Gout: causes and symptoms

Приступ подагры: причины и симптомы болезни

The joint becomes inflamed and is destroyed by deposits of urinary salts

Arthritis (or gout) is a disease which is a deterioration of metabolic elements. It is characterized by the deposition of uric acid salts in the joints. Gout differently referred to as «the disease of the rulers.» This name was given her because the main source of its occurrence is considered to be excesses in food and alcoholic beverages that previously could afford only the rich.

This disease existed in the time of Hippocrates. Currently suffering from gout only 3 people out of 1000. Most of all this disease affects men older than 40 years. Women arthritis usually occurs after menopause. Gout affects all the joints, starting from the wrists and ending with the feet.

Causes and symptoms of diseases of the joints

The cause of gout is considered to be a constant increased level of uric (urinates) acid in the body. During the development of the disease comes the layering of monosodium urate crystals in joints and organs. This leads to partial or complete breaking of the joint. Such processes are called microcrystalline.

A large number urinates acid in the body can be formed due to two circumstances.

  • The kidneys are not able to bring a large number urinates acid, formed with great speed.
  • Winona carbon dioxide is formed in permissible amounts, however, the kidneys for one reason or another can not cope with its removal from the body.
  • Patients suffering from gout gradually becomes more and more. Medical professionals explain this fact: in the past people often consume food rich in purines (for example, beef, fatty fish), and a very large amount of alcohol.

    Приступ подагры: причины и симптомы болезни

    During the attack there is severe swelling

    The symptom is attack of gouty arthritis. Most often, the inflammation affects the knee joint or the big toe and sometimes the ankle. As a rule, the attack happens early in the morning or at night. The symptoms are sudden, acute joint pain, swelling of tendons, the heat within the articulation. The surface of the affected area becomes thinner and starts to Shine. As a rule, day the symptoms are somewhat subsiding, but by night the gout again. The duration of seizures varies from 2-3 days to 7 days. Re-attack may be involved in the process and other joints, and cause tendon injuries.

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    Sign of gout is the formation on the limbs of specific growths, the cause of which is the presence in the body of large amounts of urinary acid. If the tophi formed on the tendons, burst, the patient will see a whitish salt crystals. The patient feels in the affected areas quite severe pain. Such salt deposits in the joints prevent physical activity.

    About starting the show gout sudden pain in the joint. The temperature rises not only in the region of the patient’s tendons, but also adjacent areas. The heat on the surface of the joint can increase up to 39° C. the symptoms are usually formed in a patient for a minute. Typically, the disease affects the big toe. Simple painkillers like acetylsalicylic acid, can help relieve gout.

    Pains in most cases occur at night and do not cease until the morning. As soon as the acute manifestations of the disease disappeared, you should immediately go to the doctor. It becomes misleading to think that the pain won’t bother you anymore.

    What to do if the symptoms of the disease?

    Discussing the treatment, you need to keep in mind the process of weakening symptoms, dealing with the pain and heaviness in the joints. The main course may be prescribed only by a doctor. Pay attention to a number of measures to be taken during an attack.

  • Put the patient to bed, raise the affected limb to a certain height. So much easier to endure the symptoms that accompany the treatment of gout.
  • Apply to painful area Vishnevsky ointment or of an application with Dimexidum.
  • Observe proper diet: do not overeat, but not stay hungry. Food is best to eat soups, vegetable jelly, low-fat cereal.
  • The drink should be plentiful and containing alkali. It is advisable to drink mineral water, jelly, decoction of oats.
  • Приступ подагры: причины и симптомы болезниIf you are already surveyed at the doctor, then he probably told you that drugs are struggling with the disease, not alleviate her symptoms. Comfort and care in this case — two different things. Therefore, you should do it this way: if you have already started to take drugs and pain then resumed, it is necessary to continue the course of their application. If the medicines are still taken, then don’t start yet. First you need to alleviate the symptoms and then begin treatment.

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    Inquire your doctor how to get rid of the attack in your case. If there is no opportunity immediately to consult a specialist, use of drugs that can ease the pain: diclofenac, Movalis, nimesulide. There are many effective painkillers, but aspirin is not one of them. Use it if you have an acute attack of gout, it is not necessary.

    Correctly applying all the tips, you will surely get rid of an acute attack of the disease in a short period of time. Treatment in the early stages of the disease helps to achieve results as quickly as possible. In the presence of the first symptoms consult a doctor to get tested. Not to reflect on the treatment of gout, it is better to think about prevention before you got it.

    Possible complications

    The main and most powerful complication of gout is the appearance of arthritic disease. In addition, the possible development of kidney stones due to the presence of kidney sand, which is contained in urate urinates or crystallized acid.

    Gouty tophi are conglomerates of crystals of monosodium urate, they can form on any part of the body. When such deposits occur in the joints or periarticular areas, the immune system perceives them as foreign bodies and tries to get rid of tumors. Due to the accumulation of leucocytes around them and there is gouty arthritis.

    You should pay attention to the fact: the resulting in gout kidney sand is the main prerequisite for renal failure. The development of these two diseases can cause death.

    Prevention of the disease

    It is impossible to deny the existence of a genetic predisposition to gout. However, to the disposition manifested itself, it is necessary to ignore sensible advice and use dangerous products.

    Podagrica strictly prohibited:

    • fatty foods;
    • foods that contain purines;
    • spirits.
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    Before you start the treatment or prevention, it is necessary to adjust diet. Diet is very important, but since each has its own characteristics, to determine its own is not worth it. To register it you need a doctor.

    However with confidence it is possible to identify a number of foods that are eaten should not be. They include fatty meat, fish, mushrooms, legumes. In no case can not eat nourishing soup, meat aspic, fish ROE and smoked.

    Приступ подагры: причины и симптомы болезни

    Requires immediately stop eating canned food, drinking coffee and of course alcohol. Among alcoholic drinks the most dangerous is the beer. It not only hinders the treatment of the disease, but also contributes to its development.

    After learning his diagnosis and seeing the list of banned products, many patients are lost: what to eat? Of course, there are many foods that can be eaten. Among them cow’s or goat’s milk, chicken eggs and meat, variety of cereals, walnuts.

    Treatment of gout involves the consumption of large amounts of fluid. You can drink plain water or mineral containing alkali. Significantly speed up the treatment of the disease use of various juices. For example, lime, Apple, orange.

    In some cases, the diet is enough to get rid of the symptoms of gout. However, it is not always so. Often the doctor has to prescribe additional treatment. To do this, he needs to get the results of blood tests, urine, as well as take so-called trial of Rehberg. Then he will prescribe medication. You may be prescribed anturan, helps to eliminate excess alkali, together with the urine. Together with him usually prescribe allopurinol, which prevents the synthesis of alkali in the kidneys.