Gout: treatment, causes, symptoms and features of illness

Gout is a disease associated with metabolism, which leads to an increase of uric acid in the blood and its salts deposition in tissues of body. The disease can affect all joints, treatment it difficult. Completely cure this disease is impossible. Often, gout affects the joints of the toes, but can develop on the joints of the hand.

Symptoms, causes and types of diseases

Подагра: лечение, причины, симптомы и особенности болезни

Cartilage connective tissue joint corroded by uric acid crystals

The disease can manifest itself in unexpected sharp pain, redness of the skin. Basically, the aggravation occurs at night. At first the patient may feel a tingling in the joint. If not treated gout, the pain becomes more frequent, and aggravation longer. The disease spread to the adjacent joints.

The disease is characterized by alternation of exacerbation and remission stages, during which the health of the person is absolutely normal. The time between «attacks» can last for several years, but, statistically, they are repeated on average up to two times per year.

Classification of types of gout.

  • The acute stage is characterized by General weakness, headache, increased body temperature to 39°C. Large toe really hurts, which is accompanied by redness of the skin. Can disrupt motor function of the joints.
  • The subacute form causes mild pain in the big toe. Rarely exudative manifestations.
  • Rheumatoid gout is manifested on the hands. It affects the small joints of the hands. Prolonged attack may develop oligoarthritis.
  • Pseudopregnancy gout is able to affect any joints. The patient is in fever, ESR increases.
  • Provoke occurrence of gout can the following factors:

    • the use of alcohol;
    • trauma;
    • the load on the joint;
    • surgery;
    • the use of diuretics.

    To diagnose gout, you need to determine the level of urea in blood and to examine the kidneys with ultrasound.

    The main ways of dealing with gout

    Treatment for gout — quite a long and complicated process. This ancient illness was described by Hippocrates. How to get rid of gout, was conceived many thousands of years ago.

    If time does not begin treatment, the prolonged course of the disease can start to be deposited the salts of uric acid (tophi). They first appear in the ears, then you can be in any place of the body, to diagnose them can be very difficult.

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    Approach to the treatment of gout needs to be comprehensive. In this regard, there are such required directions.

  • Blocking the pain with worsening disease.
  • Maintenance of remission to prevent any more «attacks» of gout.
  • Troubleshooting complications of the disease resulting from deposition of uric acid salts in the joints.
  • Treatment of diseases that complicate gout (obesity, hypertension).
  • Подагра: лечение, причины, симптомы и особенности болезни

    How to treat gout, doctors know, but how to get rid of the disease completely, no one knows. Experts recommend patients to certain medications, it is advised to normalize the power system, to prevent strong cooling and overheating. We recommend the use of alternative therapies. Effective and physical therapy in gout.

    In the prevention and treatment of gout is important not only medicines, physiotherapy and folk remedies, but the right way of life.

    The use of traditional methods

    How to get rid of the disease on their feet, argue many traditional healers. Home remedies to help effectively reduce inflammation and prevent complications. The most effective methods of folk medicine for the treatment of gout:

    • urinotherapy;
    • use compresses;
    • the use of decoctions and infusions.

    Traditional healers claim that if every day to keep the limb in urine, it will have a positive effect.

    Подагра: лечение, причины, симптомы и особенности болезни

    To treat gout, you can use the healing baths. For this purpose, the roots of nettle, grass, sage, pine tree branch, chamomile flowers, leaves of currant. For baths you need to take 250-300 g of plants to fill them 3-5 liters of boiling water and insist 2 hours. Then strained broth is poured into a warm bath.

    An effective means of treatment for gout are the packs. When the inflammation of the joints helps a compress of baking soda and honey. The gauze must be put on the spoon of each of these components and attach all to the affected joint. Compresses are made until until the symptoms of inflammation. You can make a poultice from 2 tablespoons of wine vinegar and red clay.

