Gout: treatment at home, causes and symptoms

Подагра: лечение в домашних условиях, причины и симптомы заболевания

The accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints destroys the cartilage and causes severe swelling

Gout – a disease characterized by deposition in tissues of urate crystals (uric acid salt). It is caused by metabolic disorders in which there is a decrease in the excretion of uric acid by the kidneys and, as consequence, increase of its concentration in the blood. The disease most often affects men, but can develop in women in menopause.

Gout is chronic. She proceeds with periodic exacerbations, so treatment homemade ways takes on a special meaning. In the history of studying this disease a large number of both traditional and nontraditional methods of treatment at home.

Gout can be divided into primary and secondary. The first type is called hereditary anomalies of the organism, expressed in the lack of enzymes responsible for the use of purine nucleotides which leads to excess uric acid. Hidden hereditary anomalies are enhanced in the absence of physical activity, especially with frequent nervous stress and the abuse of alcohol and foods with excessive purine levels. The secondary form of the disease is a complication of various diseases. Endocrine, hematological diseases, various kidney diseases, psoriasis can lead to a marked change in the concentration of uric acid.

Kristallizuetsya and urate deposits in the joints that causes inflammation and leads eventually to partial or complete destruction of the joint.

Symptoms, treatment of gout

Gout some time to develop symptoms. The first manifestation of the disease occurs in the form of sharp night attack.Often the day before the attack the person feels mild symptoms, but usually do not pay attention to them. The signs of an impending attack appear in the form of unpleasant sensations in joints, in legs, slight indisposition, insomnia.
The main features of first attack of gout is that it occurs first, night, second, in the first metatarsophalangeal joint of the foot. The acute attack is characterized by unbearable pain. The movement of the affected joint becomes impossible. Affected area quickly appears swelling, hot to the touch (first purple, then blue). Within a few hours the pain increases, a fever that may be accompanied by fever. The pain had somewhat subsided only in the morning, and the next night getting up again.
The first attack of gout most often lasts up to four days. The human body goes back to normal, and after 2-3 weeks the patient movement in the joint is fully restored. However, after several months of repeated attacks. Over time, the gap between them is reduced and the disease becomes chronic. Progressive disease leads to damage to other joints and tendons.

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Подагра: лечение в домашних условиях, причины и симптомы заболевания

The bones of the joint are deformed due to friction and gradually destroyed

A common symptom of gout is the accumulation of salts. It manifests itself in the form of dense nodes (tophi), which rise above the surface of the skin. The nodes formed a few years after the first attack and indicate the duration and quite severe form of the disease.

Nodes can concentrate on the ears, elbow and knee joints, hands and fingers.

Treatment during an attack

Treatment during an acute attack (mild attack) is usually carried out at home. To do this you must follow certain rules. The first condition of relief of attack is ensuring that the patient of rest. It is advisable to put the affected foot on a raised platform with a soft lining.

To relieve the unbearable pain recommended the imposition of a ice compress. After the relief of pain should use a soothing hot compress or ointment. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect has a wrap with a 50% solution of novocaine and dipyrone. Recipe for traditional compresses based on the use of:

Подагра: лечение в домашних условиях, причины и симптомы заболевания

A compress of mud will help reduce inflammation and quench the pain in the affected joint

  • honey-salt mass;
  • mixture of iodine and aspirin;
  • activated charcoal diluted in linseed oil.

In the period of occurrence of gout it is necessary that the patient drink lots of alkaline liquids. Recommended amount — up to 2.5-3 litres a day. As a drink you should use mineral water, lemon juice, milk, fruit drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, having an alkaline reaction. Effective means it is possible to recognize, for example, a decoction of cranberries (2 tablespoons of fruit per 250 ml of boiling water).
Mandatory rule treat gout at home is adherence to a low calorie diet. From the menu of the patient should be avoided foods with high amount of purines: meat soups and extracts, from kidney, liver. It is necessary to exclude legumes fruits and cauliflower. Strictly prohibited the consumption of alcohol and coffee. In the period of attack is to go on a strict diet and eat only vegetable broth, jelly, porridge.
The most effective way of dealing with pain and inflammation are medications. Most often when the attack is prescribed colchicine, which is an extract of the Colchicum. The dose is set to 4 mg with the application every hour on the first day of attack and is gradually reduced in the future. In the period of exacerbation of the disease prescribers pirazolonovogo and indole groups: Burdin, Keaton, reopirin, indomethacin, indocid. Effectively the use of non-steroidal drugs: diclofenac, meloxicam, celecoxib or similar. Remember that you should not use aspirin.

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Diet between attacks

Most favorable for the treatment of gout at home is the period between acute attacks.This period is characterized by improvement of the patient’s condition until full normalization, but measures should be taken just then. First and foremost is the diet.
Подагра: лечение в домашних условиях, причины и симптомы заболеванияProducts containing large amounts of animal fats are a source of purines. The high fat content observed in some fish (sardines, sprats) and canned them, fatty meats (especially red varieties, such as beef, pork), smoked. Should be excluded from the diet, these products. Animal fat need to replace the plant (not more than 30 g per day). Meat should be consumed boiled (but not more than 1200 g per month). Meat broth, as the active drive of the purine is eliminated.

To plant foods also should be treated with caution. Sources purine compounds serve certain types of plants, for example, all types of beans (including cocoa beans, coffee, peas, beans, etc.). Contains a lot of purines in cauliflower. This plant food should be completely avoided. Should limit the use of plants with high content of oxalates, which also trigger the disease. These include sorrel, asparagus, turnips, tomatoes and some others.

Salt also stimulates the development of gout, so it should be reduced to 1-3 grams per day.

Physiotherapy and phytotherapy

At home the important role played by thermal and medicinal baths. Most beneficial for patients with gout affect iodide and sodium chloride baths which can treat gout at home.They improve blood circulation, influence metabolism in the body, contribute to the resorption of the formed nodes, reduce the inflammatory process.

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Well proven herbal baths, especially sage. Hot baths with a decoction of sage (100 g in 6 l of water) and relieve inflammation, reduce pain. For the preparation of herbal baths, you can also use lilac flowers, string, hawthorn, lime and other.

Подагра: лечение в домашних условиях, причины и симптомы заболевания

A common way of treatment of gout at home is the use of medicinal herbs and fees. As a rule, they are prepared in the form of decoctions and infusions. The recipe of such funds may be based on the same plant, or on a combination of different types of herbs. The recipe is left to the discretion of the manufacturer and is based on folk traditions.

The most common herbs for making herbal teas is chamomile, elder, series, siren, with many berries (cranberries, strawberries, raspberries and others), aloe, Wheatgrass, and many others. Treatment in the home while respecting the fundamental rules has a positive impact on the patient, but should start with consultation with a doctor.

The use of drugs such as «Allopurinol», «Fulflex», «Colchicine», significantly reduces the likelihood of recurrence of gout.