Gout: what not to eat when the disease

Подагра: что нельзя есть при заболевании

What happens when the destruction of the diseased joint

Gout is a disease that can be cured completely impossible. A person suffering from this disease should know that if he wants to preserve his health, to make attacks of gouty arthritis less prolonged and painful, it is necessary to care not only about the correct medication, but also about nutrition. There is a list of foods not to eat with gout.

Forbidden foods is not a whim of the doctors. For people with gouty arthritis, proper nutrition is vital. Just the diet can create the body the conditions for removal of salts of uric acid, to normalize its balance in the blood and strengthen the immune system. What products can be included in the diet for gout and what will have to give up for health? Let’s get together.

What is prohibited is podagrica

When there is a modification of the joints, too late to talk about prevention of gout with the help of a balanced diet. Now the most important thing to know which foods provoke an attack and the development of the disease, and not eating them.

It is well known: eat a lot of animal products is harmful. Gout often develops in people, a large part of the diet which includes these foods. The gout is highly undesirable to abuse the fats of animal origin. They can cause not only stroke, but also to provoke disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

Подагра: что нельзя есть при заболеванииVery often patients are accustomed to eat animal products, worried that not eating meat broths. However, we must remember that we are talking about the preservation of health. These meals cause an increase in uric acid in the body. Vegetable soups are much healthier meat. However, their preparation has many limitations.

Beans contain micronutrients that help to form tissues, therefore, such products are useful for healthy person. But if you have gout, eating beans is extremely dangerous. The most common pea or bean soup is able to provoke an attack of gouty arthritis.

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Diet for gout includes the use of proper drinks. Alcohol must be confined to the past, if a patient wants to slow down the destructive changes in the joints and not lose the ability to move independently. Strong black coffee and tea is strictly prohibited, but green tea has an ability to restore purine metabolism in the body, is very useful. Daily a person suffering from gout should drink 2-2,5 liters of liquid, so that the body could excrete uric acid salt. If the disease is accompanied by violation of kidney function, this rule is canceled.

The use of spices in gout is strictly prohibited, the only exception is the Bay leaf. You cannot add it in soups roasting, and only a small amount of vegetable oil. Podagrica can’t eat mushrooms, because the cream of mushroom soup will have to forget.

Подагра: что нельзя есть при заболевании

Foods that trigger an acute attack of illness

It is necessary to adjust the amount of salt you add to food. Gout is always disturbed salt metabolism in the body. Because the amount of salt that is added to food must be strictly limited.

You need to know: gout, even if the ailment develops gradually, it is impossible to eat fat, offal, meat of young animals. A small portion of sausage, smoked meat or fish can instantly trigger a gouty attack. In the list of prohibited products — all sorts of fatty and salty cheeses.

Diet during gout attack becomes even more severe. During this period it is forbidden to eat lean meat and fish, salt is completely excluded from the diet to improve the condition of the patient.

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What products will be helpful

All types of nuts except peanuts, which affects the body as well as fatty meat, are allowed. Moreover, it is necessary, as it effectively supports the immune system. Diet for gout includes the use of a variety of vegetables, berries and fruits. What can I eat with this disease? Here are just some of the permitted products:

  • raspberry;
  • grapes;
  • lettuce;
  • cereals;
  • dairy products.

Подагра: что нельзя есть при заболевании

The only allowed greens in the diet of the patient

Within the diet for gout it is allowed to drink diluted fruit and vegetable juices, dog rose decoction, juice from fruits. What non-alcoholic beverages and in what quantity to drink, will definitely tell the doctor. His recommendations will be based on the clinical picture of the disease.

Diet for gout does not include the greens. The only exception is dill. When a satisfactory state of health of the patient resolved lettuce and parsley, which are consumed in strictly limited quantities. As for dairy products, the diet provides 100% rejection of them. Milk cannot be used as a standalone product, but only in combination with cereals. This rule applies to butter. If a person starts gouty attack, immediately milk products is excluded from the diet.

Porridge made from whole-grain cereals to help relieve the condition of people suffering from gout, and make up a significant part of their diet. Patients need to know: oats can be eaten only in small amounts.

Learn how to cook

When a person is diagnosed with gout, frightens him, not even a limitation of the joints and the diet changes. Fried, spicy, salty, absolutely not! What, then, can you?

Gout dictates the conditions. And if you treat the diet not serious and not to comply with it, the status will rapidly deteriorate. Any violation of the diet leads to the progression of the disease. We should not forget about the psychological moment. If the person is in a depressed state, reduced the vitality of the body. Where is the exit? To learn how to cook of those foods that you can eat.

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Overeating gout is dangerous, so is eating 5 times a day, strictly a La carte. All products are boiled or steamed. To cook tasty porridge or pasta knows not everyone, so why not learn? Vegetable soups can be no less tasty than meat, if you know the secrets of cooking vegetarian dishes.

Fruit salad, rich in vitamins, flavoured with natural bee honey — is not it a delicacy? And benefit from natural product is much more than forbidden in gout, cocoa and chocolate. In gout the day you can eat only one egg. You can not only taste it but also add to a vegetable or pasta casserole, steamed, vegetable salad.

Gout wholesome baked vegetables and fruits. In Russia, these meals are not perceived as a delicacy, and in Europe, their trade is recognized as a kind of culinary art. Besides baked in the oven or grilled vegetables and fruits are a means of prevention of gout, therefore, must be included in the diet of the elderly.