Gout: symptoms, treatment and proper nutrition

Подагра: симптомы, лечение и правильное питание

The diseased joint is destroyed due to the impact of uric acid crystals

Gout (gouty arthritis) is currently a fairly common disease, most often it affects elderly people. This disease occurs in the formation in the human body excessive amount of urate uric acid, which is accompanied by sharp recurrent pain. Gout around the joints formed specific nodules, called tophi.

Gout develops mainly in people of middle age in men it most often occurs after age 40 and in women after 55. This is because the estrogen in the female body improve the metabolism of uric acid, so gout attacks the body mainly after menopause when the estrogen level decreases significantly. But, nevertheless, the possibility of the occurrence of gout in men much more than women.

In addition, the predisposition to gout is transmitted at the genetic level. If someone from the family had a similar illness, then the likelihood of disease large and you have, especially if you are a man. In addition, overweight and excessive alcohol use greatly increases the chance of occurrence of gouty arthritis.

Causes of gout

Gout is usually called the disease, leading to disruption of metabolism. The risk of developing the disease occurs if you eat an excessive amount of foods that contain substances such as purines. These products primarily include meat and offal, beans (including cocoa), certain types of fish, of course, alcoholic drinks, especially wine and beer. The development of gouty arthritis contributes to the difficulty of removing purines from the body due to any disease.

Подагра: симптомы, лечение и правильное питаниеTo prevent the removal of purines from the body can different diseases of the kidneys that reduce renal filtration. Thus, the body accumulates a large amount of uric acids, salts of which are deposited in the tissues: and joints, and kidney channels. Another factor that increases the risk of disease is hypertension. A favorable environment for the development of the disease can create the medication in complex diseases.

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One of the first and main symptoms, which can determine gouty arthritis, is the defeat of the big toe. Less, as shown by the diagnosis, the disease affects the knee or elbow joint. From the very beginning there is a very strong pain, so much so that to touch the affected area almost impossible. The joint swells, is formed the swelling, the skin on the affected location becomes dark red, the temperature rises.

An acute attack of gouty arthritis very often occurs after a hearty meal, which included meat and alcohol. The first attacks happen suddenly, often at night, the disease affects only one joint. Similar symptoms of gout in the absence of proper treatment can appear within a few days. Doctors prescribe drugs, which very quickly eliminates symptoms of the disease. The more severe is the disease, the more frequent such attacks. If you carefully perform all the instructions of the doctors, which aims to combat build up of uric acid in the body, seizures may not appear at all.

Подагра: симптомы, лечение и правильное питание

The affected joint swells significantly, and the skin around it is red

Another visual manifestation of gout symptoms — the so-called tophi, clusters of salt crystals around the joints. Often they can be felt. Tophi evidence of the chronic course of the disease. They can be formed at the site of lesion, as well as near the elbows, heels and around the ears.

Tophi do not cause much harm to the human body, they are probably the signals that you need to seek help from a specialist. After such education, treatment should be scheduled promptly.

Treatment of bouts of illness

After performed diagnosis, treatment of gout has two objectives:

  • elimination of acute attack;
  • stabilization of metabolism in the body.
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Подагра: симптомы, лечение и правильное питаниеStabilization of metabolism is required for accurate diagnosis at the examination, as a sharp pain in the joint can be caused by various diseases such as infectious or reactive arthritis. After performed diagnosis, treatment. To treat an acute attack should be under close medical supervision.

There are several types of medications, which help fight disease.

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They are appointed in the first place. Well relieve the pain, at the same time reduce inflammation in the affected joint. Usually assigned in a specific pattern in well-measured doses and are an important component of the complex used in the treatment of gout. These drugs do not cure the disease, they are used purely for pain relief.
  • Colchicine — a drug, which reduces inflammation during an acute attack, as well as contributing to the restoration of function of the affected joint. The drug is prescribed for a clear pattern until the attack is not docked.
  • Drugs based on hormones. They are used if colchicine has not had the desired effect. Are usually prescribed corticosteroids, which significantly inhibit inflammation. These drugs are injected into the body, using intra-articular injections.
  • Подагра: симптомы, лечение и правильное питаниеIn complex use of drugs to suppress gouty attack could not longer than two days after the start of treatment. But this set is only effective in the elimination of an acute attack. Gout occurs due to problems with metabolism and high levels of uric acid in the body, so further treatment will be aimed at the reduction of urate.

    In the period of remission prescribe drugs that prevent the progression of the disease. Doctors prescribe the use of drugs that reduce the formation of uric acid salts in the joints and helps to eliminate substances from the body.

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    Diet for podagrica

    In addition to medical treatment, it is recommended to stick to a special diet so as not to aggravate the disease. For this you need to remove from your diet red meat and products with its content, meat offal too fatty types of fish, vegetables of the legume family, sharp and salty cheeses. In addition, should completely abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages, especially champagne, sweet wines, cognac and beer.

    In the treatment of gout is extremely important proper nutrition. In this case, correct diet promotes recovery as this or any other joint disease. If, after the first signs of gouty arthritis you put a disappointing diagnosis, the correct balanced diet will help to gradually give up taking drugs without compromising rehabilitation. But we should do that only after consultation with your doctor.

    It should be remembered that gout is treatable. To heal completely fail, but to stop the progression of the disease and reduce its manifestation can be quite simple. The main thing — time to consult the experts and find the right treatment. In this case, after some time, the disease will go away and your joints will be healthy again and be able to perform its functions.