Gout — treatment medicines, diet and lifestyle

Gout treatment medicines: pills, ointments and other medications

Gout — a disease caused by a violation of purine metabolism, resulting in the deposition of urate (uric acid) in joints, the ear cartilage, the epiphyses of bones with subsequent development of aseptic inflammation.


The treatment of the disease

Gout treatment medicines requires an individual approach directed not only against this disease but with the attendant diseases. The focus of treatment are the removal of pain, prevention of emergence of new disease as well as complications of a chronic nature, which include kidney damage and destruction of the joints.

Therapy includes medications and dietary meals. The treatment is carried out in 2 stages:

  1. Mild attack at the time of exacerbation.
  2. Basic therapy.

How is the relief of an attack?

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In the period of exacerbation the patient should arrive at the hospital in special hospital wards.

The purpose of this stage of treatment is pain relief, decrease joint inflammation, which affects uric acid metabolism and restoration of normal mobility of the joint.

This is assigned to the following groups of drugs.

NSAIDs more effective drugs of this group are:

  • Phenylbutazone (ointment gout) – anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and Antirheumatic. Apply around the affected area with a thin layer and does not require rubbing;
  • Indomethacin (tablets) — an effective anti-inflammatory drugs to treat gout. Has a pronounced analgesic activity. A daily dose of 150 mg is 0.05 g/3 R/day;
  • Ibuprofen (tablets) is a gout medication used mainly on the height of a gouty attack. Daily intake of these pills gout from 1200 — 2400 mg.
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Steroid hormones – these drugs are very powerful, but contain many side effects. They prescribed a short course or once in the form of injections that make directly into a damaged joint causing the attack will stop and the inflammatory process is on the decline. Mostly:

  • Betamethasone – hormonal drug for local and systemic use (glucocorticoid).
  • Methylprednisolone – a drug that can be used in the form of tablets, ointment and solution for injection.

Colchicine is a gout medication obtained from Colchicum is a strong medicine, acute gout. Available in tablets of 0.5 mg for the reception inside in vials for injection. Intravenous its introduction is indicated in severe attacks.

The mechanism of action is to suspend the process of degranulation of lysosomes, inhibition of the leukocytes, obstruction of the phagocytosis of urate. In addition, the drug has mild anti-inflammatory, antoniniana, an antihistaminic action.

Treatment with colchicine should start in the prodromal period. After his first reception improvement was observed after 12 h. the Drug shows its effectiveness in 90% of cases, with timely treatment. Inflammation disappears within 48 hours. The lack of effect observed in delayed its use.

Doses and ways of reception must be agreed with the doctor.

Basic therapy

This treatment transferred after the inflammation is removed. The goal of therapy is improvement of an organism as a whole. Treatment is with medication, which are part of 2 big groups:

  1. Writeprint;
  2. Urikozuricescie means.

Drugs for gout is a group effect on the main link of pathogenesis – reduce blood levels of uric acid and its salts.

The most common urikozuricescimi are:

  • Allopurinol (tablets) taken at day 1, at a dose of 300 mg after meals.
  • Hepatocytes (solution for injection) the drug is administered intramuscularly 2-3/week.
  • Thiopurinol – appoint 3 R/day, inside of 0.1 g. the Effect is visible within days of the start of administration. It normalizes the concentration of uric acid in the blood plasma.
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The most popular urikozuricescie means include:

  • Benzbromaron (micronized powder) – inhibits the synthesis of purines. Average dose of 100 mg/day.;
  • Probenecid (tablets) increases the excretion of uric acid. Within 1 month of treatment the drug is taken 2 R./day in a dose of 250 mg If effect is not achieved, the dose should be brought to 500 mg./2 p./day.

Urikozuricescie means shown not to all. They enhance the clearance of urate, resulting in a danger to the body. Therefore, their method needs to be prescribed by a doctor, but no it is not their own.

Treatment of late complications

Years later, after the initial exacerbation of gout can form the tophi, which are mostly painless, but sometimes increase in size and cause complications. If time to engage in their treatment, which requires a comprehensive approach, they will reduce themselves. Sometimes an autopsy can occur on their own, without any treatment.

Revealed granulomas treated with an antiseptic, for these purposes, use of iodine containing remedies, antibacterial ointment.

The most serious complication of gout is chronic renal failure. To avoid this, the recommended abundant liquid intake and periodic intravenous infusion (infusion) alkalizing solutions.

This measure prevents the deposition of urate stones in the pelvis of the organs of the liver. For alkalinity use sodium infusions, electrolyte solutions, bicarbonate of soda. All of these tools should be used under close laboratory supervision.

In the process of laboratory tests of blood and urine shows the presence of acid and the number of urate, derived from the urine. In this regard, at the time of the exacerbation, patients should arrive at steady-state conditions under the supervision of a rheumatologist.

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Adjuvant treatment

Drug treatment of gout will be ineffective, if not to resort to additional measures, which include:

  • Physiotherapy;
  • Hardware treatment (exposure of joint);
  • Treatment warm;
  • Massages;
  • Hydrotherapy.

A full range of procedures you can go to special homes, where all additional treatments are performed in the complex.


Nutrition therapy plays a big role, as some products can trigger a recurrence of gout. From the diet should exclude:

  • Meat soups and broths;
  • Smoked and canned goods;
  • By-products;
  • Fatty and salty cheeses;
  • Hot spices;
  • Some species of fish;
  • Alcohol.

Constraints to use:

  • Beef and poultry;
  • Salt;
  • Sugar.

The main menu should include:

  • Eggs;
  • Fruit juices and herbal teas;
  • Honey;
  • Fruits and berries;
  • Lean fish;
  • Cereals and pasta;
  • Vegetables;
  • Dried fruits, nuts;
  • Dairy products.

Of fat is preferable to use butter and vegetable oil.

Lifestyle gout

The treatment efficiency can be achieved only in total abstinence from alcoholic drinks and limit the consumption of coffee and strong black tea. Is worsening every day to workout and to do therapeutic exercises.

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