Goff’s illness of the knee joint

The knee is the most traumatized joint in our body. Patella takes on the bumps and in the game of football, and under the weight of the weight of the host. The joint can thin cartilage, inflamed synovium, and can damage the fatty tissue of joint (body or Goff). This disease is called «reportit». You should know the main symptoms and treatment of the disease Goff of the knee joint.Болезнь гоффа коленного сустава

The origin of the disease

Lipoate is called «Goff’s illness» in the name of the doctor who described it for the first time. The accumulation of adipose tissue in the knee joint serves as a shock absorber when walking. With a constant mechanical pressure on the joint, direct trauma, for example, or other systematic damage to the knee fat slices zaselyalsya. In the fat layer begins aseptic inflammation without infection bacteria and viruses.

Chronic inflammation of adipose tissue leads to its pathology – fibrosis, i.e. the replacement fibers fat on the connective tissue fibers. As a result, the damaged part (of the body and Goff are in the area of wing folds of the knee joint), the formation of scars. Fat does not perform its function, the knee is locked.

This disease affects athletes, especially football players, sprinters. People who by the nature of the profession often forced and a lot to walk, squat, bend and straighten legs, for example, postmen, floor polishers, circus acrobats, dancers. Women in menopause owing to hormonal changes are also at risk for the development of lipartito.

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Most often this disease is diagnosed at a young age – to 45 years, as it has external rather than internal causes.

Symptoms and diagnosis of disease

Lipoate divided into two stages: acute and late. In the acute form the disease has the following symptoms:

  • severe pain in the knee joint;
  • swelling of the knee;
  • knee not up to the end unbent.

Symptoms of acute lipartito nonspecific, and the patient may confuse them with signs of meniscus damage. Well, if these symptoms bring him to the emergency room. People love themselves to appoint a treatment, not finding out until the end of the name of the disease. Thus, untreated disease Goff puts the disease in a late stage where obvious symptoms are:

  • night pain in the knee;
  • pronounced swelling on both sides of the joint;
  • the crackling on palpation of the knee;
  • the blockade of the joint;
  • lameness.

Болезнь гоффа коленного суставаThe growth of connective tissue, which penetrates into the joint space, causing the crunch, violation of motor function of the joint. Because man can not fully rely on the leg suffering and quadriceps of the thigh.

Diagnosis is based on exclusion of other joint diseases, namely meniscus and ligaments, arthritis, arthrosis, synovitis, etc. a Wide application for detecting lipartito received method of anthropamorphic.

This introduction into the cavity of the knee joint of gas (nitrogen, oxygen). In the picture sklerozirovanie areas of adipose tissue kontroliruyut.

Another effective method of diagnosis and treatment at the same time is arthroscopy. With microvacuolar the surgeon will examine the cavity of the joint and, if necessary, eliminate overgrown fragments of adipose cushions.

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Treatment of lipartito

Therapy disease Goff consists of three stages: elimination of the inflammatory process in the knee, recovery of motor function of the joint, strengthening the muscles of the affected limb. Removing pain and inflammation in the knee occurs through the ingestion of pain killers and steroid anti-inflammatory drugs.Болезнь гоффа коленного сустава

The stages of treatment Impact
The first stage. A special role plays the rest. Minimal movement of the foot and the introduction of hormonal injections in the joint will help to overcome the disease Goff without surgery.
Second stage. Used physiotherapy treatments: laser and svetlichnyy therapy, mud packs, radon, iodine-bromine baths. All these manipulations will improve blood circulation in the joints, relieve swelling and pain.
The third stage. Aimed at addressing the atrophy of the muscles of the legs and consists of the following treatments: massage, electromyostimulation, therapeutic exercises and walking.

Goff’s illness mainly treated on an outpatient basis. But if you ignore doctor’s orders or continue to injure the knee from hard work or sports, the disease will worsen. Then the surgeon’s knife is inevitable. During surgery, the doctor cuts away the surplus strain of adipose tissue in the joint. Despite the long and hard way to recovery and frequent relapses, the disease Goff seldom causes complications in the form of osteoarthritis or arthritis.

Accurate diagnosis and timely treatment when sick Goff – a pledge of prosperity of your knee joints.