Gout knee: symptoms and treatment of this disease

Подагра коленного сустава: симптомы и лечение болезни

Gout is an inflamed condition of the joints caused by deposition of crystals of uric acid salts. Suffer from this disease mostly in people older than 45 years. Men are more susceptible to disease than the female population. The inflammatory process may occur on any area of the joints.

Gout knee and toes quite often. A risk factor can be comorbidities. Diabetes and high blood pressure — the most likely causes of gout. You cannot ignore the genetic predisposition. There are two types of disease: primary, caused by genetic factors and secondary consequences of earlier forms of the disease.

Acute attacks of gout may occur after taking alcoholic drinks. The patient suffers from severe pain. The symptoms can be quite varied.

Symptoms and diagnosis of gout

The main cause of the disease is the basic failure of food culture, simple overeating, eating excess of oily and spicy foods, especially meat products. Sedentary lifestyle and nervous exhaustion of the body also lead to the development of the disease. Gout of the knee occurs suddenly and is accompanied by pronounced redness of the inflamed place. Sharp intense pain that arise from slightest touch to the affected knee. The symptoms are due to the poor hatchability of uric acid from the human body.

Подагра коленного сустава: симптомы и лечение болезни

Pain can occur suddenly and quickly fade. In rare cases the pain continues for several weeks. If in the period of exacerbation immediately to pay attention to these symptoms, in the future, you can avoid unpleasant complications.

How to identify the symptoms of gout in the knee? The main indicator of the inflamed condition will change the color of the skin around the joint. The attack occurs usually after copious consumption of meat in combination with alcohol. Pain begin hurting people in the evening or night. A sudden flash with a rapid increase in body temperature creates a subcutaneous inflammation in the knee joint.

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Laboratory tests can help pinpoint the diagnosis. It is necessary to establish quantitative levels of uric acid in the blood and to identify the daily rate of output of urine from the body. The content of acid in the blood should not exceed 420 µmol/l in adult men and 350 µmol/l in women.

When the diagnosis of gout ultrasonic examination shall be the urinary tract and kidneys. It is necessary to establish their condition and influence on the development of the disease.

Diet as a method of treatment of the disease

Gout treatment should start with diet. Of the everyday diet excludes all products containing in their composition of uric acid compounds. This measure will allow to reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood. All foods with purine nitrogen base (kidneys, brains, tongue, liver) should be categorically excluded from the diet. Lean meat can be consumed in very small amounts, 200-300 g per week.

All food should be fresh. Should reduce salt intake to 5 g per day. However, this does not mean you have to starve. Hunger increases uric acid in the body. Observing basic rules of diet can be effective treatment of the disease.

At the initial stage of treatment the main task is pain relief and relief of the patient. When severe pain are assigned to anti-inflammatory drugs. Gout is treated long and systematically. Complex therapy is carried out prior to the suspension of development of the disease. In rare cases a complete cure. Effective use of blockade injections immediately after elimination of acute attack of the disease. Treatment should be aimed at restoring the entire musculoskeletal system of the body.

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Подагра коленного сустава: симптомы и лечение болезни

Medication to help deal with an acute attack of the disease

Nonsteroidal a group of drugs (ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen) will contribute to the attenuation of inflammatory processes in the articular structure of the knee. Colchicine reduces acute inflammation in gouty attack and have a restorative effect on muscle tissue.

The use of folk remedies

The oldest and most effective means to relieve inflammation and reduce subcutaneous temperature is a cabbage leaf. Put on the knee joint of a large leaf of cabbage and wrap the knee. This procedure must be applied every day. Keep this compress is recommended no more than 4 hours, otherwise the healing properties of cabbage are lost. Often better to update the sheets. In some cases, you can lubricate the knee honey and then apply the sheet.

There are several proven methods of treatment.

  • You can prepare at home ointment. Butter mixed with alcohol in proportion 1:1. After evaporation of the alcohol from the slurry, the ointment is ready. To RUB a sore knee daily before bedtime.
  • For emollient poultice will need 10 ml of iodine and 5 tablets of aspirin. Smear the sore spot and leave a hot compress on the night.
  • Подагра коленного сустава: симптомы и лечение болезни

  • Pour 300 g of grass sage 5 liters of boiled water. This is a great tincture to make baths for patient’s joints. When steaming the affected by gout locations the effect will be achieved, when the temperature drops to the maximum tolerable. Soar patella is recommended daily for a month.
  • Effective method of treatment with honey, soda and mustard powder. Mix 1 tsp of all the ingredients. The obtained mixture is superimposed on the pre-steamed the sore spot. Wrap the leg with plastic wrap and leave it on all night. Repeat daily for two weeks.
  • Apples perfectly prevent formation of the body of uric acid.
  • It is possible to RUB the sore spot watermelon rind, and the flesh is eaten. Watermelon juice perfectly adjusts the balance of uric acid.
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    Preventive measures should be aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Observe the food culture. Active position in life should be to a uniform distribution exercise, frequent walks in the fresh air.

    Massage the joint of the patella is performed with the purpose of rapid resorption of exudate and eliminate muscle tension. A Spa treatment will help to reduce the risk of further disease development.