Give disability for osteoarthritis

To assign a disability in osteoarthritis can only specialist, and this is done after careful examination of the patient. The development of acute destruction of the joint leads to disruption of motor activity of man. In the absence of effect from conservative therapy and restriction of mobility of knee joints of the person becomes incapacitated.

The inability to perform the usual patient of the action leads to a deterioration in the quality of life. Prescribed treatment for advanced stages is accompanied by the lack of positive dynamics. Acute gonarthrosis leads to the appearance of undesirable symptoms and actively destroys the joint. In this case the person becomes incapacitated.

Дают ли инвалидность при артрозе

Group disability with osteoarthritis

Is assigned if the disability in osteoarthritis? According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, people suffering from the second form of the disease and later become disabled and receive group. This is due to the partial or complete loss of motor activity of the knee joint. In some cases, patients with second stage disease are exceptions.

The lesions of the joints with subsequent limitation is a strong reason for assigning groups. People with a pronounced pain syndrome to this category do not apply. If the victim moves on crutches, the experts record the second or third stage of the disease. The first group is possible, if the patient undergoes a full medical examination.

Gonarthrosis is a progressive disease, so a person needs to undergo annual inspection. Based on these data, the group increases or decreases. Are taken into account exclusively structural changes in the structure of the joint.

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How is the clearance

Health workers are loyal to the people who lost their health when damaged ankle cartilage. Confirmed or refuted by this fact on the basis of the survey. The defeat of the joint is determined by a special medical Commission. This procedure is strictly regulated by law. In practice, this points to the difficulty of obtaining disability. Give the group only after a careful examination, to negotiate or circumvent this procedure impossible. This action is punishable by law.

For registration disability in the affected joints you need to visit the local doctor. A specialist in exploring and collecting history sends the person on a professional advice. To identify osteoarthritis and its consequences experienced by doctors during examination.

Prior to thorough examination the patient should collect all the documents and statements. In osteoarthritis hospital is issued, this certificate should be stored. An extract from the card and issued certificates the patient is sent for examination. The study tested the limitations of the knee joint. According to the test results, the Commission makes the decision.

In practice, to achieve the assignment of a disability is not easy. When osteoartroze disability is confirmed on the third stage of the disease. In the earlier stages the likelihood of a positive outcome is reduced to zero.

Who directed the passage of special expertise

Patients with progressive osteoarthritis referred for additional radiological study. According to the visual characteristics determined by the degree of damage. People with lesions of the ankle joint to conduct x-ray examination is required once a year. This action allows you to track the dynamics of the course of disease.

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For examination send people who, after surgical treatment began to complain of the limitation. This is applicable in osteoarthritis, gonarthrosis and osteoarthritis. Mediko-social examination is carried out when there are significant violations of the static-dynamic function, if the treatment has not given positive results.

The standard procedure of the research includes:

  • determination of extent of damage of the connection;
  • identification of disability;
  • clinical and functional diagnostic of the event;
  • laboratory and instrumental studies.

Social diagnosis includes evaluating the ability of the victim to self-care, mobility and disability. Based on these data, the disability does not give. This is the initial stage of the research involves further laboratory and instrumental procedures. When determining the degree of disability is taken into account and the psychological state of the patient.

There are three main stages of disability.

Stage Symptoms
In the first stage. In the first stage (the third level) people able to perform many actions. Assistance from relatives is rarely required. The initial stage involves the active conservative treatment.
In the second stage. With the development of the second stage of the disease is pronounced disability.
In the third stage. The man is constantly under the care. He completely loses control over his actions and becomes disabled.

If treatment has not resulted in a positive result, and the disease continues to progress, there is a partial or full restriction of health. According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, in the absence of improvements people sent for health examination, during which he was awarded the disability.