Gout: causes and characteristics of

Подагра: причины возникновения и особенности заболевания

Gout — a disease that is associated with a disturbance in the body metabolism, resulting in the deposition in joints uric acid. This disease is known for a very long time, once it was called «the Royal disease». This name appeared due to the fact that gouty arthritis mainly occurs due to eating large amounts of food and alcohol that was once available only to the rich people. Now the disease is much rarer: according to the statistics, it is observed only 3 people out of 1000.

The disease usually occurs in men after 40-45 years of age, among women it occurs much less frequently and can develop after menopause. In children of gouty arthritis is practically not found, but may occur in the presence of hereditary disorders of metabolism and as a result, the findings of uric acid. If we talk about what is gout, a joint disease, which is also called gouty arthritis. Usually the disease affects joints in the hands or feet. In the web you can find photos and see how to manifest the disease.

Main causes and symptoms of the disease

Gout is a disease in which blood increased levels of uric acid, continued for a long period. With the development of the disease for both women and men in the joints is delayed index of urate. There she kristallizuetsya, and this gradually leads to the fact that there is a partial and sometimes complete destruction.

The causes of the development of the disease.

  • The body is formed of a very large number of uric acid. However, even healthy almost will fail to display such a volume of this veschestva.
  • Uric acid is formed in acceptable quantities, but diseased kidneys can’t cope with its removal from the body.
  • Подагра: причины возникновения и особенности заболевания

    The emergence of the disease due to the fact that many people are not eating healthy: eat a lot of meat, oily fish, drink large amounts of alcohol. All this leads to the development of such diseases as gout, or arthritis. During the war, or the difficult economic situation in the country among women and men percentage of patients with gouty arthritis is significantly reduced. This is explained by the fact that meat and alcohol are consumed in smaller quantities, so the gout does not develop.

    The symptoms of a disease, such as gouty arthritis, is usually not apparent immediately. Often, the inflammation of one joint, usually the big toe, but can be affected ankle or knee. Most gouty arthritis in men and women manifests itself in the morning and night hours. This is reflected in the appearance of pain in the joint, it swells, is red, the temperature rises, the affected area begins to Shine. Photos of manifestations of symptoms can be found in the medical literature or the Internet.

    In the daytime, gouty arthritis in retreat, but by night the pain again intensified. The duration of the attack of gout is usually 2-3 days, but in some cases, pain can not be released within 7 days. The re-emergence of the disease may involve several joints.

    Peculiarities of manifestation of the disease

    In the area of the affected joint in women and men appear growths, and in the blood significantly increases the content of uric acid. The growths can eventually burst, and then the patient sees the white crystals is a crystallized uric acid. Gout or arthritis can lead to complications in the appearance of the gouty nodes and kidney stones. The disease may be primary, secondary, acute recurrent, and chronic.

    Gouty nodes, a photo of which you can find in the literature are called tophi. They represent the accumulation of urate of sodium and can appear in any part of the body. When these deposits occur in the joints, the immune system perceives them as a foreign body, which leads to accumulation of leukocytes and the beginning of the inflammatory process, that is developing arthritis.

    Подагра: причины возникновения и особенности заболевания

    The disease cannot be cured, treatment is aimed at relief of acute attacks

    Tophi appear as nodules, can be microscopic or reach the size of an Apple. They often form in the region of the ears, elbows, hands and feet. If the deposition of urate in the kidneys, that can cause kidney failure, which in some cases leads to death of the patient.

    Feature of gout is that it is a chronic illness, and completely get rid of it will not succeed. His photo and description in the medical literature and on special websites. First symptoms may appear only after a year, but over time the seizures will recur, and the time between them will decrease and their duration will increase.

    Purines enter the body in food composition and produced by the body. When there is a breakdown these substances, uric acid is formed which must be removed through the kidneys. If this process is disturbed, the acid accumulates in places where there is no perfusion, i.e. in the joints. Thus develops gouty arthritis.

    High uric acid content is not the only cause of gout. The development of the disease also contribute to a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, overweight, heredity.

    How to act when the attack of gout

    Подагра: причины возникновения и особенности заболевания

    Do not rely on the fact that performing certain actions will result in immediate termination of the attack, but reduce the pain will be able. The main requirement is to comply with bed rest. To save aching feet, keep them elevated. This can be used, for example, a pillow.

