Globalizacija s1 vertebrae: treatment of vertebral anomalies

Globalizacija s1 — malformation of the spine

Scientists of today know almost all the anomalies in the structure of the human skeleton. Special attention is paid to important parts of the entire body – spine, because it depends on mobility and future livelihoods.

Among the anomalies in the structure of the spine there is one feature that has multiple protracted manifestations – globalizacija S1.

What it is and how to do after the detection?

Characteristic anomalies

The lower part of the spine taking all the load of the musculoskeletal system, called the sacrum. It consists of five vertebrae connected by syndesmoses –connective tissue more robust structure in contrast to the process of the intervertebral discs.

Globalizatsia S1 call this the anomaly, where the top vertebra in the sacrum is separated from the rest.

Such a separation can occur in different forms, so that person can have distinctive symptoms and signs.

Although this anomaly can not identify throughout of life, because the characteristic symptoms it has. Presented the feature of the structure of the spine occurs in 1% of the total population of the planet.

If after the separation do not occur any further changes, perhaps complicating the situation, people without proper diagnosis do not guess about the presence itself of the disease.

Consequences of separation of the vertebra

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Globalizacija spine S1 is not always without consequences.

Most experts observing patients complaining of back pain, determine their complications of this disease.

As a negative consequences it is possible to allocate the following features:

  • the anomaly leads to a significant weakening of the functionality of the lumbar;
  • possible displacement of the sacrum from the rear;
  • in the latter branch of the redistribution of the center of gravity of the torso;
  • there is a curvature of the spine.
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All these processes are irreversible and will deliver the suffering man. Whenever lifting weights or making an uncomfortable situation the patient will experience severe pain.

Classification of the represented pathology

As described above, globalizacija S1 has various forms of his education, the nature of the separation of the vertebra is divided into two types:

  1. Complete separation in the case of such changes of the upper vertebra of the sacrum is a separate full segment, which subsequently refers to lumbar.
  2. Incomplete separation – the formation of «gaps» in some parts of preserving the connection of the upper vertebra of the sacrum with the rest. In this manifestation of the disease the patient has partial immobility in the lumbar spine, and severe pain.

Anatomical changes are also divided into types:

  • unilateral secession occurs on only one side;
  • bilateral – there is a complete separation, which represents a similarity with the last lumbar or first sacral vertebra.

In case of untimely diagnostics of pathology of patients get the disease spondylosis – bone proliferation along the articular processes.

The causes of the disease

As for the reasons, here can be somewhat distressing, since the activities and lifestyle of the person, the pathology is almost not affected, because globalizacija – is a congenital anomaly.

The reasons can be identified such important aspects, the absence of which could not have presented rise to disease.

These aspects include:

  • heredity is a fundamental factor in the origin of pathology, which should be treated carefully;
  • infections and intoxication during the development of the embryo;
  • drinking alcohol and other bad habits of a pregnant woman;
  • don’t get carried away with the acceptance of contraceptives because their chemical composition may have such adverse impacts;
  • the presence of a pregnant gynecological diseases.
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Planning should begin long before pregnancy, to prevent such anomalies in the development of the fetus.

Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

Pain in the lumbar appear only in the case of a pinched nerve, circulatory disorders and changes in the soft tissues.

Localization of pain specialists differentiate two forms of the disease:

  1. Lumbar – this form is characterized by pain in the lower back and along the spine. It often happens that such manifestations are aching and are able to slightly decrease after taking anti-inflammatory drugs. If suddenly there was a contusion of the sacrum, resulting in the displacement of the separated vertebrae, the pain transformed into a sharp shooting characteristic.
  2. Sciatic – pain «give» in the thigh and leg. Such manifestations occur by entrapment of the nerve process.
    Often the patient together with pain, suffers from numbness of the skin in the lumbar region. When pinching the nerve process of the possible limitations of mobility.

If any of the above symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor. He will determine the cause of their symptoms and prescribe the appropriate diagnosis.

First patient sent to x-ray because of the picture it is possible to diagnose the pathology and the nature of its education.

In the case if the specialist won’t see a change in the picture may be followed by additional diagnostic MRI.

How to treat pathology?

Manifested symptoms in the form of pain, only to weaken.

For example, to adopt if necessary, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, the purpose of which should be your doctor.

In addition to medication for patients diagnosed with globalizacija s1 vertebrae, is assigned to this treatment:

  • massage the lumbar region;
  • physiotherapy;
  • different physiotherapy procedures;
  • in periods of acute need to wear a corset;
  • in extreme cases, surgery is needed.

Surgical intervention will follow only after the unfortunate passing of all these ways to relieve pain.

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Also, the operation is assigned only in the case of monitoring immobility of a person for a long time.

During surgery to fix a separated vertebrae using plates and between him and the rest of the sacrum install an artificial disk in order to prevent further displacement, resulting in complications.

Possible prevention of anomalies

Prevention presents the anomaly, according to experts, is impossible, because it is a congenital disease. But care for the woman during pregnancy should follow the correct way of life, not to abuse alcohol and other addictions.

Also it should not be a long time in areas with chemical vapors from the painted products.

If you have found lumbalization S1, in any case do not lift weights and don’t expose yourself to any physical labor.

Be wary of staying in one position for a long time. Don’t sit on hard chairs or soft chairs.

This is why the static pressure on the sacrum and the severed vertebrae, which can lead to the displacement of the segment.

Pathology sometimes does not pose a threat to human health, but its identification should fully respect the recommendations of the attending physician in order to prevent complications, delivering pain and suffering.