Gout: complications, symptoms, and first aid

Подагра: осложнения, симптомы и первая помощь

X-ray gout

Gout is a very dangerous disease that can affect many organ and body systems. Because of the violation of salt metabolism urate (the crystals salts) of uric acid are deposited in joints, organs and soft tissues. The pain of gout can be unbearable, occur at any movement. Because of this, man is not able to lead a normal lifestyle.

The mechanisms of disease development

Typically, this disease affects small joints, most often the lower extremities, rarely larger such as the shoulder, knee and hip joint. In advanced cases of gout, in addition to limited mobility, can lead to serious diseases of other organs and even disability.

With the accumulation of salts in the joints there are severe pain, acquiring a permanent character. Cause soreness capable of even the slightest touch to the affected joint. It is important to note that gout can occur once, after a long time, even many years, go into remission, and then again to make itself felt.

In most cases, this disease occurs because of improper nutrition. That excessive consumption of salty and fatty foods causes the phenomenon of the accumulation of salts in the joints, organs and tissues. There is a risk, which includes people with a predisposition to disorders of salt metabolism in the body with certain diseases. There are a number of factors influencing the development of the disease:

  • unsustainable consumption of meat and hot spices;
  • excessive alcohol consumption and tobacco Smoking;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • Подагра: осложнения, симптомы и первая помощьkidney diseases, diseases that violates the synthesis of urate;
  • deviations in the endocrine system;
  • systematic violation of body functions (physical inactivity);
  • frequent hypothermia.

The symptoms of gout

There are a few symptoms that collectively indicate gout:

  • pain during movement;
  • crunch in the joints, which account for a large load;
  • the local temperature increase;
  • redness of the skin sections at the site of calcification;
  • numbness in the affected joints.

The pain may occur under any load, the usual motions, finding the body in the wrong position. At rest pain subside and reappear during movement. When a large accumulation of salts in the joints pain syndrome is manifested regardless of the load, accompanied by any movement.

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Подагра: осложнения, симптомы и первая помощьThe temperature increase occurs in the area of the affected joint. Numbness may spread to the entire limb. Overgrowth of bone because of deposition of salts compresses nerve endings, sometimes injure the muscles surrounding the joint, and causes inflammation, which significantly limits the mobility of the joints.

The presence of salt deposits in gout often manifests as attacks of acute arthritis. Pain syndrome occurs at night, the patient may even Wake up from severe pain. While there is swelling of the joint, discoloration of the skin around it.

Later these symptoms may acquire a chronic form, which usually leads to irreversible processes. If you start gout the affected limb will begin to deform. A person can become disabled due to changes of the limbs maintain their traditional way of life becomes impossible.

Gout may lead to deformity, in consequence of which it would be difficult to find shoes without additional support to keep balance during movement.


The process of salt deposits in the joints can cause a variety of complications in all body systems. Against such pathological salt exchange can develop a number of diseases that worsen the course of gout. In such cases, the need for a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Подагра: осложнения, симптомы и первая помощь

A common complication of the disease is the deposition of kidney stones

Diseases that accompany gout:

  • phlebitis;
  • nephritis;
  • progressive atherosclerosis;
  • neuralgia;
  • migraine;
  • neurasthenia;
  • iritis, iridocyclitis.

When the advanced form of gout very frequently suffer from kidneys. This phenomenon is called «gouty kidney», it is characterized by violation of its functions. If along with the inflammation of the joints revealed hypertension or diabetes, it can lead to the development of acute renal failure (kidney failure). In 20% of cases of acute renal failure in gout is fatal.

Gout promotes the formation of kidney stones. It becomes the reason of development of diseases such as destructive arthritis, osteoporosis, formation of tophi in joints, soft tissues and organs. Often gout is a companion of coronary heart disease.

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To prevent serious complications, the need for timely treatment of the gout. At the first symptoms you need to urgently see a doctor. The specialist will deliver the correct diagnosis and explain what treatment should be applied. Self-diagnosis and using home remedies therapy can lead to irreversible consequences and cause complications.

The treatment of disease and first aid for seizure

Before choosing methods of treatment, the doctor needs to examine the patient, study the symptoms and on the basis of their character to assign the necessary research. To diagnose gout using x-ray examination, thermography, arthroscopy, magnetic resonance and computed tomography.

To find effective therapies, it is very important to make the correct diagnosis and to determine the exact degree of destruction of joints, tissues and organs, to identify existing complications. Gout treatment — a long and complicated process. It is important to follow a particular diet based on eating foods that reduce the accumulation of salts and normalization of their elimination from the body.

Подагра: осложнения, симптомы и первая помощьAs a rule, the diet eliminates the consumption of spicy and fried meals, fatty broths, some fruits. Limit the consumption of meat and fish. The diet should include more foods such as greens, watermelons, plums, persimmons, melons. A very important rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, differently there can be complications.

For treatment of the disease drug used anti-inflammatory drugs, means to prevent the formation of uric acid. If necessary, use of corticosteroid hormones, which change the acidity in the urine and prevent the formation of kidney stones. In the treatment the necessary procedures to cleanse the blood, is carried out using the apparatus of plasmophoresis. To improve health and relieve pain use physiotherapy. Surgical intervention is used when necessary to remove deposits of uric acid in the tissues.

While sharp pain can resort to methods of alternative medicine, but only those that are recommended by the doctor. It needs detail and qualified to explain how to relieve the pain at home. The specialist will prescribe medicines and recommend treatments that will help to reduce pain. The doctor usually recommends the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. From non-traditional methods of treatment well help to relieve the pain of gout a poultice of iodine and aspirin, coal and flax oil.

The right approach to first aid will prevent worsening of gout, provide fast pain without any consequences.

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Prevention of gout

For effective prevention of gout is important balanced diet and a correct lifestyle. If a person is faced with this disease, he will have a lifetime to adhere to a special diet, as the cause of illness is a disturbance of salt metabolism in the body.

This is especially true of people at risk and with the diseases that are the companions of the gout. Very useful gymnastics. Good effect gives the application of massage, which improves circulation, which promotes the excretion of salt from the blood vessels.

It is useful to make therapeutic baths, and swimming is good relieve the pain. Used herbal infusions and decoctions with the addition of charges of medicinal plants: mint, fennel seeds, calendula, and others. In General, prevention should be aimed at combating the excessive formation and deposition of salts in the joints, organs and tissues.

It is important to note that preventive measures are only effective in the complex treatment of gout and should be prescribed by a doctor. Their application will help prevent relapse, but to cure the disease completely impossible.