Gout treatment at home, symptoms of the disease

Лечение подагры в домашних условиях, симптомы болезни

Gout is among the most ancient diseases of mankind. The disease was first described in the V century BC, Greek physician Hippocrates, he gave her the name by which it is called to this day. «Gout» from Greek literally means «foot trap». If earlier the disease was fairly uncommon and mostly from the rich, in recent years, the number of people suffering from it has increased dramatically.

Is it possible to treat gout at home? This question arises every person faced with this disease. In order to understand how to help myself with this illness, you need to understand the mechanism of its occurrence.

The development of gout in humans

Gout is a chronic disease, the main causes are improper nutrition and hereditary predisposition. Often illness is the companion of overweight, arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus and other serious diseases. Gout occurs due to accumulation in the patient’s blood uric acid (hyperuricemia). The excretion of acid from the body do the kidneys.

If the concentration of uric acid in the organs of the urinary system don’t do their job, causing it collects in the kidneys, joints and under the skin in the form of salts (urate of sodium). Often urate get deposited in the joints of the toes and arms, causing in these places serious inflammatory processes, accompanied by excruciating pain.

Sources of uric acid are meats and alcohol that is why the disease is most common in people who abuse animal food and alcoholic drinks. To provoke an attack of gout can a low-quality fats, certain medications, intense fiznagruzki or, conversely, a sedentary lifestyle. In medical practice, described the case when the disease has developed in patients receiving woman diuretics for quick weight loss. The likelihood of developing gout increases in people next of kin have suffered from it.

The disease is most common among men, among women the number of cases is much smaller.

The main symptoms of the disease

Despite the fact that gout is characterized by paroxysmal course, it refers to systemic illness, affecting not only the joints but also the kidneys. The patient may develop kidney stones, glomerulonephritis or tubulointerstitial nephritis. Sometimes an unfortunate consequence of the gout becomes kidney failure. The disease is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • sudden and unexplained emergence of a strong, exhausting pain in the big toe joint at night (it can last up to several days);
  • amazed by the salts of uric acid area swells and becomes bluish tint, move your finger becomes unbearable pain;
  • on the spot salt deposits formed dense painful nodular formation (tophi), most often they occur on the fingers and toes, creases of the elbows and ears.
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Лечение подагры в домашних условиях, симптомы болезни

Swelling of the joint indicates the beginning of an attack

Gout — the disease is very serious, noticing her symptoms, the treatment should start under supervision of a doctor. Your doctor will direct the patient on the biochemical analysis of blood, which will help to determine the concentration of uric acid.

Patients diagnosed with gout, blood tests need to pass every 3 month: regular inspection will allow you to control the level of uric acid in the body of the patient. Usually you can cure gout at home.

The rules of conduct of the patient during an exacerbation

Under the independent treatment of gout means measures aimed at alleviating the human condition during the attack. If a patient has struck an attack of gouty arthritis, it is necessary:

  • go to bed;
  • to fix the injured limb in an elevated position and provide it with complete rest;
  • apply on the inflamed joint compress with Vishnevsky ointment or Dimexidum (these drugs have anti-inflammatory effect);
  • to ensure plentiful water (alkaline mineral water, decoction of oats, fresh-squeezed sour juice);
  • to observe the starvation diet (rare cereal, cooked with water, jelly, vegetable soup);
  • to facilitate the state to take non-steroid drugs with analgesic and anti-inflammatory (nimesulide, diclofenac, indomethacin, etc.).

Лечение подагры в домашних условиях, симптомы болезни

If the attack of gout developed on a background of reception of medicines for the prevention of exacerbations, then they need to continue to take according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor. If the patient has not used preventive medications, start doing it during the attack does not follow. Is strictly prohibited without permission to take drugs, whose action is directed on the relief of gout attacks. Such funds shall be prescribed only by a specialist, so in the case of severe exacerbation not neglect medical help.

Subject to the above recommendations, the patient will be able to cope with the aggravation for 2-3 days. Otherwise, the disease can put him to bed for a longer period.

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Proper nutrition in disease

To deal with gout at home, use a special diet, which a sick man must observe constantly. Of food to avoid all foods that contribute to the production in the body uric acid. These include fatty meats and fish, offal, canned meat and fish, animal fat, smoked meats, rich broth.

Contraindicated podagrica not only products of animal origin. To cause exacerbation of the disease can mushrooms, beans, raspberries, sorrel, cauliflower, spinach, figs. Banned coffee, strong tea, cocoa, chocolate and alcohol (especially dangerous for gout beer).

Лечение подагры в домашних условиях, симптомы болезни

In order not to provoke aggravation, the person needs to reduce the consumption of lean meats, fish and poultry up to 2 times a week. With caution should eat marinated and pickled vegetables, flour products and pastry. With a reasonable consumption of this food will bring the body of the sick person any harm.

The list of products allowed for gout are wide enough. It includes potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and almost all other vegetables raw, boiled and stewed, fruits, berries, weak tea, fruit drinks, compotes, jellies, dairy products. Patient recommended vegetable soups, cereals meals, nuts, eggs, pasta from durum wheat. The need to buy bread, rye, wheat or bran. Lovers of sweets is permitted to indulge itself, marmalade, candy and creams. Useful alkaline mineral water, decoction of rose hips, fresh-squeezed citrus juices. The man who has recurrent gout attacks, you need to drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid a day.

Proper diet for gout is extremely important because it is the basis of treatment. Usually when dieting bouts of illness disappears over time. It is important to understand that the absence of exacerbations for a long time does not mean that gout will never bother people.

In violation of the food disease again remind themselves so diet for gout should be the norm.

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Traditional treatment of gout

People interested in how to cure gout at home can be advised to use folk remedies, intended for external use. Will help in the treatment of disease a solution made from iodine and acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). For its preparation you need 2 teaspoons of iodine dissolve 5 tablets of aspirin and wait until the liquid is colorless.

Received, the medication should be poured into glass containers. For the treatment of gout needs to be regularly before going to bed to smear iodine-aspirinova fluid joints, on which there are tophi. After that affected area of the body should be placed in warm (feet wearing socks, hand — gloves). In the morning, the mortar should be flush with the body of water. Repeat the procedure, preferably until the complete disappearance of tophi.

Treatment at home gout can be done through warm iodine-soda baths. To prepare the bath is followed by 1 l of water dissolve 3 drops of iodine and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. The resulting liquid for 10-15 minutes, lower legs or hands. It is important to keep the water for the procedure was cold. The claims of traditional healers, after 10 days of tophi will be over.

Even if with exacerbations of gout people can cope at home, to ignore the attending health should not be. Gout affects not only the joints, it can cause complications in the urinary system, so the patient needs to consult regularly with your doctor and conduct a survey of the body.