Hand surgery: reasons, exercises for the joints

Хирургия кисти: причины, упражнения для суставовHand surgery section of orthopedic medicine, which specializiruetsya on diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of patients, eliminates any pathology arising in the hand, wrist and peripheral nerves of the upper limb. It includes operations to improve the functions of the hand after acquired damage to the nerves, treats pathological disorders that affect the hands and also helps to deal with fungal diseases of infectious nature affecting the nail plate on the arm.

In medical practice, damage of the hands and nails are often corrected without surgery. As the treatment is used: applying splints and bandages, elastic bandaging, administration of pills and injections, application of ointments, gels, varnishes and medicinal compounds, physiotherapy. As therapeutic interventions may also be recommended exercises for the joints and hands aimed at the complete restoration of the functions of the hand.

Treatment of injuries of the hands and nails

In severe cases surgery is carried out within one day when using regional anesthesia involves the introduction of anesthetic into the axilla or in the area above the shoulder. The procedure allows to completely remove the sensitivity. However, she allows the patient to remain conscious.

Хирургия кисти: причины, упражнения для суставовGeneral anesthesia and the patient stay in the hospital for a period in excess of one day is considered an unusual practice. But it is not excluded, for example, in the treatment of children of any age, the elderly, debilitated patients, pregnant women, or in special situations, prolonged operations.

Some very simple procedures, such as ligation can be carried out in a clinic using local anesthesia. In this case, the anesthetic is injected subcutaneously in the area where provides for remedial measures. In terms of small structures of the wrist, the surgeon may use microsurgical tools, magnifying mirrors, lenses, loupes medical microscope to restore the integrity of the small nerves, veins, tendons and arteries.

After some types of surgeries the doctor may recommend therapies to the best recovery of all functions of the brushes.

Indications for surgical intervention

Why is assigned to surgical intervention? That is the reason for the vote? The reasons for surgery can include the following: traumatic injuries of the hand, as well as pathological conditions, including during pregnancy.

Traumatic causes:

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  • amputation of the fingers and hands;
  • injuries of the flexor and extensor tendons;
  • fractures and dislocations of the hand, fingers and wrist;
  • microsurgical replantation and revascularization;
  • peripheral nerve injury of the upper limb.

Pathology, which is treated with surgery, following. It is the development of chronic wrist pain (including during pregnancy), tunnel-compression syndrome that can accompany athlete’s foot and compressing the nerve. Also surgical intervention is necessary when there is rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis of the hands in adults and children congenital deformities of the hand in children, the development of tumors of different origin.

Hand surgery can be used according to the indications in the various States.

  • Хирургия кисти: причины, упражнения для суставовInflammatory processes in tendons: ligaments constrictive, constrictive or chronic De quervain’s tenosynovitis, and inflammatory processes that can cause a bacterial infection or fungal infection.
  • Swelling of hands: ganglion cyst of the wrist joint.
  • Various tendon injuries: closed injuries of the tendons with a separation of the tendon from the attachment to the nail phalanx, damage to the Achilles tendon, tendon injuries, when the incised wound and similar conditions.
  • Arthritis of the hands and a variety of articular pathology: rheumatoid and infectious arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic and acute phase.
  • Damage to the joints of the hand: strains, sprains, nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome.
  • Palmar fibromatosis, characterized by a painless, scarring, degeneration and shortening of the Palmar tendons, as well as loss of hand function.
  • Fractures and cracks of the brush.
  • Deep cuts on fingers and hands.
  • Carpal cancer.
  • Treatment is usually started with therapeutic activities. If they fail — resort to surgery.

