Gout treatment: ointments and traditional medicine

Подагры лечение: мази и народная медицинаGout is a very unpleasant disease. Usually it occurs in men and manifests itself as severe arthritis and formation of tophi — gouty nodes, but recently the disease occurs in women. This disease most often affects the joints after 40 years.

The person experiences a lot of discomfort while walking, because gout usually affects the toes. This disease was described by Hippocrates, calling it «the Royal disease», because it leads to the failure of moderation in food and alcoholic beverages.

The causes of the disease

  • Gout is caused by high uric acid levels.
  • Gout affects many people, as modern man consumes large quantities of food rich in purines (meat, grilled fish), and drinks too much alcohol. Observed that when there were wars, the number of patients with gout is significantly reduced, because meat and alcohol were scarce products.
  • Another factor of the disease is heredity, and often renal failure and diseases of the blood are the perfect backdrop for development of dangerous disease.
  • Maintaining a sedentary lifestyle.

  • The symptoms of gout

    An acute attack of the disease first can be manifested on the background of overeating or taking large quantities of alcoholic beverages. It is characterized by a sharp flash of pain. The pain manifests itself in the morning or late at night. It can be so strong that the person suffering the disease, is forced to enlist the help of painkillers.

    Following the attacks feel like tingling in the diseased joint. If you do not pay attention to early symptoms and begin early treatment, the disease will progress. Attacks will occur more often. Gout will affect other joints may even move to the kidneys. Attacks of pain can last up to several days. The skin on the joint begins to redden and peel. Another common sign of gout is that the patient’s limbs may be some build — up- tophi. If the tophus burst, you can see the crystals of the hydrochloric acid. Of course, all of the above symptoms interfere with a person to fully live and work.

    But gout, if untreated, will become complicated. If the disease is to start and not to start the treatment, it becomes chronic and is fraught with the transition to the stage of gouty arthritis. There have urolithiasis.

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    Подагры лечение: мази и народная медицина

    The accumulation of crystals of uric acid corrodes the cartilage

    You should know that kidney stones cause kidney failure, which will lead to imminent death.

    How to treat the disease?

    People noticed any of the above symptoms must consult a doctor who will perform a complete examination and prescribe the appropriate treatment. But you can help yourself and themselves in eliminating this disease. Gout can be treated by using various means, but a closer look at the treatment of ointments.

    You should pay attention to the fact that before you use any of these drugs, you should always consult with your doctor!

    Coming into a pharmacy and asked to recommend a cream or ointment will usually be suggested ointment «Fulflex» or Vishnevsky ointment. In Fulflex includes birch extract. As you know, birch leaves bring a strong diuretic effect. In addition, this drug has a good sedative and anti-inflammatory effect. There are no contraindications to application are not revealed, so you may safely use this medicine. «Fulflex» sold in capsules. He appeared relatively recently, but has already proved itself as a good pain reliever.

    To relieve the acute pain will approach the well-known «Fastum-gel». Sore spots grease with a small amount and after some time the pain will gradually subside.

    Traditional medicine and its assistance in the treatment of disease

    Подагры лечение: мази и народная медицинаGout treatment can be carried out with the help of ointments made at home. For its preparation it is necessary to take one part castor oil and two parts alcohol, dipped in the resulting mixture a clean cloth and make a poultice on the affected joint. If the attack began suddenly, quickly relieve the pain will help blend with the usual iodine. For its preparation is alcohol, castor oil and iodine should be mixed in equal parts and make lotions on the affected places. This recipe can be used every day, as it has no contraindications and pain very quickly removed.

    Purchase drugs in finished form is certainly good, but in the interest of saving you could make an ointment yourself at home in the kitchen and carry out the treatment, knowing exactly what it consists of your medications. Traditional medicine is very successful in treating this disease.

    To treat this disease you can use the following folk recipes healing ointment.

    Recipe 1. The use of beer and oil.

    This will require:

    • 200 g of butter;
    • 70 ml of beer;
    • 50 g of camphor.

    You should put the oil in a saucepan and start to melt on low heat. You must wait until the water starts boiling, collecting the resulting foam and add to the mixture of beer and camphor. Wait until everything comes to a boil, remove from heat and allow to cool. This ointment can lubricate the joints before going to bed. It warms and relieves pain.

    Recipe 2. Soap with sunflower oil.

    Подагры лечение: мази и народная медицинаYou will need:

    • ¼ Sunflower oil;
    • ¼ Soap, which should grate on a coarse grater;
    • 1 tsp. of baking soda;
    • 50 ml of kerosene.

    Put butter soap, baking soda and kerosene. Mix well. To apply the ointment is necessary when you experience pain.

    Recipe 3. Tincture of wormwood

    You will need:

    • 1 tbsp. l. flowers of wormwood;
    • 300 ml of boiling water.

    It is necessary to fill the wormwood in a thermos and fill it with boiling water. Infuse for 2 hours, then strain and use as an external analgesic.

    Recipe 4. Treatment of gout by the kidneys black poplar.

    You will need:

    • 30 g of the kidneys;
    • 4 parts of vaseline;
    • 4 parts butter (1 portion — 120g).

    Grind the buds of the black poplar into a powder, mix with vaseline and oil. The ointment is prepared. Should apply for rubbing into the affected joint.

    Recipe 5. The herbal treatment.

    You will need:

    • 1 tsp. yarrow;
    • 1 teaspoon St. John’s wort;
    • 1 tsp sage;
    • 2 tbsp of vaseline.

    Melt the vaseline in a water bath. Grind dried herbs into powder and mix them with vaseline. Wait until the ointment is completely cool. This ointment can be used 2-3 times a day. It warms and reduces inflammation.

    But one of the most important conditions is that the treatment of gout ointments should be carried out not once a month, but systematically, in this case, the result will appear soon. Before carrying out this treatment you should consult with your doctor in order to avoid various complications.

    Prevention of the disease

    Подагры лечение: мази и народная медицина

    The best prevention is proper diet

    In order for the first time manifested symptoms gout is not moved to the stage of a serious illness, it is recommended to follow a strict diet. To do this, follow these rules.

  • Reduce the consumption of food rich in protein (seafood, beans, soy).
  • Drink plenty of fluids to maintain renal function in the normal state.
  • Drink plenty of mineral water, unsweetened teas, milk, juices, plain water. Always before going to bed, drink a glass of weak tea with no added sugar.
  • Limit salt in your diet.
  • Try to completely abandon any kind of alcohol, even beer. As you know, beer contains a large amount of protein, and its use will lead to a worsening of the disease.
  • Several times a month to arrange fasting days. Refrain at this time completely from meat and fish. Eat more vegetables and fruits, especially pay attention to citrus.
  • Avoid hard physical exertion.
  • Keep track of your weight. Try not to gain weight, this make for yourself a personalized diet.
  • Gout is a very serious disease, which is fraught with serious problems and discomfort. If the time to pay attention to the symptoms and begin treatment, the result can please. You can not start treatment of the disease.Early treatment will speed up recovery and return to a comfortable life.

    Do not delay with the visit to the doctor, because if the first pain hasn’t caused you much trouble, then the pain will be so strong that some patients can not withstand even the gravity of the sheets on the patient’s joint.

    The doctor may prescribe, except ointments and even pills for drinking. Try not to skip medications, because only systematic treatment will give your results. We must remember that it is much easier to prevent disease than to treat the disease itself.