Gout: the 6 classic diet and nutrition advice

Подагра: диета 6 классическая и рекомендации по питанию

Gout refers to diseases which are successfully treated only subject to certain restrictions in the diet. In other words, the gout, the diet should be inseparable concepts for those wishing to quickly recover. The cause of the disease is the high blood levels of uric acid or purines. Latest enter the body with food. Diet, table, formed, allows, first, to significantly reduce the consumption of purines, and, second, stimulate their excretion. For the most effective treatment was developed diet number 6 gout.

Basic principles of classical diet

  • Consumption of low protein.
  • Limiting the amount eaten refractory fat.
  • The transition to the clarified butter or vegetable oil.
  • Withdrawal from the diet foods containing oxalic acid.
  • A total ban on fish, meat and mushroom broth.
  • Consumption at least 2 liters of clean, and best of alkaline mineral water per day.
  • Hard limit amount of salt eaten (not more than 8-9 g per day).
  • Подагра: диета 6 классическая и рекомендации по питанию

    Let’s try to understand in more detail the recommended diet number 6 gout. Purines in large quantities contained in foods of animal origin: meat, especially the young, the giblets, the bacon, kidneys, lungs, fatty fish, shrimp, eggs. Therefore, it is better to avoid the consumption of these products, or at least to reduce to 2 times a week.

    If the patient is difficult to completely give up meat, is to give preference to poultry and rabbit, the total daily dose should not exceed 150-170 g Of the least harmful fish are cod, sprat, perch, sprat. Fish and meat are boiled, stewed, baked or steamed but not fried. It is important that the amount of consumed animal fats did not exceed half of the total.

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    Beans, asparagus, lentils, peas and other legumes it is better to bring to the table as possible. They will be replaced by vegetables, but you need to give up spinach, tomatoes, sorrel, cauliflower. Kashi resolved everything except oatmeal. As for dairy products, they will benefit in gout, if you choose fermented dairy (kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk) with minimal fat content. From whole milk, it is better not to refuse. Cheese allowed on a low-calorie, unsalted and mild.

    Marinades, pickles, home-made, canned, preserved and sausages diet No. 6 classic eliminates. As sweet and carbonated water, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, alcohol. They can be replaced with compotes, decoctions, infusions, jelly and weak tea. Resolved dried fruit, honey, nuts, fresh fruits (except figs and raspberries).

    For patients, dieters number 6, the optimum consumption of max 90 g fat, 80 g of protein, 450 g carbs (of which sugar — 80 g). Total calories per day should not exceed 2700 kcal.

    What can I eat with gout

    A patient with gout will be useful the following products:

    • baked goods in reasonable amounts;
    • soups;
    • lean meat and fish;
    • fresh fruits;
    • vegetables and greens;
    • dairy products.

    Подагра: диета 6 классическая и рекомендации по питанию

    Rye bread is rich in amino acids. The benefit of the body will bring and whole grains, pastries with ground bran, but not white bread. Soups are resolved vegetable, fruit, milk with cereal, but not on meat, mushroom or fish broth.

    The fruit can be eaten in unlimited quantities, except citrus, which can provoke an allergic reaction. Thanks to the usual Apple successfully settled leave the body waste, toxins and purines. Dairy products, especially cheese and yogurt not only contain useful calcium, zinc, magnesium, and help to improve bowel function.

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    Classic diet number six allows you to normalize the metabolism of purine bases, reduces the formation of uric acid and derivative salts in the body, changes the composition of urine in the alkaline side. To get the maximum effect of diet, should be an hour before a meal drink 1-2 glasses of mineral or alkaline just pure water.

    The food should be not too cold and not too hot. It is better to consume food for 4-5 receptions, interval between them — no more than 6 hours.

    Two options menu for diet

    Tentative offer you two power options for gout. Note that the menu given with informational purposes and should be adjusted by the attending physician taking into account acceptable to the patient, the nutritional value of the diet, level of energy consumption, the progress of the disease. The first option.

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese, salad with sour cream, bread and butter, tea.
  • Second Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, scrambled eggs, juice.
  • Lunch: soup vegetarian, steamed potatoes and breaded meat, sauerkraut, compote.
  • Dinner: cheese and macaroni casserole, vegetable patties, jelly.
  • Before bed: yogurt and muffin.
  • The second option is nutrition for gout.

  • Breakfast: pudding made from apples, wheat and carrots, soft-boiled egg, vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil.
  • Lunch: milk soup, chicken potato, jelly.
  • Snack: apples, fresh.
  • Dinner: vegetable stuffed cabbage, baked cheesecakes, Cup of weak tea.
  • Before sleep: a decoction of wheat bran.
  • The implementation of simple diet recommendations number 6 will help to reduce the risk of gout, urolithiasis, urine acid diathesis, hyperuricemia and other diseases, accelerate the healing process, increase the efficiency of the assigned medication. Despite significant limitations, a table of gout can be diverse.