Gout: the treatment of folk remedies for various applications

Подагра: лечение народными средствами различного применения

The characteristic inflammation of the patient’s foot

Every disease chooses his victims by people of certain age group, gender, level or lifestyle. Gout likes, provided that in no denying yourself men older than 40 years. Sometimes it is inherited.

The main cause of gout is overeating high-calorie animal foods, excessive alcohol consumption and a sedentary lifestyle. Since ancient times, this disease suffered from the rich nobles, who are accustomed to rest, filling the stomach for long feasts. Conclusion: the treatment of this disease must begin with a strict diet.

What kind of disease is gout?

What is this mysterious disease with a beautifully sounding name — gout? The question many people wondered about since childhood, when a strange word evoked curiosity when reading historical novels. It turns out that this is a banal accumulation of salts in the joints, most commonly in the joints of both big toes.

Immoderate food affects the metabolism, there is an excess of uric acid, which does not have time to be excreted from the body. Salt of uric acid is usually deposited in the joints, but can accumulate in the kidneys, forming stones. The immune system attacks the salt deposits, mistaking them for foreign bodies. It is manifested by swelling of the joints and unbearable pain.

Attacks may last from several hours to several days and can be repeated over months or years. Taking chronic, gout is making itself felt more and more often. And if left untreated, it may result in surgical intervention and disability.

How to treat gout? This was the question asked by doctors who treated even the rulers of old and the kings of the middle Ages. In the history of mankind has been tried a great many ways of treating gout. Modern doctor first of all strongly recommend the patient to limit themselves in food.

What kind of diet you need to adhere to?

There are a number of products that are suffering from gout you should eliminate from your diet. And all because they increase the content in the body of uric acid and make the treatment practically useless.

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Подагра: лечение народными средствами различного применения

These products include primarily fatty meats, fish and soups based on them. Of course, meat and fish sausages and canned too can not be used. You should limit soft drinks: tea, coffee. Even some of the unwanted products of plant origin, for example, legumes, mushrooms. For effective treatment, it is necessary to drastically reduce or completely eliminate alcohol consumption, which interferes with excretion of uric acid salts.

But in an unlimited number of allowed dairy products, vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to drink plenty of plain water. Sometimes you can eat pasta, bread, potatoes, eggs.

Diet during treatment for gout does not involve starvation, or the uric acid in the blood will increase and, as a consequence, to begin the aggravation of the disease.

Folk remedies

Drug treatments for gout that are used in the practice of a certified doctor, does not exclude the use of proven folk remedies. Over the millennia of existence of the disease has accumulated a lot of experience in finding ways to alleviate the suffering of the patient and healing from chronic forms of the disease.

Experienced doctor for gout treatment folk remedies will be given attention. They are time tested, accessible and usually have no contraindications. Traditional methods of treatment can be divided into internal and external.

Internal funds is different decoctions, tinctures, as well as some vegetables and fruits are taken orally to lower uric acid in the body. These tools include:

  • onion broth;
  • apples;
  • tincture of cinquefoil;
  • infusion series;
  • infusion of horsetail.

Подагра: лечение народными средствами различного применения

One of the most common folk remedies internal use is onion broth. Cool onion broth is filtered and accepted patients within 2 weeks. This reliable method, however, is not too appetizing, moreover, should be applied in combination with other methods.

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Much tastier and more enjoyable treatment of apples, which are useful in its natural form, juices and compotes. Apples good output of uric acid salts. Regular consumption while limiting harmful products will help get rid of gout once and for all.

Alcoholate cinquefoil should be taken for 2-3 months. But it not all are recommended, as the abuse can lead to alcohol dependence. Much safer infused with boiling water and a series of horsetail.

Means external use

What is absolutely contraindicated for ingestion can help by external forces. Rubbing piece of pork fat into the patient’s joint, can significantly relieve the suffering of gout. When persistent severe pain should be at night to apply fat to the joint, securing it with a bandage. In combination with the «samolechenie» it is recommended to eat wheat porridge, which promotes the excretion of uric acid salts.

Relieve pain for gout will help activated charcoal. Rubbed it into powder, add Flaxseed and water to the mixture became a paste. Before bed it was applied, rubbing on the joint. The sore spot is wrapped with polythene and thick cloth. The morning, arthritic pain usually subsides. It is difficult to understand how the substance, able only good to absorb toxins, has a beneficial effect on the diseased joint, but practice shows that the method has a right to exist.

An excellent remedy — a poultice of raw fish fillet. After using the fish have to be thrown away, so this procedure is better to take the cheaper grades. The course of treatment is 10 days. Fish fillet is separated from skin and bones, you should prepare in advance, freeze it individual portions and thaw them immediately before use. Attaching the fish to the sore spot on top of it wearing a sock or glove depending on the leg or arm the patient’s joint.

From butter at home easy to prepare ointment for the treatment of gout. To do this, melt the butter in a frying pan. When it begins to foam, pour him alcohol, and then set on fire. What is left on the dishes after combustion, and there is a healing ointment. Its sitting in a warm place, rubbing the sore joint. The pain must subside.

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The popular treatment uses an iodine solution. And quite a few drops to effectively treat swollen joints. The patient well helps to get rid of the pain a warm foot bath with iodine and baking soda. Another way is the lubrication of the affected part with iodine-aspirinova solution. Both procedures can be combined, this will reduce the salt deposits in the joints.

Traditional methods of treatment are widely used medicinal plants. Obtained drugs can be taken orally, and can be used for outdoor applications. Very useful for the treatment of diseased joints hot bath with a decoction of herbs. It is better suited decoctions of chamomile and sage. A chamomile also make compresses.

Each gout probably have your own personal treatments to help him more than others. In the treatment of gout requires an individual approach. Help the patient may have only attending physician. And a good doctor does not deny national treatment and seeks to use it tools in their practice.

Self-medication is always dangerous: it can lead to deterioration of the patient. But even worse is the unwillingness to be treated. The disease itself will not disappear, but its progression can lead to very serious consequences.