Golden mustache in the treatment of joints

Using Golden mustache is not inferior to the efficiency of the known folk remedies, such as treatment, diet, paraffin, wax, cold foil, copper. Tincture Golden mustache at least gives a quick and positive result than the impact of kerosene, baking soda, ozone, Apple cider vinegar, mud. Golden mustache makes joints treatment effective and fast.

Other names of this plant: fragrant kalliziya, home ginseng. The number of active components is us competing with the roots of dandelion, ginger, Jerusalem artichoke, oats, Kalanchoe, turmeric and other herbs. Callisia rich in steroids, flavonoids, chromium, copper, iron. Healing effects it holds first place in the prescription lists people’s medical manual. Ayurveda mentions Golden mustache, many of the recommendations.Золотой ус лечение суставов

The advantages of using callisia fragrant

Like ginseng, Kalanchoe, aloe, and Golden mustache to call the universal healer. The advantages of its use are well known:

  • callisia treats a variety of diseases;
  • tincture can replace many effective treatments;
  • to use this tool is easy;
  • a small number of contraindications.

Not everyone can afford a mud treatment at the resort Macesta. But there balneological treatments well heal sore joints. Those who Matsesta is unavailable, can replace expensive resort trip using us home. Matsesta hydrogen sulphide rich mud, minerals. In the acute or chronic stages of other diseases taking a bath is impossible, caution is required in the treatment of mud asthmatics. In hospitals of Matsesta resort are Wellness courses in many areas. The alternative of Matsesta resort may be the impact of the home juice of ginseng, or USA.

Ayurveda recommends many drugs. Especially effective remedies Ayurveda calls «Remagen» with ginger, wax, wax in the composition. Ayurveda recommends oil «Mahanarayana Tailam» for massage, powder with turmeric for body wash, rich in vitamins «Articul» with ginger. But the drugs which are recommended by Ayurveda, can be contraindicated due to intolerance of plant components. These funds, which Ayurveda considers effective, can replace fragrant kalliziya. Her juice vitamin a competes with components of Ayurvedic medicines, and the mineral content is not inferior to mud of Matsesta resort.

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It is not always possible to use exposure to cold, wax, paraffin, baking soda, Apple cider vinegar and other home remedies. Cold therapy can damage the patients with rheumatism. Known as an effective healer of joints the sealing oil also has a lot of limitations to use. Dandelion root can cause allergic reaction. Treatment of kerosene are difficult to carry because of the unpleasant smell. Methylated spirits is useful, but has a specific aroma. And all these folk remedies may experience skin irritation.

Tincture Golden mustache or Kalanchoe the other drugs: it acts milder, does not cause discomfort.

The advice of traditional healers

There are other rather controversial methods, for example, compresses with kerosene. Compresses and baths with kerosene a beneficial effect on joint health. Rubbing with kerosene softens lower back pain with sciatica. Kerosene can act in combination with other means. For compresses use fir oil with kerosene, in kerosene, add salt, mustard powder, pine needles, soap.

Золотой ус лечение суставовMeth. Folk medicine advises that when the heel spurs and arthritis to use denatured alcohol. It is taken in diluted form inside and outer of the procedure. Denatured alcohol is a toxic substance. Therefore, use denatured alcohol sparingly.

Treatment baking soda. Baking soda can clean the joints from deposits of drinking coffee, 0,5 teaspoons on an empty stomach. Baking soda used to treat obesity. Baths with baking soda useful in gouty arthritis. You can follow and other tips.




Impact cold. 12 daily treatments of cold exposure for 3 minutes to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. Exposure to cold is undesirable to the individuals with coronary heart disease, hypertensive patients and patients with a tendency to cold Allergy.
The wrapping foil. Effective against gout, myositis, sciatica, cervical degenerative disc disease. Within 10-12 days the patient’s joint daily is wrapped in several layers of aluminum foil. On top of it superimposed fabric headband. Treatment the foil can be repeated after 2 weeks. Gouty lesions removed by the imposition of bandages with foil inside.
Treatment with copper.


The joints successfully treated with copper in the form of a wire. Need wrapping joint or lumbar wire copper. This starts the process of converting electromagnetic radiation into electrical energy. Circular microtonal occurs due to thermal energy. Treatment with copper can be applied to all.
Warming melted paraffin. Efficiently when stretched ligaments or tendons, tendinite, bursitis. Principle of operation – heat transfer on the injured area.
The saturation of the tissues with ozone. Injection of the ozonized product in the amount of 8-12 treatments restore metabolic processes in tissues. Ozone treatment promotes samooboronu joint.
An application of wax. Bandages with wax do for injuries and arthritis. Dietary supplements with wax enhance the immune system.

It is important to choose a recipe for the treatment of joints that will not harm and will be effective.

Золотой ус лечение суставов

Plants against diseases

Dandelion root restores cartilage. Another property of dandelion – anesthesia. The use of dandelion is not desirable that persons with obstruction of the bile ducts.

In addition to dandelion, effective use and other plants.

  • Cleaning oats. Baths with oats or herbal teas help rid the body of harmful toxins. When treating oat drink more, because this procedure gives the effect of dehydration.
  • Baths with Jerusalem artichoke. Treatment with artichoke helps with deforming osteoarthrosis of the joints, osteochondrosis, coxarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Apple cider vinegar. Bath with vinegar, compresses, drinks (tea, juice, warm water) is effective for rheumatism and osteoarthritis.
  • The sealing oil. With radiculitis, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia effectively trapping the oil. St. John’s wort oil improves the condition of cartilages. The sealing oil replaces the synovial fluid.
  • Kalanchoe. Tying the leaves of Kalanchoe, you can get rid of joint pain. The infusion of Kalanchoe juice improves the General condition of the body.
  • Turmeric is effective for arthritis in the early stages, curcuma and treated as additional therapy.
  • Gels with ginger, ginger tea, ginger compresses are good for arthritis.
  • From the Golden mustache make teas, infusions, oils. To make the ointment, the leaves and stems of us need a good grind and mix with cream or vaseline in the ratio of 2:3. Store in glass in a cool place.