Gout: the treatment of the disease in the feet and hands.

Gout treatment at home folk remedies

Cases of gout for physician-rheumatologist – not uncommon: this kind of arthritis (inflammation of joints) complains about the vast majority of their patients, mainly middle-aged men.

Often, the appearance of the disease leads to poor nutrition, namely the abuse of foods rich in purine (such as meat, beer, beans): when broken down, these substances released during digestion of uric acid.

It normally excreted by the kidneys, but when there is a surplus, uric acid is transported into the joint and is deposited in the form of small sharp salt crystals that irritate the joint structures.

The person feels a strong sharp pain – even the slightest touch gives torture, the affected joint swells and reddens. If untreated, these symptoms can last for weeks, mainly worsened at night.

But it is worth noting that not always the gout develops due to improper nutrition: increased levels of uric acid can be caused by kidney disease or by taking certain medications.

If you do not begin to respond to treatment of the disease, there is a risk of a complete loss of mobility in affected joints.

Before to treat the disease at home

If you have gout, then before start the treatment at home, the necessary preliminary consultation of the doctor.

Only a specialist will be able to assess the General condition, to prescribe a course of medication to give effective recommendations.

Remember that traditional medicines are supportive, that is, it should be used along with medications, not instead of them.

The next step is a strict diet. Since the attacks of gout occurs most often due to neglect of diet, to normalize their eating.

Do not forget about the movement. Special sets of exercises will not only help to restore and maintain joint mobility, but also to destroy the small crystals of uric acid salts. Excellent results are obtained by a combination of physical therapy and massage.

And, of course, there are many recipes of traditional medicine for both outdoor and indoor use.

Diet for gout

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The main goal of diet is to exclude the ingress of dietary purines sources of uric acid.

Gout do not eat foods from meat and fish, mushrooms, legumes, canned food, chocolate, smoked food, strong coffee and tea.

Allowed to eat poultry, eggs, dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits, berries, nuts.

To uric acid derived from the body active, it is recommended to increase fluid intake – water, drinking and mineral (preference is given to alkaline medicinal waters), juice, fruit drinks.

Traditional medicines

Treatment gout folk remedies combined with selected specialist medicines intended to ease the state of patient with the States of exacerbation excrete excess uric acid and prevent re-inflammation of the joints.

External funds

Folk remedy for gout for external use:

  1. To cope with the pain during the gout will help the lard. If the disease affected the joints of the fingers or toes, you need to cut thin strips of fat that they completely covered the affected areas. Fat slowly rubbed into the skin until then, until the chunks are reduced in size. Leftovers should be discarded. When gout is localized in the larger joints – the elbow, shoulder, knee, should take a larger piece of bacon, tightly applying it to the affected area, fix with a bandage and leaving it like that overnight.
  2. Activated charcoal is a great absorbent, absorbs the excess harmful substances, even through the surface of the skin, including uric acid. This is available to everyone means you can make a very effective medicinal toothpaste. You need to take a few packages of activated charcoal and crush tablets to a state of very fine powder. This can be done using a grinder or pestle. There should be about half glasses of powder. Next, you need to add a small amount of water and a teaspoon of Flaxseed oil. All the ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous paste. The tool is rubbed into the skin before going to sleep, then the joint needs to close cellophane wrap and roll up a warm scarf or a scarf. The next morning the pain and inflammation if not disappear entirely, are greatly reduced.
  3. Pharmacy chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory action. And it helps with gout. Decoction of chamomile can prepare baths for hands or feet. Particularly good results are achieved when you add in the sea salt solution in the proportion of 200 grams for 10 litres. I love pain, a compress of chamomile flowers and elderberry. Of these herbs is prepared broth, which soaked pieces of cloth. The fabric is applied to the inflamed joints and is retained until until the pack is completely cool.
  4. You can treat urine therapy, but experience shows that the baths for the hands and feet of fresh urine are perfectly cope with joint inflammation.
  5. You can prepare a salve using horse chestnut cure treatment for joints. The chestnuts are ground in equal proportions, mixed with camphor or melted fat. Obtained by means of soaked pieces of rye bread, which are applied to the affected area.
  6. For making compresses can be used a decoction of nettle, birch, cabbage, mother and stepmother, burdock, hops, Hypericum, clover. All these herbs relieves the pain and inflammation of the joints.
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Tools for internal use

The popular treatment of gout with tools for internal use:

  1. With the surplus of uric acid copes with ordinary onions. Take three onions of medium size and without removing the husk, put in a quart of boiling water. Simmer until then, until the onion is completely soft, then RUB through a sieve. The resulting broth should be taken for two weeks, one Cup, three times a day before meal. The course is repeated in exacerbations of gout.
  2. For those who can’t stand the taste of onion, there is a more pleasant way – the apples. Patients with gout are encouraged to eat as many of these fruit – as fresh and in juices, compotes, jams. You can also add pieces of Apple to freshly brewed tea.
  3. Infusion of horsetail helps to relieve pain. For its preparation is taken the dried grass at the rate of 2 teaspoons per Cup of boiling water and insist in heat for two hours. Infusion take a tablespoon six times a day.
  4. You can insist on alcohol Valerian root and take the resulting tincture 10 drops three times a day.
  5. Help to get rid of gout warm infusion series. Dried herbs pour hot, but not boiling water and aged until Golden color. The infusion can be drunk in any quantities. It is recommended to replace them tea.
  6. Infusion is another effective against pain and inflammation. You will need 1 tablespoon of peppermint, St. John’s wort oregano, 2 tablespoons of the roots of elecampane, and yarrow, 3 tablespoons of calendula flowers and limes. Teaspoon of the mixture pour boiling water, is decanted two hours. Take a glass in the morning and evening, before meals.
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Change the way of life

At the first symptoms of gout treatment at home need to start with changes in lifestyle and nutrition.

The main companion of gout – obesity, so you should pay attention to not only the quality but also the quantity of food. People with normal weight rarely suffer from this disease.

Salts of uric acid tend to be sedentary joints. Short charging every morning will help to protect them from this trouble.

If you can not do the exercises, it is advisable to do every day walk at least for half an hour and, if possible, transport elevators and prefer walking.

If you experience gout you must additionally check the kidneys, because in their disturbed functioning of even the strictest diet and taking all the required drugs will not help us to remove all the excess uric acid.

It is believed that gout is an incurable disease, but with timely treatment to a specialist, and compliance with all measures for treatment and prevention, you can completely get rid of the painful symptoms of the disease, to maintain complete mobility and continue to enjoy life!