Gout treatment with iodine and aspirin: recipes

Лечение подагры йодом и аспирином: рецепты

A characteristic manifestation of the disease

Today in the treatment of gout integrated approach. It involves following a special diet and the intake of drugs. The action of these medications aimed at reducing pain during attacks and lower uric acid levels in the blood.

Along with traditional therapy is widely used treatment gout iodine. Use a standard solution of iodine sold in pharmacies. It is considered an effective means of traditional medicine that help to combat this disease at an early stage.

Iodine gout: helps or not?

The use of iodine as a treatment for gout has a lot of positive reviews from people who have experienced its beneficial effect on me. It is believed that the iodine is able to penetrate deep into the affected arthritic deposits in the joints and quenching inflammation, relieving the person from the painful symptoms. To enhance the therapeutic effect of traditional healers and doctors recommend to combine the treatment with traditional methods treatment with medication.

However, there are physicians who are skeptical about the claims about ability to cure gout with iodine. They believe that the relief of the patient when this drug is nothing more than a placebo effect. He is known to be based on the person’s belief in a full recovery.

Despite the fact that a number of experts opposes the use of iodine solution in the struggle with gout, the benefits of this drug is quite noticeable. Successful treatment outcome with the use of iodine depends on how promptly the patient was diagnosed with gout. If the disease is identified in a patient already in poor condition, a solution of iodine will be ineffective.

There are many recipes of traditional medicine, which uses iodine. All methods of treatment of gout using this drug is recommended for outdoor use. Before you start to apply them, the patient will have to consult with your doctor.

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Recipes with aspirin and iodine

Лечение подагры йодом и аспирином: рецепты

The ingredients for a poultice

How to treat gout with iodine? Warm up joints affected with deposits of salts of uric acid, you can use a warming solution. Its main ingredients are iodine aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). For the preparation of a therapeutic agent to the patient will need:

  • iodine 10 ml;
  • aspirin 5 tablets.

Iodine is poured into a small glass bowl. Tablets are crushed to a powder and add in glass. Aspirin should completely dissolve iodine and decolorize it. After treatment the liquid is white, it can start to use for therapeutic purposes.

The solution should lubricate the inflamed joints daily before going to sleep, after which the treated area to insulate (on my feet, wear warm socks, hand – gloves). Iodine-aspirin solution deeply warms the affected arthritic places deposits (tophi) and contributes to the dissolution of salts. It is left on the skin for whole night and in the morning wash off with warm water and soap. The procedure is repeated until the complete disappearance of tophi.

In the treatment of gout with iodine and aspirin, you can use another recipe for which you will need:

  • iodine 10 ml;
  • aspirin — 2 tablets;
  • freshly squeezed juice of one lemon.

Powdered tablets of acetylsalicylic acid mixed with iodine, as in the previous recipe. Then add lemon juice. The resulting solution is treated with designated gouty deposits, after which they are wrapped up and leave the heat on all night.

Procedure is done for three consecutive days, then it is recommended to resort to a seven-day break and do it all over again. The treatment is carried out until complete disappearance of lumps.

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Foot baths and ointments homemade

Лечение подагры йодом и аспирином: рецепты

When gouty deposits on the feet is recommended to do warm salt bath with the addition of iodine. To make one bath you will need:

  • hot water (40 degrees) — 2 l;
  • coarse sea salt — 4 tbsp. spoons;
  • iodine 20 drops.

Feet dipped in the prepared aqueous solution for half an hour. The procedure should be repeated daily for 2 weeks. This bath reduces the pain of the tophi and contributes to their gradual reduction.

You can prepare a bath and in another recipe. For one procedure you need to take:

  • hot water — 2 liters;
  • baking soda — 2 tsp.;
  • iodine — 10 drops.

Soda and iodine dissolved in water and dipped in the resulting liquid inflamed joints. The procedure time is 20 minutes. After it bumps on legs will soften and stop hurting. The course of treatment is 2 weeks, then it is recommended to take a break for 10 days.

If gout is too painful bumps, they are recommended to grease with a solution prepared from:

  • iodine;
  • eau de Cologne;
  • ammonia.

All components taken in equal proportions, mixed and placed in a glass container and leave in a dark place for 48 hours. Ready solution lubricate inflamed joints 3 times a day. Do it until, until the pain is completely gone.

Gout treatment folk remedies can be done with the help of iodized salt. It is able to remove deposits of uric acid salts is not worse than the iodine. Effective against arthritic bumps on legs and arms is ointment home cooking. For it will need:

  • iodized salt — 500 g;
  • vaseline — 200 g;
  • water — 0,5 L.
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Salt placed in a pot, pour water and, constantly stirring, bring the solution to boil. Boil, and when the liquid has evaporated, iodised salt is cooled and mixed with vaseline. The resulting ointment is recommended to make compresses on the area of tophi: a thick layer put on the sore spot, cover with a piece of woolen cloth and a bandage. The poultice should be left on the body overnight. The procedure promotes the resorption of bumps painful. I repeat it to reduce the salt formations.

Though povidone iodine is a harmless drug, its use in the treatment of gout only need the doctor’s permission. We should not forget that salt deposits in the periarticular tissues is the consequence of the surplus of uric acid in the blood. To normalize uric acid levels and excretion of its salts from the body treatment with traditional medicine is not enough.

To get rid of gout requires a comprehensive therapy that includes intake of medicines, diet and normal drinking regime. The use of recipes of traditional medicine should be considered only as a secondary method of accelerating recovery.