    Teas and tinctures are also used for the treatment of gout. Grass is one of the powerful tools to which the disease recedes. The most effective consider a decoction of cranberries. To cook 2 tablespoons of bilberry pour a glass of hot water and boil 15 minutes. To drink the broth throughout the day, every day, to prepare new. Duration of use — until the disappearance of symptoms.

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    Folk remedies treatment of gout are iodine and aspirin. Need 10 ml of iodine and five tablets of acetylsalicylic acid. This mixture was treated diseased parts.

    To relieve the pain of gout by using activated carbon. Grind the charcoal tablets and add to them a spoonful of flax seeds. To treat joint, cover it with foil and wrap. This procedure is done for the night.

    Drug treatment of the disease

    Speaking about what is gout and how to treat it, you can not leave without attention the medicine. Medication can effectively overcome the disease, helping to relieve inflammation and pain attacks, reduce the risk of recurrence.

    Подагра: лечение, причины, симптомы и особенности болезни

    In the acute phase, the attending doctor prescribes the patient to take painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs (colchicine or kolhamin, indomethacin). In some cases, every 6 hours used dexamethasone. If the disease started to inject glucocorticoids into the affected joint of a finger. For the treatment of gout be sure to take protivopodagricescie drugs narrow steps. In the period between exacerbations prescribed two groups of drugs: inhibitors of the synthesis of uric acid (allopurinol, thiopurinol, orotic acid) and means, deriving it through the kidneys. To use these medications for a long period of time, given that the disease cannot be cured completely.

    Often doctors prescribe ointments for gout. Cream «Folex» can be used in the initial stages of the disease, and in advanced cases. This medication has no contraindications, and its constituent natural ingredients have anti-inflammatory action on the affected joints of the hands and feet.

    Medical treatment for gout is not the only method. It is often necessary to resort to surgery. And although to cure gout completely fail, surgery can permanently get rid of recurrences. But this method is used only if the disease can not be effectively treated with medication.

    True enough laser treatment. It enhances the action of drugs. This method is safe, but costly.

    Helper methods: physical therapy and diet

    Gout is a disease during exacerbation of which use lotions of a solution of Dimexidum, if you are not allergic to this drug. In remission is used:

    • mud;
    • electrophoresis;
    • magnetotherapy treatment;
    • ultrasound;
    • thermal procedures (paraffin, ozokerite);
    • ultraviolet irradiation.

    Подагра: лечение, причины, симптомы и особенности болезни

    In sanatoriums, the physical therapy provided by a number of procedures that help to improve the condition of the patient. Resorting to physical therapy and massage, using mineral water, you can feel the improvement. Spa treatment helps to forget about the disease for a long time. Physical therapy should be part of comprehensive treatment for gout.

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    To help yourself in the treatment you can use self-massage. First you need to massage the areas around the diseased joint, and then the joint itself. Self-massage can not be done during acute attacks of gout. With remission of pain is to stretch the skin around the affected joint, slowly turning to rubbing and gymnastics.

    What is gout and how to treat it, in General, is clear. But the above will be more effective if you follow a certain menu. In the acute stage the diet is especially strict. From use eliminates a lot of the foods.

  • Fatty fish, meat, smoked, salty.
  • Beans, peas, spices.
  • Alcohol, strong tea, coffee, soda.
  • Muffin, chocolate, confectionery.
  • During periods when the disease is in remission, too, need to limit themselves and to follow the diet. In addition, the diet acts as the main method of prevention of the disease. Foods that must be included in the diet:

    • pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, herbs (dill);
    • rice soup, macaroni and water;
    • meat Turkey, chicken;
    • low-fat sea fish;
    • kefir, yogurt;
    • the bread of bran;
    • green tea, compotes;
    • vegetable oil;
    • green apples, currants, bananas;
    • one egg a day.

    The main principles that must be followed during the diet: boiled only made steamed or baked food, lots of vegetables, seasoned with oil, drink plenty of liquids to excrete salt. The water should contain a minimum of mineral salts.

    The question of how to cure gout, there is no simple answer. However, the above methods will help to stop the progression of the disease and to prevent recurrences.