Gout and arthritis — how to treat joint diseases

Science considers gout as one of the most dangerous chronic forms of arthritis, which resist is extremely difficult. Gouty arthritis ICD 10 (International classification of diseases) is considered as a separate disease with its own etiology and distinctive features.

Подагра, артрит - как лечить заболевания суставов

The affected joint becomes deformed and very sore

Many believe that gout and arthritis — a purely senile illnesses, but it is not. Of course, with age, the body triggers changes in the bone, joints, cartilage, blood vessels, and functioning of vital organs. Gout, like most arthritis, the insidious that begins quietly.

The diseases are different

Destructive changes in the joints at first not felt. There is even a term: «asymptomatic disease». It must be remembered that gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis can be inherited. If a person in the family who were ill these illnesses, it is necessary to take all possible measures so that the disease is not received fertile ground for their development.

Have gout and arthritis the mechanism of occurrence of a largely shared, though ICD 10 they are assigned different codes. Different disease stages of its development, but the reason they have the wrong metabolism. Salts of uric acid, like herself, are in the human body constantly, but as soon as their number exceeds the norm, the problems begin.

Describing how to treat this disease, the great Hippocrates pointed to the underlying causes. In antiquity, it was identified that gout develops as a result of malnutrition. Abuse of salty, fatty, spicy, smoked products leads to the violation of water-salt metabolism, excess uric acid and body imbalance. Gouty arthritis also often occur for this reason.

The disease often affects the lower extremities. If there is a suspicion of gouty arthritis, treatment is prescribed only after confirmation of the diagnosis. The fact that the symptoms of the disease resemble symptoms of other diseases of the joints, which full list is represented in ICD 10.

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Signs of diseases of the joints

Signs of gouty arthritis:

  • sharp pain in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe;
  • fever, accompanied by fever up to 38-39°;
  • blue-purple color of the joint and swelling.

Have gouty arthritis similar to gout both the symptoms and the clinical picture of the disease. Sometimes this disease is mistaken for bursitis. Gouty arthritis affects mostly women, while gout is considered a male disease. But the etiology indicates that this is not one and the same disease.

Gouty arthritis is making itself felt pain in the affected joints. It can develop in the knee and ankle joints. The main cause painful symptoms and destructive changes in the joints in gout — the inflammation. Gouty arthritis, despite similar arthritis symptoms starts not inflammatory, but due to the degenerative processes in the body. Both of these disease often develop in parallel with other diseases of the joints. The crunch in joints and deformation joint tissue — integral features of both diseases.

Подагра, артрит - как лечить заболевания суставов

Tophi — the inflamed bumps in the area affected joint

A number of medicines used to treat gouty arthritis, used to combat gout. First of all it concerns painkillers and medicines that restore the tissues of the joints.

Peculiarities of treatment of diseases

ICD 10 distinguishes three stages of gout:

  • acute gouty arthritis;
  • interictal period of the disease;
  • topasna chronic gout.

In this classification, the acute stage of the disease there. But a number of the world’s leading experts in health care believe that ICD 10 should be included acute gouty arthritis. The disease can develop in the upper and lower extremities. Elderly people tend to suffer legs. The acute nature of the disease doctors explain decreased immunity, the presence of traumas of joints and related gout chronic ailments. Gout of the foot is one of the most common causes of disability in elderly people.

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In ICD 10 listed a number of diseases, its symptoms similar to gout. Accurate diagnosis is possible only after x-rays and testing the blood for the presence of uric acid and its salts. If time does not start treating the disease, the immobilization of the limbs will happen very quickly. Acute gouty arthritis is a chronic form of the disease. Pain attacks — a constant companion of gout. The joints of the foot swollen, inflamed, the skin around them red.

In the human body everything is interconnected. Gout of the foot there is a General deterioration of health of a person, fever, symptoms of intoxication. When developing acute gouty arthritis attacks become longer, and the pain symptoms increase and the mobility of the foot is lost almost completely.

Gout, arthritis characteristic of irreversible changes in joint tissue. For the salvation of the foot used pain relievers, anti-inflammatory and regenerative tissue products. When conservative methods of treatment and diet for gout, the compliance with which is mandatory, can’t stop the destruction of joints assigned to the operation.

The gout is possible to implement a treatment, disease not only in medical institutions but also at home. To improve the condition of the foot contribute to the warming and anti-inflammatory compresses. Official medicine does not deny the usefulness of the use of folk remedies, but indicates the necessity of consulting with medical experts. Gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis and other joint diseases uncontrolled self-medication is unacceptable.

In the fight against gout, helps weight loss, but fasting is contraindicated. The diet should be adjusted very carefully. In the period of exacerbation of any type of physical activity can negatively affect the condition of the foot, so the load must be reduced.

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Diet as an effective method of therapy

Gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis unacceptable use of alcohol, fatty, spicy, salty food. Any violation of the diet can provoke the deterioration of the condition of the patient. Diet for gout involves the use of large amount of vegetables and fruits, among which must be:

  • apples;
  • watermelons;
  • tomatoes;
  • potatoes;
  • cabbage.

Подагра, артрит - как лечить заболевания суставовWhen gouty arthritis experts recommend to eliminate from the diet of a patient of spice, sweet and flour.

Diet for arthritis include:

  • black bread;
  • honey;
  • porridge made from whole grain cereals;
  • natural fruit juices.

A special role in the treatment of disease play a porridge. As shown by numerous medical studies, whole grains help to strengthen the immune system. Diet for gout and arthritis is based on the use of large amounts of liquid. A day the patient should drink at least 2-2,5 liters.

It is best to drink green tea, juices, mineral alkaline water. But if the patient has kidney disease, increase in the number of fluid intake should be agreed with your doctor.