    If the pain is severe, the affected area apply ice, and then make a compress with the use of Dimexidum or ointment Vishnevsky. Must be followed a diet. Your food intake should be reduced. You can eat cereals, raw vegetables or soups from them. You must drink plenty of fluids enriched in alkali: it can be jelly, milk or mineral water. You can drink plain water, but it is necessary to add lemon juice. During the day drink at least 3 liters of fluid.

    The use of pain medications will be ineffective. We recommend the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, but they should not be steroids. If prevention has taken prescribed drugs, must continue.

    The use of different methods of treatment

    You don’t know what kind of doctor treats gout? This is a rheumatologist. Basic principles of treatment will be reducing the intake of uric acid and its maximum output. Assign certain drugs and procedures can only be a doctor, self-treatment will only lead to complication of the disease.

    For 1-2 weeks is the treatment anti-inflammatory drugs that do not contain steroids, for example, diclofenac, naproxen, phenylbutazone and similar medicines. To reduce the concentration of uric acid, can be used milori, orotic acid, hepatocytes. If you’re having acute pain, you can prescribe colchicine.

    Подагра: причины возникновения и особенности заболевания

    But to rely on drugs is not worth it. An important step of treatment is a strict diet. In this process not to overdo it as starvation and a sharp decline in weight leads to increase in the body amounts of uric acid. This will lead to new gout attacks. It is necessary to consume dishes that are steamed and contain almost no salt. It is necessary to exclude the spices and sauces.

    If we talk about mineral water, it is necessary to use one that contains a lot of alkali, for example, «Borjomi», «Essentuki» and others. The day should drink about 2.5-3 liters of fluid. When the disease, it is recommended to go to the gym, Cycling, walking and swimming.

    As this disease has long been known, it has a lot of popular recipes treatment. Used decoctions of chamomile, fir cones, Bay leaf, rice. In the application of these funds during urination you may notice a slight burning sensation, but not to worry. This is a sign that salts are dissolved and eliminated from the body.

    Proponents of phototherapy is recommended to use nettles, melons, grapes, dogwood, Apple, rose, geranium, Linden, willow, peppermint, burdock, wormwood, radish. They can be eaten as fresh and to make teas and tinctures.

    Unconventional treatment may include the use of radioactive substances. In this case, appoint a radon bath or inhalation of the emanations of radium. One of the factors that have a positive effect on the affected joints, is the heat. It is recommended that both local and General heat treatments, which improves blood circulation, but it is allowed only between gout attacks.

    Preventive measures

    Don’t wear uncomfortable, tight shoes. It should be fashionable and comfortable. Violation of this rule leads to the injury of the big toe, so it is most often damaged by gout. Important prevention of this disease is proper nutrition.

    You need to reexamine your lifestyle and if you want to completely change it. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of protein foods, i.e. meat, fish, mushrooms, chocolate, smoked. This will help to normalize weight, reduce stress on the joints, which is very important during exacerbation of gout.

    The diet must include more of cereals, eggs, vegetables and fruits, this will help to reduce the cholesterol level. The use of alcohol and tobacco leads to a decrease in the intensity of the output of uric acid from the body. She begins to accumulate in the joints which leads to gout.

    Vegetables are best consumed raw. But not all of the vegetables in this case useful: it is necessary to exclude cauliflower, spinach, sorrel, legumes, as they are rich in purines. Useful sauerkraut, it can not only eat, but use for compresses, which help to relieve pain and inflammation. Is to use melons, citrus, flour and dairy products, various cereals, potatoes, eggs. Tea, coffee and cocoa should be replaced by juice, juice, kvass, kissel.

    Some experts recommend this method of prevention of gout, as starvation. If you starve for 1-3 days without asking for the advice of a specialist, the long course shall be conducted only under the supervision of a physician. Important is the build-up. After this it is necessary to follow a diet. If to starve hard, you can once a week to arrange fasting days, during which they consume only juices and vegetables.

    As the disease primarily affects small joints, it is necessary to develop their mobility every day to do exercises, to move more and to fresh air.

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