, ligaments and tendons. High quality medical care in the treatment of fracture is very important, but equally important properly organized after the injury rehabilitation period. At this time, it is necessary to use not only medical preparations for strengthening of bones and joints, but also to develop the damaged area of the limb.

What happens on the injured area

There is a misconception that this only suffers a fracture of the joint. When the person is this kind of fracture, trauma disrupts the functioning not only of joint tissue, but also blood vessels. Damage gets thigh. There is a fairly extensive group of people who have the risk to be among the medical patients for such injuries more than great. These include people suffering from osteoporosis.

In this disease bones gradually change their density, become brittle, fragile. Destructive processes affecting articular and periarticular tissues. This is especially dangerous, as the process of recovery after injury is significantly heavier than the people who have this diagnosis is missing. Injury accompany legkousvoyaemye symptoms that will help you understand what happened with the limbs.

In a patient with osteoporosis fracture often occurs not because of falling from a great height or mechanical damage, enough to fall out of bed or off the chair — and people will get hurt.

Перелом тазобедренного сустава: симптомы, лечение

Damage to the joint often leads to disability of the patient

Need to know: the person, who received a fracture may begin as a painful shock. The victim rarely remains in the mind. Beyond the human condition should definitely watch. If he remains conscious, experts recommend to talk to him until medical assistance. After receiving a fracture he will not be able to stand on the damaged leg. Sharp pain will be felt in the hip. Pain can simultaneously concentrate and in the area of the knee joint. It is necessary to pay attention to the position of the foot. A symptom of this fracture is rotated out of the stop.

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What first aid to give

The transported man, received a fracture of the lower extremities, is a special question. If in the circumstances it will have to do yourself, it is necessary to follow a few rules. The main task of those in charge of transportation, such delivery of the victim to a medical facility, during which he will have caused additional harm. Rules of transportation:

  • The area of the affected joint tissue and bones must not be disturbed.
  • After a broken leg to receive medical treatment in any case can not return to normal position. It is better not to touch the injury site.
  • Correct location of the pelvic bones is strictly prohibited.
  • During transportation on a stretcher, it is important to fix a person. Fixation is carried out in the region of the belt.
  • The stretcher shall fix the hip joint. Similarly, the act, and with the knee joint.
  • During transport after the fracture will certainly have to ensure ankle. Ideally, fixation is performed using a Shuttle bus. Often it is not provided. What to do in this case? This role is suitable a long stick or Board.
  • If the fracture is open, definitely it is necessary to quickly stop the bleeding.
  • To reduce pain, the victim is an urgent need to give the anesthetic.

  • What to do in case of complications

    There are different classifications of fractures of the hip joint. In the heart of one of them — the presence of displacement during injury. Fracture of the thigh bone is considered to be one of the most difficult. It’s been a bone fracture, the greater will be its displacement and, consequently, heavier and more dangerous consequences of the injury.

    The fracture site largely determines the offset type. If it has occurred in the upper part of the thigh, the chip will move forward in the outside. If the fracture below the hip joint, the chip away from the inside and back. When the fracture is in the middle of the thigh bone, the movement of its potential to occur along the length. If the injury to the hip joint with an offset occurred in the lower part of the thigh is the worst scenario. The offset is a danger to the state of the artery, because the chip is able to damage her at any time.

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    Перелом тазобедренного сустава: симптомы, лечение

    The method of surgical treatment of fracture

    Modern medicine in the treatment of injuries of the hip joint using one of two ways:

    • conservative;
    • surgical.

    The first is quite effective in cases when there is no offset, the doctors do primarily joints of the affected limbs. The one that is injured, immobilize, on the foot plaster bandage. A method of treatment of a fracture is considered a classic. It is often used if the patient because of health surgery is contraindicated. The first step in dealing with the incident fracture is the introduction of a local analgesic. The nature of the damage of the limbs determines the methods of their further treatment.

    When you assign a rapid intervention takes into account the various factors associated with injury. If the fracture is intraarticular, it is highly probable that I will need surgery.

    How to restore foot mobility

    However, if a person has a severe concomitant disease, doctors will not prescribe surgery. Plays an important role and age of the victim. The older a person is, the greater the problems not only joints, but also with the functioning of internal organs, tissue which is worn out and can no longer fully perform their tasks.

    The old age of the patient, as a rule, is the main obstacle for surgical intervention. The elderly patients with prolonged bed rest, which is required for treating injury, appear complications such as pressure sores, pneumonia, thrombosis.

    For healing it is necessary to properly fix the area of injury in a stationary state, so that there was recovery of bone and joint tissue. But it is very important that the patient was mobile, after a long period of bed rest can significantly worsen his condition.

    The appointment procedure for the treatment of joints and damaged during injury to bone may be given only by a doctor. No do not self medicate, otherwise the consequences will be dire, will negatively affect the effectiveness of carried out surgical intervention.

    About the autoplasty and prosthetics

    Doctors advise that if the health and age of the victim make it possible to treat the fracture surgically. Bone autoplasty in some cases, it is the best option. Fixing a damaged portion of a limb is carried out through a three-bladed nail. The arthroplasty doctors prescribe not in all cases. Requires such operation, when the outside of the bones begins to form a false joint. Be sure to take into account the nature of the consequences that brings trauma. Joint replacement is urgently required, if the patient on the damaged part of the limb began to develop avascular necrosis.

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    When the fracture is vertical in nature, typically used non-surgical method of skeletal traction. Traction usually lasts 2 months. Then on the injured limb, the doctors applied a plaster cast. And it will take several months before the bones, joint tissues will heal and the patient will be allowed to step on the injured leg.

    Faster to recover from a fracture can only operation. It increases the possibility of increasing the mobility of the patient, and then full load on the bones of the affected limb can be done already after 1.5-2.5 months. You need to know: after the surgery treatment of an injury does not stop.

    Перелом тазобедренного сустава: симптомы, лечение

    To preserve leg length and correct position of the bone the patient is administered traction

    How to develop the damaged area of the limb? This question next to be addressed by the doctors and patients. Knee after a hip fracture also needs to develop. After removal of a plaster bandage it is important to return the mobility to the joints, what is it used for specially selected complex of physical exercises. There are methods of development of joints in warm water, it influences a more rapid recovery of bone tissues. Those who need to develop knee doctors in some cases recommend the stationary bike. A good analogue of the stationary bike is an ordinary bike.

    Steps to develop joint mobility must be used in combination with taking multivitamins, which help to quickly restore damaged joints, bones and strengthen them.