    Hand surgery in children and pregnant women

    The main focus of clinical practice in hand surgery in children is the elimination of inherited defects in growth or abnormal deformities received by the fetus during pregnancy. It can be a manifestation of polydactyly, syndactyly, ectrodactyly, brachydactyly, adactyly, aplasia rays brushes, radial and ulnar talipomanus and brachioradialis radioulnar synostosis, gigantism and similar conditions. Also surgery is indicated in cases when it is necessary to remove the effects of acquired injuries, results of injuries, thermal and electrical burns, and infectious abnormalities of the upper extremities, deformation of the hand and upper extremities, developing as a result of rare genetic diseases: Apert syndrome, Keitel, Holt-Oram, Poland, down, etc.

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    During pregnancy and during menopause women often have aching hands, there are cramps of the muscles, weakens the strength of the hands have numbness of the arms, hands, often with cramped fingers, there is paresthesia and fungal growth. Because of numbness, which cramps the hands, women Wake up at night, forced to get out of bed, wave hands, stretch your arm muscles. Fingers numb, woody and in them there is a painful tingling sensation from convulsions.

    If you do not take timely measures and to neglect measures on elimination of the symptoms of convulsions, the pathology may progress. Pain will be felt not only at night, but will be commonplace by the day. Fingers can become immobile, the pain of the cramps begins to spread to the forearm, shoulder and shoulder girdle.

    May develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Conservative treatment of carpal tunnel during pregnancy it is rational to apply in the early development of the disease, with mild symptoms, when the seizures are rare. The carpal tunnel treatment should begin with conservative measures. The operation ends with the excision of the cavity of the retinaculum flexorum, which allows after a period of weak recovery to return the brush to a healthy condition.

    In the absence of progress pharmacological treatment and the rapid development of the disease is assigned to the operation, which is performed under General anesthesia in the bleeding wounds.

    Microsurgery and exercises for the joints of the hand

    Хирургия кисти: причины, упражнения для суставовMicrosurgery of the hand is indicated for patients of all ages, including newborns with congenital and acquired pathologies. It is used during pregnancy. This operation makes it possible to connect the nerves, tendons, muscle ligament, blood vessel injuries, congenital defects and possible diseases.

    For tissue the surgeon uses a thin thread, which is difficult to see without a microscope. Microsurgical techniques allow prijaviti phalanges of fingers and loose grafts: skin, adipose tissue, bone, muscle, and nerves. Microsurgery of the hand allows you to repetirovali amputated fingers, even if there has been a loss of several fingers. Moreover, one or more fingers can be prijaviti with this condition to have been able to function fully.

    Therapeutic exercises for the hands is able to fully restore the movement of the fingers. They can be applied even during pregnancy. Use them in this case is invaluable. The most effective exercises physical therapy of the hand are classes with different objects, cones, pyramids, ladders, small things of various shapes, volume and weight.

    After the unique operation a patient needs to undergo rehabilitation using exercises physical therapy for hands.

    Why arm strength is back after classes? Exercises to develop the weak brushes allow you to train all types of grips, wrist improve blood circulation, promote rapid healing and resorption of the joints, strengthen muscles, restore fine motor finger.

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    When fungal infection of the nails is treated by surgical methods

    Хирургия кисти: причины, упражнения для суставовMycosis of nails is a common disease affecting nails in both adults and children. Clinical manifestation of mycosis manifests rough surface of the nail, which is foliated and forms subungual hyperkeratosis, hitting the nail at the distal or lateral edge in the form of thickenings or onycholysis.

    Not to notice fungal growth on the nail it is impossible, he has clear signs.

  • Affected by fungal infection of the nails often change the color to white, yellow, grayish brown or tinged with green.
  • The nails begin to crumble and exfoliate.
  • Around the nail plate occurs itching, soreness and redness.
  • To eliminate a particularly profound disease that is not treatable dermatological preparations allows the removal (removal) of the nail held in the hand surgery. For painless withdrawal disfigured by fungal infection of the nail, the surgeon may use a surgical method of treatment. Also the doctor may use cosmetic means for elimination of fungal infection, such as multivit and multimill.

    If athlete’s foot persists, is chronic and conservative treatment fails, need to contact the surgeon.