Gout: treatment with mineral water of low mineralization

If you eat a lot and like to drink beyond measure, the payback for this will come rather quickly. One day, quite unexpectedly, starts pain attack, which will indicate the presence of a disease such as gout. This is quite «ancient» disease. People from time immemorial have suffered it. Gout was considered a disease primarily of the rich people who every day a large number of fish, meat and alcoholic beverages, so it was called the «disease of gourmets».

Подагра: лечение минеральной водой малой минерализации

Inflammation in the affected joint

Causes, symptoms and diagnosis of disease

Gout is a disease that occurs on the background of metabolic disorders. This disease is particularly very susceptible to kidneys and joints, as it can result from excessive deposits of uric acid salts in the organs and tissues. This is due to the collapse of purines contained in the cells and act together with food in the body.

Usually this disease affects men after 40 years. It develops in women after menopause. Predisposed to gout people who:

  • obese;
  • have diabetes mellitus;
  • suffer from hypertension;
  • abused fatty foods and alcohol;
  • move a little;
  • have a genetic predisposition to the disease.

Подагра: лечение минеральной водой малой минерализации

On the occurrence and development of gout is influenced by the following factors:

  • constant excess consumption of protein;
  • increased education in the body of uric acid;
  • reduction the excretion of uric acid by the kidneys.

Gout quite a long time without developing any symptoms. Salts of uric acid are gradually deposited in the kidneys and joints in the form of small crystals. The disease manifests itself acute attack. Acute gout manifests as arthritis. The disease can affect any joint, but primarily affects the joints of the feet. Often the first affected by the disease of the big toe. The signs of inflammation are: redness, swelling, pain and sometimes fever. Every touch to the affected area causes severe pain.

Gout is a very insidious disease. It can even lead to kidney failure, so you need to start treating it immediately upon detection. In the treatment of gout it is necessary to follow a strict diet, appointed by drinking plenty of fluids. Doctors recommend drinking mineral water at least 1.5 liters per day.

Therapy mineral water

Gout is a chronic disease, so treatment is a rather complicated process. Therapy of this disease include:

  • the use of drugs;
  • performing special exercises and diet;
  • the use of traditional medicine.

Among the folk remedies against gout is very very popular mineral water. It is a natural water which contains various minerals and gases (hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.). Mineral water has on the body therapeutic effect. It is formed from atmospheric precipitation in the depths of the earth. Atmospheric moisture passes through different rocks, dissolves a chemical substance and is saturated with different gases.

This treatment of gout experts recommend drinking alkaline water mineralized sulphate-hydrocarbonate or hydrocarbonate just composition. Adopted inward hypotonic water is rapidly absorbed and increases the volume of extracellular fluid. It mobilizes metabolic processes and is easily excreted from the body. Thus there is a kind of cleaning of the urinary tract. Alkalization of urine helps uric acid to dissolve and thereby prevent the progression of gout.

It is recommended to drink water on an empty stomach half an hour before meals, 3 times a day 1.5 cups for 1 admission. Before drinking water temperature should be around 36-40 degrees. Be sure to control the dose and frequency of admission, and the temperature of the water.

Gout just need to drink mineral water, it removes salt from the joints, and even relieves acute pain. It is important to remember that the treatment is necessary to use water that is low salinity, which has a strong diuretic effect.

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