Gymnastics in scoliosis of the 1st degree: the selection of exercises

Гимнастика при сколиозе 1-й степени: подбор упражнений

There are various methods of scoliosis treatment: medication and folk remedies prior to surgery. Physical therapy is one of the most effective non-drug ways of dealing with illness. Scoliosis of 1 degree there is still a chance to correct posture and spine to return to its normal state.

Therapeutic exercises helps kids and adults. Physical therapy can be carried out not only in medical institutions but also at home. What rules must be adhered to to gymnastics in scoliosis really helped?

A sedentary lifestyle is the cause of the problem

Scoliosis is rightly called the disease of the century. It affects children who are enrolled in school: not finally formed back withstand prolonged exercise, when the child is in a sitting position. If you watch the video where students go, we can see that only units correct posture.

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of scoliosis. Science still can’t name all the prerequisites, which occurs due to this disease. Meanwhile, people suffering from this disease becomes more and more.

At what age do children begin to develop scoliosis? The connective tissue of the spinal discs of the back can be broken already has three kids. The reason — long load on the spine during vertical circulation. In this case, in the fight against scoliosis he enters the child’s body.

Back tries to straighten up, which increases the load on the muscles of one of the parties. If the body is not doing its job, there is a scoliosis of the spine.

Correction of posture and the fight against disease

Scoliosis adolescent — specific issue. It is believed that it is not a direct consequence of children’s scoliosis. But, on the other hand, the reason it may be hiding in undertreated at the time of the disease.

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Гимнастика при сколиозе 1-й степени: подбор упражнений

Possible causes of this disease:

  • the metabolic disorders;
  • rickets;
  • wrong load on the spine;
  • improper diet;
  • injuries of the spine;
  • incorrect posture.

Adolescent scoliosis begins and progresses in puberty. Its main cause is the wrong load on the spine. Often, scoliosis can provoke metabolic disorders. If the child has a spinal injury, she is able to cause disease in adult age. If the spine is injured in adolescence, the result will be the same. That is why when the doctor figures out the causes of scoliosis in adults, necessarily is the question of the presence or absence of a back injury.

Causes of adult scoliosis are not age and gender. However, as confirmed by scientific research, after age 40 most people develop a degenerative form of the disease. Women have back trouble are closely associated with osteoporosis. To slow the development of both diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition. Minerals and calcium will help to achieve this goal.

Individual selection of exercises

Гимнастика при сколиозе 1-й степени: подбор упражнений

The optimal set of exercises for the back

Distinguish 4 degrees of the disease. Scoliosis of 1 degree deflection angle from the axis of the spine does not exceed 10°. At this time it is easier to return back to normal position. Scoliosis of 2 degrees, the adjustment of the spine is still possible, but this process is much harder. Scoliosis of 2 degrees is especially dangerous because if people do not take urgent and decisive measures to combat the disease, the disease will very quickly pass to the next stage. Scoliosis of 3 degrees is even more difficult to treat. Scoliosis 4 degrees angle of deviation from the axis of the spine is 50°.

There are specially developed complexes of physical therapy for children and adults. Therapeutic exercises for each individual is selected purely individual. The formation of the spine in humans ends at the age of 20. This is the time when scoliosis of 1 degree is possible without medications and surgical intervention to correct posture. In this case, gymnastics is a basic element of treatment, at 3 and 4 stage of development of the disease it will be only an ancillary element.

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Exercises that scoliosis has several purposes. If you pay attention to the video with gymnastics, it is noticeable that it aims to maximize unloading of the spine, imbalances in the muscles and ligaments. With the help of exercise for scoliosis can be strengthened and how to develop the back muscles. She fixes and shapes broken in scoliosis posture and, more importantly, improves the vitality of the body, adjusting it to counter disease. The use of gymnastics for scoliosis gives a certain load on the spine, which has beneficial effects on the process of stabilization of its functions.

Physical therapy for scoliosis is a complex of methods to restore back. It includes not only physiotherapy, but physiotherapy, massage, manual therapy, yoga, swimming. Only a comprehensive combination of these methods can give the real result.

Gymnastic exercises for scoliosis and other ways of treatment are entitled to choose a doctor. If physical therapy is performed at home, the supervision of specialists the patient’s condition is required. Independent selection of exercises is invalid, as it can lead to the worsening of scoliosis.

Simple and useful steps

Essential for the effectiveness of physical therapy is its regularity. Each exercise therapy has its specificity. There is quite an impressive list of actions that during physical therapy a person suffering from scoliosis, cannot be performed. Primarily these include exercises for stretching the spine, since they can lead to tragic consequences related to the spine, muscles and ligaments of the back to circulatory disorders.

Гимнастика при сколиозе 1-й степени: подбор упражнений

On the bar during gymnastics hanging is impossible. Stretching the spine can be achieved only by passive methods, when a person is in a lying position or supported. Physical therapy begins with the simplest exercises, which gradually become more complex. The alternation of action during therapy is mandatory. If during exercise appear pain symptoms should immediately consult a doctor. The average number of repetitions for each exercise — 10-15 times. In the presence of pain — less.

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What exercises are part of physical therapy for people suffering from scoliosis of 1 degree? It’s a walk in place and pulling on the socks. Useful in standing position slowly raise your hands up and slowly push them down. Lying on back, pull right elbow to the left knee and Vice versa, left elbow to right knee. Lying two leg raise and try to tilt to the left and right side alternately. Slowly draw the knees bent legs, and then underneath make a cotton hand.

A number of physical therapy exercises performed lying on stomach and standing on all fours. In the complex of therapeutic exercises provides exercises for each back. When selecting exercises is very much dependent on localization of the disease, the nature of its development and its accompanying complications.

Physical therapy is an effective method in the prevention of scoliosis. But for such purposes the whole complex of exercises needs to find a doctor.